Atlas troop kill ratio calculation

Hi, I thought I had an understanding of how kill ratios worked but my runs haven’t resulted in what i’ve expected.

I am defending with a lvl 2 fighter (144 atk, 108 def) with 2k troops and the attacker is a lvl 3 destroyer (183 atk, 183 def) with 2.5k troops. The attacker gets 4 flames.
We are at the attackers castle with a lvl 3 fort.

My calculations says that the kill ratio should be (183+20*3)/108 = 2.25
However the result was I lost 2k troops and they lost 586 which is a ratio of 2k/586 = 3.41

Are there other factors that I am not taking into account?
(I am a little bit confused about enfeeble but they have a lvl 3 tower which is a 14% enfeeble which doesn’t seem to explain the difference)

Thanks for any help or pointers.

What about attacker and defender team influence rating and player levels? :thinking:

I thought that only affects the percentage of glory you get. I, the defender, was much lower level and our team has less influence.

Hmm… if your defense was 108 and attack was 183, even at 4 flames they would get a much better ratio… plus the boost for the base.

I agree. But I’d think it would be a 2.25 ratio. Was wondering what I didn’t consider that made it a 3.41 ratio.

I believe 4 flames is base 1.5:1. 3 flames is 1:1. If you multiply 2.25 by 1.5 i think you end up at 3.38ish which is close to the actual ratio with rounding. Changed a couple months ago i think.

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Ok thanks. I thought I read that 4 flames was 1:1 but it might have been outdated information.

That’s how it used to be. 4 flames was
Changed to 1.5x and 3
Flames changed to 1x

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