Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2


Can someone tell me what is required for daily tribute to happen? We’ve had a castle for two days, leveled up HQ to lvl 1 and Fort to lvl 1. Was hoping to see daily tribute this morning but didn’t.


Known issue. We ain’t gettin’ ours either. :t_rex:


Thanks. Hard to keep up with all the known issues. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol no problem. There’s a known issues thread and of course the rest ofthe forums to attest for the chaos—though I admit these past few days have been running quite smoothly from what I’ve observed. :t_rex:


Say, I want to hit a poacher in nml.
Is it possible to

  • start in safe zone
  • fly to nml
  • attack poacher
  • fly back

Without getting attacked, or should I wait for certain period in nml before I can hit poacher?

Also, is a fighter with 1 troop an attractive target? :sweat_smile:


The only reason to fly into NML to hit the poacher is because:

  1. you need dark shards
  2. you don’t have dark shard land

But yes if you’re fast you certainly can get in, hit and get out. I’ve sometimes stayed in NML for hours without being hit. There is so much NML around now that it is easy to stay hidden.


Question 1: Is it possible to see who attacked you if the Primarch that did already left?
Question 2: Is it normal that my loot multiplier (when attacking mines) goes from 11 to 5 and skippes the 10,9,8,7 and 6xloot?


@TheRedDelilah I was wondering at what lvl should our castles be before moving on to a new castle? We have really been working on 2 castles but we have more then 2 conquered.

  1. Look at the ledger if the fight completed and counted. If, say, someone else wiped them out before they finished attacking you, I think not.
  2. yes. Just like dragon xp goes 5x, 4x, 3x. There’s a similar but different multiplier sequence with crafting shards.

  1. Yes, this is what the ledger is for. (Go to the “My Battles” tab)
  2. Yes, this is normal behavior though it’d be nice if the gold payed out for those missing multipliers.


Thanks everyone for the super fast reply!!




How to chose the bonus for level 3 fort for level 2 castle.


Could you elaborate?


You can’t.


She wants to know if you can choose which bonus to increase when they level up the fort.


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