Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2


Oh. Thanks for explaining. My 4 troops must still be alive then :hugs:


Thanks for the Beginner guides!

Another question about attacking, so we can’t be attacked/attack others in neutral zones. So in order to earn glory, we have to go into a PvP zone. I’ve navigated around some in Atlas before, but let’s say a team has no intentions of taking land. How could/should they go about earning glory?

Edit- with the large influx of teams about to happen, I’m sure this will come up more and more. I don’t want my team stepping on toes and making enemies, but I also want my team members to be able to participate in events.


Yes. So look at the information above about land types. No Man’s Land is an unownable territory, but you can attack people there.

I’ll make a little how to earn glory 101


Please dumb it way down for me :kissing_heart:


Just a quick question, so if your team does not own land you don’t get the hour/token etc daily payouts as u don’t have a castle? Just trying to quickly understand before next week :joy:. Thank you all for all this information it is crazy helpful!


This is a correct statement.
You need to own a castle to start to obtain these payouts.

Until then, you can certainly attack mines in neutral zones to earn gold and start to build up your army of troops! :smiley:


How many troops can you have before you need land to house them? Or should I search for that?


You don’t need land to have any number of troops. I


Sam, you do not require a castle to store troops. I don’t know if there is a hard cap on troop storage, if so it’s in the million+ range i bet so i wouldn’t be worried about it


Thank you guys! You help us out so much and it’s greatly appreciated :hugs:


If I was @PGCrisis I would be passing on the suggestion to give 100k rubies to the author of this thread.
Just sayin…
Thanks for putting these out there for everyone.


If I wanted to be able to store as much stuff (food and wood) as possible, which buildings would need to be upgraded?


For your team, the Bank.


Yes. For the team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Does Geeks have a list of bank levels and their corresponding info?


Sci might, i know that I don’t for the banks themselves.

I have a table somewhere (in PDF, think from sci) that included the upgrade costs per level in gold and timers, but i’m not sure that’s what you are looking for.

For banks, they can store wood/food equal to 500k to start + 1M per level i believe. Aka a L6 bank could hold 6.5M gold and can do 3x transfers of 650k.

I can do up a table for it :slight_smile:


A table would be great! Thanks :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Think this is the full chart of what you were asking Sam.

GSheet will be in the vault


With the castle roles, does assigning one of these roles affect the officers abilities to do any of the functions or is it just an additional person that can also help out?


It’s an extra person. Leader and officers have full access to all castle functions so only promote people you trust, not just anybody who is high level and demands an officer role


Thanks :blush: