Atlas: The Beginner Friendly Guide


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So if I have oksana and I attacked a person in atlas should she get XP I see the icon spinning but never get XP. Or can she only go up from her own shards which I can no longer get ?


She can only level with her own shards.


is there a list of glory amount need for each level of rider?




What are the limits on Castle Guards? Can team glory be used for anything else? Thank you :hugs:


No limits to the amount of guards you can put on a castle, but I also wouldn’t go crazy right away with millions and millions of them until you are well established, know the lay of the land and have decided that you do indeed want to own that castle for a while

Team glory is solely used to hire guards, nothing else

  1. amount of gold is same for poacher and mine. in my personal opionion its better to hit poachers bc you get the same amount of gold from the multiplier and same amount of xp from the multiplier as gold mine with the added benefits of the crafting shards from that poacher.

  2. no, the multiplier doesn’t effect shards far as i know, for shards. the way that part works is thiers 11 hits total before the poacher goes down. if your team hits all 11 to take down the poacher then the people who hit the poacher get the highest percentage from the poacher. if your team hit 7 out of the 11 its a lower percentage. and so on.

  3. you don’t want to hit the same poacher more than once. as soon as you hit it once you’ll see a checkmark, move on to a diff poacher either in that area if your going for certain crafting shards and you can even travel to alliances castles to hit poachers thier too if your going for certain shards. personally im aiming for primarily purp ones then white for dark element gear.

  4. every day after the reset, it starts at like i wanna say 25 or 20 or something and slowly works its way back from that. depending on the lvl of your bank infrastructure and the number of castles/banks you have will depend how much gold it starts with the multiplier applied before dwindling down.

  5. it resets every day for me cause im in NY so eastern standard time one at 3am roughly.

hope that answers your questions.
this is one of the older update threads but it has a ton of info hope it helps if i didn’t answer all your questions.


Well that’s not true.

You get zero XP benefit from hitting a poacher. You only get shards

Mines = XP Bonus
Poachers = Crafting materials

That’s your choice


Gold multipliers start at 30, and go down inincriments of 1 until you hit 11x. It then has a step jump down to 5x.

Poacher multipliers for shards start at 9x and go down by 1 until you hit 6x then they jump to 1x


How does that work? You mean you get extra dragon XP from hitting gold mines over normal max bases / poachers? Or is this a different kind of xp?


This is correct. Whenever you hit a mine specifically in Atlas, this XP bonus is added to all dragons on that run like a big wisdom rune :upside_down_face:


You only receive an XP bonus from mines if you own a castle.


Thanks Mech, that’s a tidbit of information I definitely missed out on! Switching all my xp dragons to gold mines then. Any idea what the percentage is? I kinda plan when I need to speed up my hatching based on runs needed to get dragons to breeding, so shaving a few days off is always nice.


Technically it’s correct regardless. The amount of castles you own dictates what the bonus will be, whether it’s 0% for not owning any castles to 70% I think for having 20 max T5s


Check out my spreadsheet vault for castle infrastructure upgrade info. The more you upgrade your castles the better it gets


I think I heard that PVP in Atlas is disabled during regular game PVP events. Is this still true, and if so, does it apply to only owned lands or is PVP disabled in NML’s also?


Ahh thanks, checked wdgeeks but forgot to check the vault. So I assume without an HQ (team only just got Atlas) it’ll be 0%. In that case it likely makes sense to keep going for poachers only until we grab a castle and build an HQ.


For most teams that’s actually not true as they don’t have xp bonuses… :joy:


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