Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2


Note: this guide is designed to be simplistic and just cover the very basics of Atlas as to not overwhelm people. If you would like to see a more in depth guide, please see this thread by @Gox1201: Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy or for some advice see the WDGeek’s information: WDGeeks Atlas.

If you haven’t already read it, check out my first Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide.


Overview: There is a lot going on in Atlas, and a lot to take in. My first Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide covers the needed information for those of your brand new to Atlas where your team doesn’t have land. The focus of this second part of the guide is to go a little more in depth for those of you who do own a team castle in Atlas or who simply want to know more about Atlas a little bit at a time.


Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Daily%20Tribute%20Chest > I am a daily tribute icon and I shake to remind you to collect!

Every day, you can claim your daily tribute if your team owns a castle. This is influences by castle ownership and infrastructure (atlas castle buildings) level. An example of they daily tribute screen is below:

If you have more than one option it is very important that you select the option you want before you press collect. You do not get all options, just the one selected. Again, this will change with the number of castles you have and with infrastructure level.


The world of Atlas is made up of Regions/Territories that contain Castles. A territory/region is a collection of Castles in a contiguous geographic space.

Read more about land levels, elements, & No Man's Land!
  • They come in levels, from 1 to 5, and are labeled using the symbols shown below.
    L1 > I am a Neutral Zone
    L2 > I am a tier/level 2 land
    L3 > I am a tier/level 3 land
    L4 > I am a tier/level 4 land
    L5 > I am a tier/level 5 land

  • Some territories/regions can be claimed (level 2-5), some cannot (Level 1 also known as Neutral, No Man’s Land).You cannot lose troops in Neutral Zones.

  • Each Region has an element type which allows players to earn different shards by attacking poachers. An example of each element is shown below (if you turn off team colors).
    Dark > dark territory Ice > Ice territory
    Earth > Earth Territory Fire > Fire Territory
    Wind > Wind Territory

  • No Man’s Land (NML) have no elemental type themselves and will give all types of shards. They cannot be owned and are represented by bright red land, but may be a variety of levels.
    NML > No Man’s Land


If you own a castle, your team now has infrastructure. Infrastructure are the small buildings in each castle that grant different buffs to your team when built. You can see them by pressing your castle and then pressing “details”. There are also a number of other Actions that can be performed from each Infrastructure building. Many actions can only be done by assigned Roles, Leaders, or Officers. The Leader may assign a Governor to each Castle to maintain and do all Actions. Roles may be assigned by the Governor or Team Leader and can do the actions of the specific Infrastructure they are assigned to.

Below are the most basic details of each piece of infrastructure. To see more details, please see the WDGeek’s Locations & Infrastructure Page.

image Headquarters

Read more about the Headquarters!
  • Increases the XP your team gets from attacking Gold Mines.
  • Leveling up your HQs increases the amount of bonus XP
  • Pay Castle Upkeep (like Rent). Your buildings will ALL shut down for three days unless it is paid before upkeep is due.
  • Rename Castle - Pay Gold to rename your Castle. Cost increases if done too frequently.
  • Set up Infrastructure from a previously conquered Castle.

image Bank

Read more about the Bank!
  • Leveling up your Bank increases the amount of bonus Gold from attacking Gold Mines.
  • Set Tax Rate. Teammates are can be taxed an amount of their Gold earned from attacking Gold Mines or Poachers. This goes into the Castle’s Bank Vault.
  • View Ledger. This is a log of all ingoing and outgoing resource transfers from the Bank including Food, Lumber, and Gold.
  • Distribute resources from the Bank to other teammates for whatever purpose.
  • Any player with travel access to the Castle can donate food, wood, or gold.

