Atlas - The Lost Islands - Release Notes

Hello Dragon Masters,

We are only a couple weeks away from the release of the Lost Islands on August 16, 2022! We’d like to share a few thoughts from the team and detailed gameplay notes about how the feature will work and why we have designed things in this way.

Off the bat, we do want to emphasize that this first run of the Lost Islands during the last month of the Atlas Summer season should be considered a beta. We will be collecting feedback between now and the Atlas Fall season both internally and with the community so we can iterate and improve on what we have put together for this first run of the Lost Islands. We’d love to hear from you! Look out for an official discussion post after release to collect everyone’s thoughts.

The Lost Islands at a Glance

  • The Lost Islands introduces two new islands to the Atlas map in the open oceans
  • These lands will appear at the beginning of each Atlas season and disappear at the end of each Atlas season
  • This means ownership will reset on all castles on the Lost Islands with each season
  • Each new season, the Lost Islands will have a slightly different layout with the same core design components
  • Only Diamond & Sapphire ranked teams can access the Lost Islands. Access is fluid from week to week and access is updated with league rebalances on Tuesday. More details on that below.
  • The Lost Islands introduces ~650 castles to Atlas and a new tier of castle, Tier 6. More details on castle design, map layout, design intentions below.

Why are we doing this?

  • Atlas is long overdue for a land update to expand gameplay and freshen things up
  • The way in which the Lost Islands reset provides dynamic gameplay at the beginning of each season. Teams can plan, organize, and sprint to the Lost Islands and battle each other for control of the islands’ most coveted castles.
  • Similarly, we want to provide new objectives for teams to work towards. We hope the race to capture higher tier castles will provide new strategic goals for teams to work toward, and that the seasonal reset preserves this fun in the future.


  • On Tuesday, August 16, 2022 we will take Atlas down for a couple hours around late morning Pacific Time
  • This means the Atlas HUD icon will disappear from the home screen and no players will be able to enter.
  • During downtime when we are adding in the islands of the Lost Islands:
    • An initial buffer of time will be given so that actions in progress can be completed before we proceed with adding the islands (ex. Primarchs traveling to a new location)
    • All existing Atlas data will be carried over including: primarch locations, castle ownership, troops, time left to train troops or primarchs, resource amounts, various cooldowns, primarch levels, etc.
    • Anything on a timer (cooldown, training time, etc) will maintain his end time so these timers will continue to decrease even during downtime
  • The two new islands will be added to the map and they will have Blackblood ownership with max castle guards
  • Once the islands are added, Atlas will be put back up and players will have access.
  • The Lost Islands will run for the remainder of the Atlas Summer season: August 16, 2022 to September 14, 2022
  • Between the conclusion of the Atlas Summer season on September 14, 2022 and the beginning of the Atlas Fall season on September 15, 2022, the islands will reset and the new islands will be added to the map. More details on differences between the islands from season to season below.

The Lost Islands Layout

  • The exact layout of the islands will be procedurally generated and different each season
  • That being said, the maps will contain uniform clusters of castles (see image below) and will contain approximately the same number of total castles (pending any decisions to iterate between seasons)
  • These clusters are being implemented on the map in such a way that access is fairly easy. By design, we want these premium castles to be exposed and susceptible to attack, rewarding the brave teams that conquer them for taking the risk and maintaining strong defenses.
  • About 50 of each cluster type will be added to the map according to the design below
    • 25 Tier 6 clusters, 25 Tier 5 clusters, and 25 Tier 4 clusters on each of the two islands
    • Clusters are separated with No Man’s Land regions on either side as points of access
  • Each island will have sections of Neutral Zones around the edges to allow for placing HOMEs, a safe place to land when initially traveling from the existing map, and a place to add troops to primarchs when retooling for battle.

Access Rules

  • Only teams in Diamond and Sapphire leagues will have access to the Lost Islands
  • This access will update each week in real time when the leagues rebalance
  • If a team drops to Platinum:
    • They will lose movement access to the Lost Islands
    • Primarchs on these demoted teams already on the Lost Islands can still move out.
    • Castles on the Lost Islands remain under their ownership, but they cannot not move to those castles.

New Gameplay

  • Tier 6 Castles
    • Tier 6 castles will be able to build up to level 15 infrastructure buildings except for Fort.
    • Tier 6 castles will have the same number of castle guards as Tier 5 castles.
    • Level 15 infrastructure will provide scaled-up infrastructure points that contribute to the total economic bonus a team receives from castle ownership.
    • The limit of top 20 castles contributing to economic bonuses still apply.
    • Tier 6 castles are worth 1500 castle leaderboard points per Atlas season round.
    • This value does not diminish after being conquered.
  • We have added a few gameplay features with the release of the Lost Islands
  • There are now a few castle ownership limits that go into effect with the release of the Lost Islands. Please plan accordingly.
    • ​​Tier 6 castles have an ownership limit of 6
    • Tier 6 and Tier 5 castles have a combined ownership limit of 30
    • A team may not conquer another tier 6 or tier 5 castle if they are over the castle ownership limits
  • Castles on the Lost Islands do not have a passage list
  • Castles on the Lost Islands cannot be surrendered

