Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide


Note: this guide is designed to be simplistic and just cover the very basics of Atlas as to not overwhelm people. There is a Part 2 which can be found here: Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2 If you would like to see a more in depth guide, please see this thread by @Gox1201: Atlas – Hold on to your hat Dorothy or for some advice see the WDGeek’s information: WDGeeks Atlas


Overview: There is a lot going on in Atlas, and a lot to take in. While the main purpose of Atlas is to conquer land and grow your pseudo KIngdom, there is so much you can do in this expansion in the most basic aspect, even if your team is not into it or doesn’t want to be/isn’t competitive.


Find this Icon on your screen, located just below your resources: Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Total

Clicking this icon takes your directly to Atlas and out of the main game. If you cannot find this icon, you may not have Atlas. Not all teams have Atlas. If you are unsure if your team does or not, ask your Leader and Officers! Currently, teams are added to Atlas through “rollouts” which are announced here on the forums. Keep an eye out for those announcements. Asking for your team to be added to Atlas otherwise is honestly rather counter productive.


If your team does not own land, there is still a lot you can do. If you are not sure how to tell if your team has land, you can ask your Leaders or Officers. You can also use your Atlas Menu to Help.

The Atlas Menu can help you find all basic information you need. Don’t worry if some of it makes you go “waaaat” - we will walk through all the basics that you need. Otherwise, feel free to click around.

Quests: These will help you learn Atlas and give you sick rewards.
Castles: Will show you all castles owned by your team and all castles bookmarked by your team. Your whole team shares the same Atlas Bookmkarks. These are good ways to find your team.
Ledger: Details about your team in Atlas
Settings: Here you can turn colors on an off, etc
MIssions: Dragon rider missions to earn some loot.
Alliance: Information about your alliance and a search to find existing alliances.


Your game piece in Atlas is called a Primarch. Think of it like the dragon you yourself ride into battle. Moving your Primarch, often called a Prim, is how you can do different actions in Atlas. But how do you find it?

In Atlas, you will have a small circle with the head of a dragon in it, like this: Fighter%20Here%20Primarch If you click this image, it will take you to where your Primarch is. If you do not see this image, that means you need to summon a Primarch! Think of it like your Primarch is a buddy that you want to call over for dinner. If he’s not already there, you just need to call him up and invite him over.

To summon a Primarch, simply click the Primarch & Troop Menu: Atlas%20Icon%20-%20Prim%3ATroop

Once you are in this menu, there will be an empty square that says “summon”. Click that and summon your Fighter. There are more types of primarchs, but don’t worry too much about that right just. Just summon your Fighter for now. If you are interested in learning more or reading more about Primarchs, check out the WDGeek’s Primarch Page.


Atlas can be a lot to take in, especially for players who are more casual or simply do not play this game as a job. That is okay! There is something in Atlas for everyone.

Step 1: Find Your Team/Home

Using the Atlas Menu to find any team owned castles is the best case scenario. Click that castles and press “move” to go directly to your team’s castle.

However, your team may not own any castles, which is totally okay. If they do not own any castles, then you are a free person and should hang out in Neutral Zone. In Neutral Zones (NZ), you cannot be attacked so they are a great place for beginners or casual players to hang out. NZ is identified by the following icon:

L1 = Neutral Zone

Step 2: Find a Gold Mine / Poachers

> I am a gold mine! Blue%20Poacher > I am a poacher!

Gold mines and poachers are in every territory in the game. No matter where you go, there is a mine or a poacher you can use. You don’t actually move your Primarch to a mine or a poacher anymore - you just have to be in the same territory.

Here is an example of a territory. You can see that it is a Neutral Zone because of the green handshake icon. Notice the Gold Mine is right below the icon. There are two poachers, red and blue here as well. The castles, named Bhican-0 and Bhican-1, currently have multiple primarchs around them. Click one of those castles, press move, and BOOM - you can use the poachers and mines in this area.

Step 3: Do Your XP Runs

Poachers and Gold Mines are very special because they contain the legendary Invader Base! Oooo, ahhhh! The Invader base is the perfect XP base for every single level, You grow a level, it grows a level and always grants your max XP no matter what. Gold mines can be attacked unlimited number of times, which poachers can only be attacked one time each untila new one spawns.

You will notice that Gold Mines give gold, while poachers give gold and elemental shards. The more you hit them, the less of each item they will give.

Step 4: Build Troops

You should use gold to build troops, unless you team leader has suggested otherwise. TO build troops, go back to your Primarch & Troop Menu:


Once in this menu, click “Build Troops”. A pop-up menu will automatically appear and build the number of troops possible with your resources.