The Bank is the most useful piece of infrastructure for day to day play, and is one of the top two infrastructures you should upgrade. A bank can look something like this:

If you take a moment to look around the screen, you’ll see it is fairly logical. Don’t be afraid of the bank.

image Tower

Read more about the Tower!
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes your team to Train Troops.
  • Enfeeble enemy primarchs. ​The Scholar, Governor, Leader or Officers can use this targeted ability to temporarily reduce the level of towers on an enemy player’s base by selecting the enemy player’s Primarch.

image Fort

Read more about the Fort!
  • The Fort is an extremely important defensive infrastructure building.
  • Increases the amount of Breeding Tokens earned from the daily tribute
  • Grants a Fort Combat Bonus. This bonus is added onto your Primarch’s ATK or DEF rating when fighting at your Home castle.
  • Grant safe passage to up to 5 teams.
  • Enables the functionality of Shields and Blockades – a Fort MUST be constructed for these to function.

PurpleSparkleShield Shields

  • These are indicated by a sparkly purple-ish dome on the Castle as shown above.
  • Castle shields are activated for 24 hours when a Castle’s team owners suffer major Troops losses over a short period of time.
  • While Shielded, players on the Castle cannot be attacked.
  • When Shields activate, Blockades are disabled. Event Shields will also disable Blockades.
  • The only exception to “Shields require a constructed Fort” are PvP Event Shields, which activate on ALL castles during major PvP events in the main War Dragons game, regardless of whether or not the castle has a Fort constructed.

image Blockades

  • These are indicated by a big red ring around the castle.
  • Blockades can be toggled on and off in the fort.
  • Blockades will delay any enemy Primarchs that pass through the Castle

image Refinery

Read more about the Refinery!
  • Increases the amount of crafting materials your team earns from attacking Poachers.
  • The refinery bonus is element-specific, meaning you’ll need different castles to earn bonuses for all element types.


The Atlas Menu covers things very specific to Atlas and the workings of it. This menu, of course, can only be found once you’re in Atlas. If you’re ready to look more into Atlas to grow, either indivudally or as a teammate, familiarizing yourself with this menu is a key first step.

Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Quests Atlas Menu: Quests

Read more about Atlas Quests!

Atlas Quests are a pseudo-tutorial for Atlas to encourage you to go through what PG thinks are the most logical actions, Completing these Quests will be you fabulous, Atlas-related rewards that you can you to enhance your Primarch, Dragon Riders, and general Atlas Gameplay.

Above is an example of an Atlas Quest. It shows you why you’re about to do the quest, what it wants you to do, and what your rewards will be. Once your finish the quest, you can gain the prize at the bottom of the screen! There are many Quests with rewards as small as a little bit of gold to as large as a set of dragon rider gear!

Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Castles Atlas Menu: Castles

Read more about your Castle List!

The Castle Menu both shows you castles that your team owns as well as castles that your team has bookmarked. Your whole team shares the same Atlas Bookmkarks, so they are useful to know how to find should your leader ask you to attack a certain castle.

This is what the Castle Menu looks like. You can see there are two tabs along the top to allow you to switch between Team Castles, and Bookmarked Castles. Team castles are organized by territory (in gold) and then the owned castles in that territory listed below. If you click the button to the right of the castles, it’ll immediately take you on the map to the castles.

Need a reminder on what a territory is and what a castle is?

In this image, Bhican is the name of the whole area, while Bhican-1 is the name of one castle. When you team owns a castle, you can rename it to be anything you like!

Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Ledger Atlas Menu: Ledger

Read more about the team ledger!

The Ledger contains a few things as a record for both yourself and your team’s Atlas Experience:

  • Assets: This shows your troop total and where your troops are!
  • Your Battles: This is like your reply menu for Atlas Attacks except it shows both defenses and attacks! It will show you where you were attacked, when, by who, and who lost what for that Attack and vice versa.
  • Team Battles: This is the reply menu for Atlas, but for your whole team!
  • Contributions: This shows your whole team and information about each member, including - primarchs summoned, monthly gold earned, monthly crafting materials earned, monthly troops destroyed, all time troops destroyed, and total troops they have. You can sort this list by clicking any of the headings!
  • Top Teams: Just like global ranking in normal game, just for Atlas.
  • Top Players: Just like global ranking for players in normal game, just for Atlas.

Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Settings Atlas Menu: Settings

Read more about the different Atlas Settings!

