Atlas troop donation to team mate

Hi atm we can only donate 200 troops a day to a team mate
it would help if it was increased to 1k to 2k a day

Any thoughts on this please?


Get an alt and exploit it . No bueno


I’d love to donate 1 or 2k to 1 person per 24 hours. I’ve had many teammates without elite whom I’d have loved to gift an extra 1k troops per day but couldn’t because 200 is just too low

Due to the give limit of once per 24 hours, this isn’t something one can exploit unless you have 5 alts on a team to have any meaningful increase.


Honestly, with how little troops you can give, I wonder why they even have that feature? 200 troops won’t really do much. 2k sounds more reasonable.


However Why need to donate troops to team mate?

If they can’t be bothered to buy atlas elite or train troops. Is this right game for them?


Even if all teammates have Elite and train their troops, is it bad to want to give some extra help?


The limit was higher back when Atlas was in the beta phase. We all rejoiced when the limit dropped to 200 because of how badly that mechanic was exploited by certain players. I don’t think that this is a good idea, sorry.

Then PG should have removed the feature altogether as we have generations who know not of what came before and seeing the pitiful 200 for 1 per 24 hours, our minds are “I wish this were a bit more worth while”

If it was completely removed, we wouldn’t have known that such a feature use to exist. And on top of that, this “change” to 200 makes it so that this never gets used already.


If the troops were legitimately created does it matter how they die?

Some players often for example the night crew suffer a higher burden of play and troop loss compared to the day time crew when more players are online to share the troop losses.

To prevent alt abuse just make certain classes of activity ineligible.

I.e. if you change team you cannot donate troops for 30 days.

Donor can only donate once per week

Receicer can only receive 10k per week.

This way most loopholes closed up.

200 troops isn’t useful its barely used. I think the proposed 2k is fine and say 5k is a better number if you have atlas elite active.

But even thats still tiny and won’t change anything given you can lose 15k in a single hit.

But if troops are legitimately created then at least transfers become a way to help equalize player’s that face a higher defensive burden of play simply because they choose to be online and defend more.


Help is always helpful However I have heard way too much sob “stories” about why cannot do this / cannot do that, that I given up being helpful

I did my part even when I’m nursing a house full of covid19 patients (with just me and sister in law tested negative), and when mate is having chemo with low WiFi receptions in hospital during their chemo sessions and looking after them post chemo etc., did my part when boss sits beside me during office hours, etc … in between hospital runs and during loo breaks & lunch breaks … I did my part for team … So it’s not like my life is in heaven with no hardships to deal with… so yeah no longer understand the need to help …

I agree.
I would like to send my troops daily to my teammate who lost many troops to defend the castle when I was offline.

It might prevent exploits if troop donations are unlocked after 2 weeks of the player being on the team.


I am not alt account
But won’t think twice about donating all my troops

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