Atlas troop training times

Training was started a few hours ago… so 46-48 hours for 8k troops? Given my current timer shortage, looks like my Atlas activity is going to take a huge hit…

That’s what diamonds are for…

Also did you know you can turn those horrible colors off in the settings (‘team colors’)? Makes atlas way more enjoyable…

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Understood re: diamonds. However, IIRC, during last season (or even last night) 8k troops were about 8 hours, not 48!

Nope, 8k new troops were always this long. Reviving troops is much faster.

At least I assume those are freshly built troops?

Nope. Revived. Or I sure hope they were as I have over 100k that need to come back to life…

Of course, if they are new, it wouldn’t have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in this game…

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Ah ok, then I get why you’re unpleasantly surprised… When you revive the next batch, maybe turn on screen record to be certain there was no mistake. If it’s really charging you 48h for revives that would be bad.

And if not you would hardly be the first or last to hit a wrong button :grin:

Yeah…that’s about right for new troops. RIP your bullhorns. :grimacing:

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It goes up 800 new troops takes likes 2 hours, 4k 12 hours, 8k is 24 hours
That has to be a glitch it cannot just be messed up hit wrong button.
8k new Troops should only be around 20 something hours, almost 50 hours is way off

That’s with elite, without elite the times are double. Also infra bonuses will change the build time.

Oh yeah :joy: wasn’t even thinking about elite/without elite

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