Atlas Troop Training cost

Did something change with troop training cost? Bullhorns are now worth 8000 hats instead of 4000 and it looks like cost in gold has gone down also. Can someone confirm so I know I’m not going crazy. :exploding_head:

It was the same for me 3 hours ago when I built my set of troops

Even the bullhorns? I need to get a screenshot later but in order to revive 4k troops I needed 2 bulhorns in the past that took up all 8000 hats now it requested 1 bullhorn

Yeah it used 2 bullhorns for me to go from 66 revives to 4066 revives. Plus the typical just over 930k gold

I used 858 diamond (1 diamond is 1 gold… right :thinking:) 1 bullhorn. I’ll check it again during lunchtime and post a photo.

Yeah conversion is just under 1:1000

I think it was a glitch because I just went in and I still had all of my bullhorns and the troops weren’t training
@moderators you can close this I guess it was wishful thinking :frowning_face:

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