Atlas troop train event broken?

Have restarted and reloaded event screen. Multiple teammates reporting the same issues. Event stuck loading/giving a countdown that doesn’t move.


Just came here to post the same. FFS. @PGGalileo got another fire here


Same problem guess we wait and see



2/2 in working events today :joy:

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@moderators duplicate thread of Troop training event broken

Hey gang, just was updated that the Atlas troop issue was fixed. Let Support know if you’re still having issues.

Nope not quite fixed … unless by fixed you mean rigged to short players of earned rewards for whatever reason (certainly not to force players into sending real hard cash and currency for some kind of virtual goods and services - cause let me tell you as author of The First Successful Working Model of Online Ticketing and Sales the only way to get the banking conglomerates to accept and allow e-commerce were to instill no questions asked automatic refund or rebate whenever a customer asked for it - and we know PG don’t roll that way - none whatsoever!) yeah, so been Farming and Mining all day but for a few rewards earlier none afterward - besides where’s all that was missed earlier… so I’d say no… not fixed!:sunglasses:

@PGGalileo The event may be working, but I’ve seen no answer as to what will happen for the players who, in good faith, revived/built troops once the event timer started. I have a ticket in, but support tells me that the team is deciding how to provide global compensation. I don’t know if they are confusing between the KW/DD debacle with the troop training debacle, but this does not seem to me like global compensation is needed.

What is needed is to provide the earned points to the players who built/revived troops before the event was fixed. It would be much more difficult, IMHO, to calculate the gold, troops, and timer hours expended. Just give us the points and we can move on.

If you wish to add further comments to this issue, please add them to the thread that @R3deem linked up higher. It’s easier to keep track of things if they are all in one place.

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