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I recognize that a number of similar posts may have been made regarding this topic, however, I’m hopeful that this can gain some dev attention for the purpose of receiving a very rough estimate from them regarding future rollouts and priority when adding new teams to atlas. I recognize that there’s a lot of content currently in the works as well as issues being prioritized for being fixed but I think there could still be room for improved communication regarding approximate rollouts. For example, a dev could confirm whether priority is being given to new teams based on league status alone as well as approximate time lines such as the # of teams that could potentially be added in a month, 6 months or a year. There are definite advantages to having access to atlas that more of the player base would benefit from than what currently do and many players choose to join a new team for these benefits while leaving close friends behind on another team. A rough timeline could help in making those kinds of decisions regarding whether seeking a new team is the only way to obtain access in the coming months and this information from the development team would be greatly appreciated. Again, I’m not looking for specific dates for adding new teams but rough estimates would be heavily appreciated by the player base regarding approximate number of teams and approximate timing for them to be added.


The rollouts will always be in order of sub leagues. Diamond -> Sapphire -> Platinum etc.

This quarter there will be notable additional rollouts to new teams.


That is the most vague answer i think i’ve ever heard from you Echo :joy::joy:

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He asked for a rough timeline, and wasn’t requesting specific dates. :smiley: I very roughly did just that hah.

Once we feel more confident about timelines we will get more specific than what I’ve already shared. :+1:

I believe what OP is also asking for is a place where the updates can be concentrated in one area for teams to go when curious/looking for that information. I know a few people have brought up suggestions like creating a thread or tag specifically to keep the information in one place.

I’m pretty sure there is a tag for this; I am summoning all knowing forum seer @forScience who I am sure will know.

I distinctly remember her suggesting it, but not sure if anything came of it (and perhaps more needs to be done considering the amount of people that ask on a weekly basis).

:thinking: 10 gold chests per summon!

added team bonuses & quests

I think people tend to want to know more about when they’re getting Atlas, though, vs what happened before :joy:

Thank you kindly for the reply!

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