[Atlas] Transferring XP Between Riders

Atlas is a very dynamic environment, and a player has to make the absolute most of the system whenever they go to attack. However, some players don’t have the means to excel in the environment that others may have; they can only go by what they have, and can only use the best of what they have to the best of their abilities, fighting tooth and nail to the very end.

But oftentimes, players find themselves capped on what they can reliably accomplish with the best of what they have at hand. Some of the riders that players have in their rosters are filled to the brim with XP that they’d accumulated in combat, and can no longer be used for further progression. Therefore, they are effectively left with nothing but their worst, most low-class possessions. These trifles wouldn’t be able to do anything against an adversary that the more advanced riders could, and thus, I have a solution:

I feel that the ability to transfer XP between riders would almost fully alleviate this problem, in the way that players would be given more leeway to attack with dragons that have their highest-potential riders equipped for XP that would then be transferred to a more inferior rider to be leveled up to a point of utility as well. With this feature, a player would not have to swap riders around and fall victim to dingy rider stats. This feature should also be applied to riders that are already at expert status, much like dragons.

Due to how Atlas is set up, it is untenable to go into an offense with a shoddy rider in place of one that has already been advanced, simply because that advanced rider has met its limit on what can be gained from an attack (XP). It would be better if we had the ability to use our stronger riders as stepping stones down to our weaker riders, rather than our weaker riders as [improbable] stepping stones up, especially given that some of these weaker riders are defense riders, which should knowingly not fare well in an offensive environment.

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*Sigh :face_with_peeking_eye:

I dont think people suffer to level riders .


I Agree with Eff! Well thought out there and written :grinning: Xp for riders is fairly simple and many can suggest tips if need be i’m sure, Best of luck on this request!

Since starting riders are underpowered, and therefore can’t compete against a well-runed and well-geared base, the most viable way to gain XP on riders starting out is to swap glory with a partner in No Man’s Land, which to my knowledge, is not a very effective way to gain glory, but it’s all that a player has when elsewhere, the rider wouldn’t be of any help for the dragon it’s equipped to.

I haven’t had issues leveling my riders. I can hit fairly difficult bases with a level 1 rider with the right gear. It does take some time.

It would also feel a little weird to have a rider gain experience by having some other rider go out to fight battles for them.


Hahaha this was funny but true

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For me since my gear is decent I can put that on a low rider and it buffs him way more than any rider bonus provides. But that is my opinion, I can see where you’re coming.

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As we can buy XP with diamonds already, I don’t think it’s necessary.


Why is it less weird to have primarchs swap xp with each other or even dragons with each other?

This game has a tonne of precident with XP transfers between similar classes of items already.

Lets not forget many riders don’t even need glory. Main game riders and even the new atlas riders don’t need glory to level.

I think Defence riders are the biggest pain to level if you don’t have a spare dragon of the right element to use them on.

Even if you do then you have to switch offence gear onto them and back off with defence gear which kinda wastes 400 rubies x 2.

Sure you can level them on your perch but with 3 perches thats alot of hits you need to take.

I can see where the OP is coming from but as others said the effort for a change is likely low hanging fruit in the scheme of things.


make sure your team do swap and u have krelos to make things a bit easier lol especially for defence rider

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I maxed my riders mostly at Aligane with np…any riders needing glory were perched 3 at a time or just one. One rider attacking gets the glory and if/when you get attacked while making your attack, your perched riders get the glory. All glory offensive or defensive, goes to one rider or its split evenly amongst the 2/3.

I would trap one target (in favor of my glory) then attack another. This further guarantees defensive glory. My favorite was the Sieger Taunter combo. Attack with a sieger while everyone hits the taunter :grin: Troop count is up to you.

it can be done between dragons so still a good idea for all the unfinished riders. I have several some of which had came back as Champion Riders but that branch wasn’t a part of the sigil count when you still have to work for your Mythic