Atlas Teaser Announcement - New Lands

I’m hopeful that whatever it is, it will be a bit of fun/

I reeeeaaally hope that when they say ‘treasures’ it isn’t just another power creep for the biggest teams out there.

I’m assuming something like, you have to have or acquire something in the new lands to earn gold 2 prims, which will squash all gold 1 prims to death, or exotics for only those who blah blah

Most CF members do their material in a neutral atmosphere

I’m not in the Creators faction, but I can say that a lot of my most frequent viewers on my stream are from different sides of the political spectrum in Atlas

Last Friday Jams and I had a fun back and forth while both of us were live

I don’t think it really matters who is doing the service to the community as all players can benefit from the material


Honestly, if this gets us off multiple castle ownership and into a secondary objective for rewards I’d be happy. Reward atlas activity, not Atlas politics. Teams should be reduced to one castle as a safe haven, and rewards based on secondary fun. (IE KW style resetting map, straight castle crashing for resources etc) While everyone complains about additional currencies, Atlas is in need of a team currency outside of gold and glory I feel to maintain Castle bonuses. We can go on and on from just this little teaser announcemrnt:

However, I would really like to see from PG a Larger Roadmap plan discussion when this new expansion is realeased. If its just more the same with no real goals, and this is the best yall got, Im sure many will be disappointed will be fast. If it’s great, I’m sure profits will soar and our players will be estatic.


I really really rreally hope not more new currencies

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Except bases are currently useless because any monkey with an iPad can succeed with barbend.

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Pg never fixes things the bugs in this entire game is getting critical and yet all they do is tinker around with graphics never mind that you want to attack in either part of the game and game kicks and reboots, sync error msgs pop up more often than a whores draws when you try and do anything and rather than saying hey we’ll fix all this shit first, it’s hey we’ll bring out even more shit on top to screw with the already broken shit we’ve done … but the masses won’t mind while they watch we give with one hand, we will slyly take away with the other
Same old shit different day just with shiny new ribbon


Interestingly enough, if this is something all players can participate in equally I’d be inclined to hope for new currencies. The gap we have between players is huge, but depending on the set up, this might be a good place for all players to get in on the ground floor… it’s one of the reasons Atlas doesn’t function well imo. Since this is an extension and not really a new add on, we will likely be using the current currencies and get new. :woman_shrugging:

Not sure if I should be happy to realise that I’m not a monkey :laughing:

This issue was caused by PG selling „Beta“ content, which was never intended in the first place and as a result, didn’t want to wipe out all efforts and face a massive refund wave from beta participants wanting their money back for stuff they bought.

I agree, that it should have been a clean start in the Atlas environment for the teams, but considering the mechanics, Malik is so vocal about, I doubt, the state of Atlas would be any different today. Mechanics lead to a certain playing style, and those produce predicable results.


It’s been given in spades and the feedback has been historically ignored….

Feedback here is worthless and suggestions are asked for taken and agreed upon to never see implementation or the light of day……

I’m not sure how long you have been here but I can tell you after 7 years feedback is virtually worthless and the rare instance where it’s taken it’s monetized or incorporated in such a way that it ends up being detrimental long term due to the lack of long term mechanics or features that actually support the feature or the player base.

Not at all in fact I know they are highly intelligent as they have a very subtle understanding of the movement of this games secondary mechanics.

And I have no doubt they are trying and effort is made to maximize profit from utilizing a very precisely engineered mechanics set based on a profitable objective……
No I’d say they are not only highly intelligent they have vast resources at their disposal that allows them to operate a consistently “almost” failing yet highly profitable game for over 7 years as it churns and burns the player base for maximum short term profit!

I’d say they are not only intelligent but highly skilled at balancing and running a online business and have done so against major odds for a extended period of time!

They just aren’t that good at building a actual viable long term tactical map that is also profitable….
And it’s been painfully apparent it’s not headed the right direction for many years!

And the climate of this forum and the perceived reputation of PG is entirely Pgs responsibility and the result of their decisions it’s their lack of communication and clarity that has produced this held group perspective……
Sadly :man_shrugging:
And yes this community has made vast efforts to attempt to bridge that gap to little success even our factions have little actual voice and can only yell on our behalf…. And on that topic we all appreciate their contributions and efforts in that and many other areas but again this lay at Pgs feet not the community and not our factions!

Not yelling or ranting here I’m simply and calmly stating the facts :man_shrugging:
And I’d love for feedback and suggestions to actually have a impact but it doesn’t….
Hence the negativity….


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… have tou asked not only a few PG liked Diamond Teams………

more on this today - on the stream!


we’ll look over the update post today on stream but it’s up now New Lands Update