Atlas... the anticlimax

I play in platinum… mostly 4, and I hear about atlas from time to time, but never how great it is. After 2 months of being “live” most people still don’t have it.

I was excited to see a new aspect to the games, especially one where it seem to be more competitive at first since no one wiukd getca big head start, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

By the time i get to play atlas, at this pace we will be well into 2018, and once again, well behind the beta and diamond teams and whoever else has been playing it for the last year.

So, instead of giving us a whole new game inside the one we already have, maybe you could improve the one we already are playing, and make atlas a stand alone for whoever still cares once it’s finally “done.” Thanks for the great game we have, but please don’t give us a bunch more content just so we can get owned by a bunch of people who’ve had a year or more to establish themselves and create an environment that will never allow latecomers to compete.


Some of us have been saying the same thing since day 1 of beta. Its here and its here to stay, like it or not.

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I understand your concerns, but basically Atlas is the attempt at improving the game you have by PG.

This is a given, and it will not change now.

There is no “done” to it, it is the direction WD has moved.

On the negative side, it is not the game you downloaded when you started, but neither is any other game that exists long in an MMO sense.

We are working hard (as a community) WITH pg (thanks Dave!) to have a product that is friendly to every player that partakes in Atlas. There is multiple threads going in the atlas forums just to this point specifically, and I think the amount of feedback-incorpration we have seen from PG is astounding - I am not aware of any other game out there (mobile) that allows this much input and feedback.

So… in summary, don’t knock it before you try it. For every player that wants to quit because of atlas, there is one that stays because of atlas. The “old game” has gotten boring and repetative for lots of players as well, and atlas has breathed fresh air into it.

I’m not saying its perfect, but give it a chance


Hahaha egg tokens are a different thing buddy. If you want to complain about that, make a new Topic.

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There is little point to Atlas. What is the benefit?

You want to level primarchs to fight more, which is all about Atlas.
The primarchs help you gain land, which gets you more resources, but they are all Atlas resources (gold, shards).
What do Atlas resources get you? Crafting.
You craft so you can get common gear (it seems 1 in 20 is rare, 1 in 100 epic, 1 in 1000 legendary), which is MASSIVELY overprices based on the drop rates per grade.
The gear is for riders, but you get better riders more easily in seasons.

Atlas is all about the battles for land that gain you almost nothing.

Oh, you can get more xp hitting a mine.

Sounds like a TON of work for not a whole lot of gain. And you spend a lot refreshing troops.

It’s a time sink with little more than bragging rights that was set up to allow pre launch teams to streamroll everyone else due to the massive imbalance PG set up.

It used to be thought that once Atlas came out, if you didn’t get in, you would fall behind in Classic. But in reality, not really. And if you don’t play Atlas, you’ll have a lot more free time.


Wow lots of misinformation being spread.

I dont really know if this deserves a decent reply, or if you are simply bitter and/or trolling?


There are plenty of benefits to playing atlas:

  1. accesss to the best EXP base in the game
  2. bonus rewards from atlas events (including lots of timers)
  3. Bonus egg tokens (if your team can hold some land)
  4. a whole new side of the game which can be fun on its own
  5. RIDERS!!!
    • The season Riders are NOT better than in atlas ones. Sure easier to get but only as good if you complete the line entirely and therefore NOT complete a dragon line (assuming you are not a spender). Furthermore the seaon line gear is good, but far from the best. Grafted gear is far superior. I have not spent a dime on Atlas yet i have still been able to craft good gear, (much better than the gear i got through the Grogg line, and of an element of my choosing).

Atlas can get frustrating at times. It is a HUGE addition to the game and can be overwhelming. Also it can be frustrating to spend alot of time building a fleet only to have it destroyed in moments. The first few times that happened to me it was disheartening to say the least. It was alot worse before when it wasn’t so easy to rebuild. That side of Atlas has improved alot! What Atlas does do is give people a new area of the game to go have some fun. I hated atlas for a while and didn’t really participate much. But now whenever it gets closed I get bored with the normal game. It can be engaging (and fun) once you get accustomed to it.

My advice to everyone new to Atlas is that you have to remember this is a bonus side of the game. Don’t get attached to your boats (or whatever they are called now) and don’t expect to hold land. If you can hold land view it as a bonus. There are lots of benefits to Atlas so don’t give up on it yet.


I wouldn’t bother being upset about it. Atlas is total garbage. Relish in the fact that you haven’t had to see it yet and still enjoy what was once an amazing game.


Truer words have never been spoken Bulldog!

Atlas wasn’t welcome when it first launched. Even though many of us stated as much PG stubbornly moved forward. Nothing like beating your head against the wall…


I’m not sure if you’ve seen the guides that are available on the forums. Also, some of the doom and gloom is possibly carryover from its beta stages. There are still issues and improvement needed for smaller and less active teams, but there’s at least some discussion going on, then we’ll see if there are changes. At the same time, though, said teams shouldn’t really expect to own the most valuable territories, unless they’re willing to ramp up and most likely spend to hold them.

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Tencent has poured a $90 million investment into PG this year (beyond their initial investment of $60 million), presumably because of PGs growth and to assist with the further development of WD (though some articles have hinted st another multiplayer game. This could be atlas or a brand new PG game)

With that much money invested in the company by an outside source, rest assured, Atlas is not going anywhere. To bail on it at this point would be the end of PG.

The hard part of it is you have to try and look at what it could be and hope for that. If you look at what it is now alone you might not be as happy. The same could be said for the core game too I suppose but I like to think it’s improving.


Thanks for all the comments. I would be open to giving it a try, but therein lies a big part of the frustration: after long months of development it us still only available to a select few players, which uh s not a good feeling.

The rest of us would like our shot too… and not 6 months from now.

We are the guinea pigs - sorting out the hard times so that it’s balanced and a bit more logical (crossing fingers) before you get it.

It’s worth giving it a shot, personally it has been a nice way to play the game but have something else to do besides attack bases for hours straight. Adds some strategy in a way. Of course people will be negative and I will be too probably lol once I really get into it. But it gives nice rewards and dragon riders so worth in my opinion.

And for now PG doesn’t know how to release it to everyone at once. The servers can’t handle it I guess…but would be nice if everyone was introduced into it at the same time. For now, we are, like Red said, guinea pigs to find the problems first before everyone else gets it. (which I thought that was the point of Beta lol)

For sure (about Beta). There are some more things I think they needed some fresh blood and large numbers to get right for balance and usability since things changed so much over beta.

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Yeah true, surprised it is taking this long but as long as the end result is fair and glitch-free then I can’t complain too much.

Yes, there is the best xp in the game. Seeing that we’re having to man and defend 24/7 because of the build in imbalance, I’m not thinking that’s worth it, but it is a point in the plus column.

The bonus rewards, with the exception of timers are all for Atlas, so… that’s defining something with itself.

The bonus egg tokens are nice to have, but very low in quantity. We hold 16 continents and get <400 per day. That’s a pittance IMO.

Point 4 is not enough on it’s own.

Riders are great, but the season branch riders are better. Epic and Legendary gear is EXTREMELY RARE and you spend a FORTUNE just to get a couple pieces, which IMO, invalidates the value they bring.

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As with base building, “build up not out” also applies to Atlas. Owning a smaller stretch of land also makes it easier to defend and allows more focus.

I have almost two full legendary sets… I haven’t spent on Beta. Plus those timers you speak of are significant… 400 egg tokens may not be a ton. But that’s stil 12k egg tokens a month bonus…although I agree it should be more. Even if they have to cap it so certain teams don’t end up getting a stupid amount each day