[Atlas] Time-Based Gold Accumulation

Some Atlas players don’t have the time to grind multiple attacks on an invader base due to conflicts and circumstances in real life. For example, I recently started my year in college, and although my schedule allows for lots of free time (more than the amount of time that I need to study or to keep up with assignments), I only have time for one grind-like activity at a time; the toss-up is usually between either PvP scores or Atlas grinding, which makes my choice on non-PvP days easier than the inverse. (I only ever have time to “do it all” when I have a schedule that is completely free.) It is for this reason that I make this suggestion with the aim of alleviating the burden that players in my position or a position similar to it associate with their “game-life balance”:

Timed Gold Build-Up

With this feature, a player’s gold will accumulate on its own in a timed setting, using only a percentage of a single multiplier within a given time. (For instance, let’s suppose that time would be 5 minutes; that would be x30 in 5 minutes, which would translate into x6 per minute, diminishing until it reaches the final x5 multiplier.) Players would have the ability to adjust the time to either extend it or shorten it, up to a full 24 hours for days on which they’d normally be extremely busy and may have time later in the day; players would also have the ability to turn the timed setting off if they’re available for a manageable amount of time to do manual attacks.

Most other games have an offline accumulation ability such as this one, some of which I play, and they work wonders. I would advertise them here if that weren’t against the forum guidelines. The object of this feature would not be to facilitate lazy gold gaining and spending; it would be to allow those who don’t have a free schedule for most of the day, then come back and have nothing prepared to do some last-minute tasks in the game, some balance between what they do in life and what they do in the game, without being penalized for spending time elsewhere.


You mean the ones who have Atlas elite and need to spend up to an hour per day to do their gold flights?
Or do you want that for everyone, just with the difference of the daily automatic amount of gold between elite and non elite?
Sounds good to me except that there exsists the risk of loosing some saved gold when you get attacked and your gold gets robbed.

I would prefer for Atlas elite a lot fewer needed flights to get the daily gold, something like 4 or 5 flights, where each one gives 3M gold. With 3M you could build or revive troops and have some leftover for the bank.

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It would be available for everyone, yes.

Unless gold will be 100% protected from being looted, nah…

If I don’t have time, I’ll use raid feature.


if u have elite dont worry about manual flight, use raid button. that 120 diamond is so minimal amount to Elite users. i dont have elite but i use raid. because 120 diamonds is about 100k ish idk exact amount(if we buy directly gold with diamond).
raid will give u 200k+ gold,it depends on tax or multipliers