Troops require Farmers (aka “hats”) and Gold. Farmers regenerate for free and are represented by a small hat icon. For each 10 farmers and 1,000 gold, you can create 1 troop. Using all 8,000 farmers and 800k gold that was obtained through attacking Gold Mines and Poachers, you can train 800 troops. After training your 800 troops, it will take just over 5 and a half hours for your farmers to fill up to 8,000 for you to repeat this process. If you like. You and your team should do all multipliers in Atlas from here on out.

icon_peasant_03 > I am a farmer/hat
icon_goldCoin > I am gold


Dragon Riders, by nature, have no element. The gear we put on riders determine their element. Any type of gear can be put on any dragon rider, and then removed to be out on another dragon rider (be careful not to destroy it). There is offensive battle gear (put on dragon riders who you attack with) and defensive gear (put on riders who sit on a perch). Each piece of gear improves your dragon/base respectively.

Now that you have Atlas, you have the ability to forge gear! This can be done in the actual forge, under the gear tab. Gear requires scrolls and atlas shards to craft. You obtain shards from attacking poachers and from Atlas Events. You obtain scrolls from atlas events and those quests in the Atlas Menu.

Crafting%20Scroll> I am a crafting scroll
Dark%20Shard > dark shard Ice%20Shard > ice shard
Earth%20Shard > earth shard Fire%20Shard > fire shard
Wind%20Shard > wind shard

Crafting is completely random, for rarity. You may get common, rare, epic, or legendary from crafting. If you want to forge gear for a specific dragon, make sure you find Neutral Zone poachers of that same element to attack. You can tell which type of element each territory is by looking at it with team colors turned off. You can turn off team colors in the Settings from the Atlas Menu we spoke of above. They will follow these basic colors.

Dark > dark territory Ice > Ice territory
Earth > Earth Territory Fire > Fire Territory
Wind > Wind Territory

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Down load button for Atlas

Perhaps Poacher-Gold mine related question.

  1. How many gold can be obtained in Gold Mine and Poacher?
  2. Does the multiplier affect shards as well?
  3. It’s said that mining from the same poacher over and over gives decreasing amount of rss (gold and shards). Does it affect globally, or just individually?
  4. Does the decreasing amount only affect single poacher / mine or all?
  5. What restores the amount of mined rss (after decreasing amount, e.g. refresh each day, or restored slowly overtime)?


Base rate of gold is 5k per hit. Everyday, the multiplier resets. You start at 30x base rate (so 150k with no bonuses) then everytime you hit a mine or poacher it reduces from there (i.e. 29x, 28x, 27x etc). After you done 20 runs, the multiplier plateaus at 5x for every run after that. If you do 20 runs, you get about 2m gold.

Shard multipliers are different from gold. They start at 9x (thanks mech!) then goes down from there. But only 4 times (i.e. 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x then 1x). So you get crap all shards from poachers. Base shard amount is about 18 shards in a level 1 land IIRC [let me check this for you then correct it].

You cannot mine from the same poacher. You can only hit a poacher once. If the poacher is defeated (each poacher will tell you how many hits it takes to defeat) then the poacher will reset.

The gold and shard multiplier decrease is global - goes down with each hit.

Asked and answered in 3.

Daily refresh at same time as the main game (when you get your tokens from team meeting hall)


Whoops sorry. Missed the part about poacher can be attacked once, while gold mine can be attacked multiple times.


I was a bit…hesitant to give too much information.


Perfect! Now… to get atlas. :rofl:


:sweat_smile: sorry!


Edit: I’ll change my post to remove references to castles - strictly beginner safe zone specific only.


IMO, the first time players know Atlas is due to Gold Coin during rss transfer, so I think any information about how to get the gold and what is the benefit of Gold is important.


Until you have land, honestly, gold is only used to build troops and upgrade your Prim.

Once you have a castle to own, shit gets much more intense. I could write a part 2 to this guide for people their first time owning a castle - talk about all the actual numbers, bonuses, etc


Thank you so much for putting this easy to understand guide together.

The one thing I have to say is that some of those territory styles don’t seem to match the element that can be found in them at all :joy: i.e. the wind or fire territory look much more what I would imagine a “dark” territory to look like than what the dark territory actually looks like. (But that’s not your fault :kissing_heart:)


So close. For some reason they start at 9 and go to 6 :upside_down_face:


Maybe a section on selecting a single daily reward (like egg tokens) rather than ASS U ME you get all three like some of us…



I’m certainly working on part 2 for people who have land and can handle the basics I mentioned in this one.


I’ll go correct it. Thanks! (was too lazy to go hit poachers to check :joy:)


It’s hard to check in game, it never tells you. Those are just what it works out to mathematically when i took the numbers and did the formula for it lol


This is an awesome guide, thank you for setting this up! It has come in handy with the full release to Platinum.


I like this posting…
Add too how can Riders Mission is working, Castle Guard, Quest, please :kissing_closed_eyes:


Rider missions are here: Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide Pt. 2

Castle Guards for now while I work out a way to add that and where.

Quests might be on Pt2 too


How to claim that rewards, after deploy riders?
May be any player is confuse, after deploy riders in dragon is locked

And how to clear that missions? Do attack troops or attack Poacher and Gold Mine?


You wait the time stated, then go back and click the mission. I will write this into Pt. 2