Addressing Concerns

  • “I have experienced Atlas Lag. Will this make lag in Atlas worse?”
    • Most lag comes from issues with network connection or high levels of activity on small areas/single regions on the map
    • We don’t expect the addition of the Lost Islands to affect lag in Atlas
  • “I appreciate the attempt to shake things up, but Atlas politics make the gameplay gridlocked and lopsided. This won’t help.”
    • The alliances and politics of Atlas are double-edged. They bring some of the most organized and interesting bits of gameplay, but can also stall out dynamic gameplay with stalemates. In most cases, the decisions and associations players create in our open world are beyond Pocket Gems’ ability to regulate, apart from small tweaks to gameplay.
  • “I am on a Platinum or below team and want to access the Lost Islands”
    • For a start, we want to reward our most active players with access to the Lost Islands
    • We hope that by expanding the map, it will open up opportunities for Platinum and below teams on the “old” portion of the map
    • We will be carefully monitoring this release, and our players’ reception of it. If activity and gameplay aren’t where we’d like them to be, we are open to reconsidering how we handle this in the Lost Islands.
  • “I have separate requests for gameplay/QoL updates that may/may not pertain to the Lost Islands”
    • We will be making a push to address small gameplay updates and QoL fixes in the second half of this year – look out for a thread collecting ideas after this first run of the Lost Islands is released

Atlas Value Packs

  • We have added some additional Value Packs to the Atlas store to celebrate the Lost Islands release
  • These are available for one purchase per Atlas season and will reset with each release of the Lost Islands
  • The pack contents are as follows:
    • The resource contents of the Infantry Pack 1&2 have been combined at the price of $19.99
    • The resource contents of the Century Pack 1&2 have been combined at the price of $49.99
    • The resource contents of the Legion Pack 1&2 have been combined at the price of $99.99

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in this thread and we can clarify them for you.



So all the castles on these islands will be fully populated with blackblood guards at the beginning?

Ok, maybe I will take part, at least for a little bit at the beginning


Really love the added concerns portion, however, the fact that PG’s admitting they’ll never have a mechanic to break the megas makes me very disheartened. Seems like it’s the end.

There’s nothing particularly interesting for me about the Lost islands. So, I’m taking this as, “This is all it’ll ever be. Enjoy it until it dies.”


Hope this goes well :pray:t2:


Translation: we are not going to do anything to save this game


What’s up with the teams below Sapphire and Diamond? Is there now a better chance to conquer Sapphire/Diamond castles while these burn out and use up all their troops and time on the Lost Islands? Meaning by that: on the classic Atlas map could start some new movement from the lower leagues by fighting for better castles too.
Just a thought…

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So this means, if a saphire team tries to conquer one of them, other will declare wars to take over and only saphire teams without castles on the new map will have the possibility to stay in the league.


Unfortunately that’s how the cookies will crumble I see too much people attacking when everyone else is offline, heck you’ve all must have seen this without the lost islands. I’m however concerned if any primes who belong in platinum instead of sapphire will instead be able to move instead because if it’s like this I’m afraid they’ll be exploiters there as well if this is the case even if movement isn’t allowed.

Intriguing. Slightly excited.

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That’s unlikely, not a lot of (Saph + Diamond) teams will be willing to hold 100% glory castles but I like the way you think :joy::face_with_peeking_eye:

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All I’m saying, is that this would be a great time to start planning wars against those teams with a bunch of low level alts in their team. War them down to Plat so they can’t access these shiny new lands

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So does the castle owner limit only apply to the new lands ? Or does that also include any u own in reg atlas ?

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Available for everyone or only for players in sapphire teams and up? Just asking as they are allowed to be purchased once per season and the purchase counts resets with each release of the lost islands.

Add: And… why the limit? :sob:

Do only the castles of the two Lost Islands count here or in the entire Atlas world?

Will a map be provided so teams can set up plans on which castles they want to go for? @PGAlgodon


Will the islands be opened immediately once atlas comes back up or will it be like the previous map expansion where the map was opened but travel to that portion was blocked off for a time? Basically will we get a chance to see and look over the new map beforehand or will it just be a mad, chaotic dash like opening the gates at disneyworld?

What’s wrong with a mad dash? :crazy_face:


No one month atlas for 5 usd?
I was hoping it would be possible.


I want 1 year pack instead… :sob:


I was hoping for a actual response not just lip service……
Oh well I’m truly not surprised🤷‍♂️

Where and how?
Sorry politics here bring nothing and offer us even less……
They are built by fear and human nature unless you think we can suddenly change human nature!?

Yeah so it’s kinda up to the game design and if your unwilling and or unable to provide mechanics that control that unfortunately I and many others will be unable to justify spending or committing our time here any longer to play in a environment that does not support or supply stable competition or balanced engagement.

Sorry what you have created is broken and does not support your player base and never has.

Greed is a double edged sword.

It’s on you to fix your game simple as that….

Try will……
But it WILL stall out dynamic game play consistently and inevitably!
There that’s much more accurate and believable….

Stalemates lol
You mean game wide stagnation!?
And that’s not even the most detrimental effect of your open world or did you miss the elimination these politics are producing!?
Stagnation or “stalemating” or what would more accurately be called attrition is only one effect of many!

Your response fails completely to address any part of the issue you have stated we have with mega alliances so please try again!

The problem is not your players it’s your open world that does not support long term objectives or provide any kind of positional mechanics that would offer a solution .

And yes there is a viable solution that’s well within your ability and you are correct it will require more than a small tweak but it is not beyond your ability.

It will require a positional map!

I enjoyed playing while the illusion of a objective lasted……
Like dread I will be hitting that beach and I will be retiring my main and this legacy account.

Good luck dragon lords!
keep the sun at your back and your feet in the air as long as you can maybe pg will listen one day……