This contains the same settings as in game, but with special Atlas Settings added. These settings include:

  • Camera Lock: If you disable this, you can make the Atlas Map rotate. I recommend keeping this at default.
  • Enable Region View
  • Confirm Moves to Enemy Territory: This will enable a popup that allows you to double check before moving to an enemy owned castle.
  • Show Team Color: Instead of showing region colors, this shows team colors. Each team has their own color. I would recommend turning this off.
  • Confirm Moves > 3 Minutes: This will enable a popup that allows you to double check before starting in a long flight to a new location with your primarch.
  • Show Quest Banner

Atlas Menu: Missions

Read more about dragon rider missions!

Atlas Missions are a great way to earn some extra items in game using your riders. Each mission makes your rider completely unavailable for those 12 hours. There are a variety of missions with different requirements each - from element (determined by the dragon the rider is on) to “star level” (determined by the strength of the rider).

If you take a look at these example missions, on the left you can see there different “star missions” determined by dragon riders. The mission options include crafting scrolls (for gear), egg tokens, timers, and gold. Each of those options have an element type required. Let’s take a look at that one star egg token mission.

Here you can see the details of the mission right away as well as the rewards. But take a look on the right - see those numbers next Oksana? That’s her combat level. You can see this miss requires a combat level of 1,000+ and she has the power level of 5,387. That is how the stars are determined!

Near the bottom you can also see the “use token” button. Dragon rider tokens are available in Atlas Season prizes and allow you to use any element and any strength rider for that mission!

Atlas Menu: Alliance

Read more about the Atlas Alliance Menu

Alliances in Atlas are formal groups and agreements between teams. You cannot attack an ally and working together is much easier. An Alliance has one Team Leader, up to 5 teams, and has a custom name set by the leader In the Alliance screen you can see your team’s current alliance (should you have one) and details about it.

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Is there any cost reset for increased cost by renaming castle too often?


There is. Ill get those numbers from @forScience

Also, as a disclaimer, I’m not sure if this is the information (my total OP here) that would need to be known next. I could really use some input from others on what to cover or maybe what I covered that isn’t needed


Never bothered to track rename cost, but yes, it decreases over time.


@TheRedDelilah did you want to mention hiring castle guards in the fort?


Awesome yet again, thanks!

I was a little disappointed that the new quest icon (book that replaced the bazaar) didn’t go away when I went into settings and de-selected the quest banner.


  1. How often is the upkeep due?
  2. Can it be drawn from banks automatically?

  1. Every 10 days I believe (@forScience can correct me if I’m wrong - she launders all our gold and pays it)
  2. No. An Officer, Leader, or Governor (normal member that you can assign to run the castle) has to pay it manually.


That must be a fun position… the team’s money launderer :joy:


Idk if fun is the right word, ahaha. She has to deal with hundreds of millions of gold a week :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t want to deal with that headache :laughing: but spreadsheets must help a lot with that :sweat_smile:


:smiling_imp: Spreadsheets :tada:

Chat bomb with all the transfers!

Upkeep is due every 10d, but you can rollover up to just under 5, which is also the earliest that you can pay upkeep. That means that it all rolls over, and there’s absolutely no reason to wait until the last minute to pay it. The 24h notice also tends to freak people out lol.


I totally get that. I like paying off bills and credit cards before they are actually due, just in case there’s an issue with the payment process. Having a couple days grace is always a good thing.


Ahhh, I’m getting cross-eyed! :sob:

How does one get and give glory points? I must’ve missed it somehow. :woman_facepalming:



Glory is the Atlas version of experience and is represented by a medal icon with a “G” in it. You gain Glory by killing enemy troops with your primarch - either by attacking them directly or by being attacked.

Remember that your team may have requirements about “hunting Glory” to ensure your team has enough troops to take over or keep your land. Having enough troops in reserve “just in case” is much more important than getting Glory.


Can someone get glory from me if I have no troops? :thinking:

I had 4 troops created in total last week. :sunglasses:


Should be possible…
However it might be too few for some


If I had 0 troops, can the attacker still get glory?


Glory can only be earned in an atlas attack. If you have 0 troops, you don’t have a primarch out and they therefore cannot attack you. As listed above, you can also not be attacked in neutral land.