Atlas test team can magically summon 9 million troops become number 1 in 10 minutes and then start taking over land

Apparently some pg test team just started taking over out land and came out of no where which hand 185k troops, then within 5 minutes there was 9 million troops that had magically appeared at that fort and that person because number one in troops build this week and all time. This is unfair to those who don’t have those capabilities and actually worked and paid for their troops just to be killed by some test team cause they felt like they. What kind of game developers would allow this to their paying customers constantly not to mention the 5 tickets i currently have opened in game that have just been ignoring such as 50k troops gone missing a week ago, the 25k rubies and 20k tokens that disappeared when the game crashed earlier after fort started earlier now today and I have just been ignored and I’m sick of this level of disrespect by them.

Thats crazy!

@PGDave @PGEggToken

Isn’t Hobbitton the team that a few months ago had a couple level 120 players with Obsidian dragons?

(found it)


i want their turbocharged primarchs, never seen anything move so fast even with hastes and rubies, he would have needed a hoard of rubies to keep it moving that fast. literally 7m troops moved out of that fort in 10mins.

naughty pg duno how you can think its ok to cheat at your own game when its clearly not for others :joy:

Even better. Let all of us have the same features. Would make Atlas very action-packed :slight_smile:


Let’s analyze their flaws :joy:.
To make 5k troops, u need to buy gold with RUBIES then speed up. So let’s say it takes 1 minute to do a whole task. 5M will take 1000 times longer. So 1000 minutes, aka 16.667 hours :joy:

So there u go PG. Failed to cover your cheating track again :joy:

@PGDave please have your guys back on leash. I think they escaped the dungeon and wandered to the real world with their God Mode on. It’s sure fun watching PGCoffee using cheatcode during the demo run for nephus but this is not fun
On the side note, I know you guys are hard on with cheaters, but it’s unacceptable when you let some testers in your team using this and ruining the fun for everyone. I’d reckon Adamantxforce would have their island back and compensation for this reckless behavior


I still don’t understand why a dev tool is able to be used on the main game environment.


Congrats to Hobbitton for landing a whale who can drop 81k USD in value packs.



Investigations have already been underway into this and any accounts violating ToS have been dealt with.

On another note, where is this idea that these players are PG employees coming from? It’d be pretty obvious if we were testing each update in the live game instead of our test environments.

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I think people assume since the link to the post above shows a PG employee is part of the team.

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Because earlier there was someone from PG which you all confirmed
And this team was in platinum with activity 3/100 and half empty roster,when they get access to Beta.
So it was little confusing)
Well,and some extra officers make it looks strange as well🙊


Extrapolated from below:

Edit: and the image:

Don’t know why admin tools on prod wouldn’t result in flagging the account :see_no_evil:


Thank you for getting back to us.
Either way, it’s clearly hacking when someone can pop like 9M troops in about 10 minutes. It’s either they bought tons of packs or use cheat :man_shrugging:
In addition to that, if that team is hacking, Adamantxforce clearly deserves compensation because they lost the island (as well as resources and troops there)
On the side note, why doesnt this team raise any flag for @Arelyna when she’s there??? I usually check my teammates for unusual behaviors :see_no_evil:

In my case, I am out of the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and this was a rare week I was not actively playing during those two days, so I did not see this thread until I came in this morning.

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wow just wow! very wrong and really hope you guys get compensated but its sounds like this never really happened and that team is seriously legit, if it was pg employess it wld b obvious, but since it was so sly…

I got no compensation :man_shrugging: Pg doesn’t care they only make excuses and instead of just compensating is we have to start a 3 day in game complaint for them to even do anything to help us and it doesn’t even seem to be worth my time to play anymore

If you were attacked by Hobbiton and we didn’t already credit you, then I apologize. Please send in a support ticket and we’ll get it corrected. @PGEggToken

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not just excuses even, eggtokens misleading statement about where this idea came from that pg employees are doin this is a lie w out actually saying no this wasnt us. i’m sad that we’re being lied to blatantly. and “i wasnt on that day thats why i ddnt catch it” is almost as bad letting it sound like it wasnt pg and wldve been a cheater caught in the act. lx360 statement shld b answered, why are their accts allowed w powers like this outside the testing? even in testing how can u test strength & difficulty, among other things if your in god mode?
pgdaves apology was refreshing and nice to see.