Atlas Tutorial Videos

Hello everyone!

I would like to let everyone know that a couple weeks ago, I started a YouTube channel that is dedicated to Atlas tutorials.

I am releasing a new video on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly.

These videos are short, to the point and topic specific. I am trying to keep them all within 5 minutes.

Through my experience in Atlas, there are many who are still lost when it comes to Atlas or are just starting out and have no idea what is going on.

My goal is not to teach or preach to those who know what they are doing, but provide a source of information for those wanting to learn or even leadership in teams that could use a resource to teach their new players that are just getting atlas.

Please note that some of the material is opinionated and intended to give a base of knowledge to work from.

Please feel free to share with any and all you feel could benefit from these tutorials. These Tutorials have no relation to politics in the game and are not alliance specific.

If there are and topics that you would like me to prioritize posting; please comment in this thread and I can move it up the line!

The links to the first 6 videos can be found below:


excellent videos, thanks :grin:


This is good for people who wants to learn atlas.

A small suggestion. Can you turn the music volume down? It’s a little bit distracting.

Another suggestion. Rather than only saying “Tutorial 1” in the tittle, please add what’s the main topic you will explain in the video.

For example, Tutorial 1: Moving troops around.

This will help increase the likelihood of your channel appear when people search on youtube. Just use no more than 6 keywords.

And also please appear at the front screen of each video that tittle also. Now I only see “Atlas Tutorials by Peter247”

This is example from Odin. It’s easy to guess what’s in the video.

I do hope that your channel grows.


Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely make those changes :+1:t2:

Happy Friday Everyone!

I would like to thank everyone for the support as well as the feedback! I tried my best to incorporate the suggestions into this week’s video and plan to continue to do so.

Today I have uploaded the third chapter of the Primarch series.

Topic is: The Taunter

Check it out and please share with any and all that you think could benefit from the content!


Woow. Your videos improved significantly…

Keep em coming bro.

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Hey Everyone!

Today I have uploaded the final chapter of the Primarch series.

Topic is: The Sieger

Check it out and please share with any and all that you think could benefit from the content!


Thanks for helping the community. This is great !

I think a video about castles shields could help


Thank you for the topic suggestion.

I have committed to target glory hunting for Friday’s video, but will move on to castle management for next week Tuesday’s :+1:t2:

I made one about a year ago but things have slightly changed since then and I have been meaning to do an updated version for a while now…


Hey @Peter247 joined your chat group. Thanks for having me.

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Hey everyone!

Today’s tutorial has just been uploaded.

Today’s topic is:

Effective Glory Hunting using the Primarch Search Tool.

This is for players that go out on their own looking for glory.

Check it out and feel free to share it with anyone you feel can benefit from it😊

I have also added it to the playlist so all teams that put the link into their wiki, it can be found there as well!

War Dragons Atlas Tutorial #9: Effective Glory Hunting using the Primarch Search Tool

Next week we will be diving into castle management/shields/bubbles (will be another series as there is a lot to cover😊)


Chat? :eyes: I want in :wink::grin:

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Wait u are in that.

On line we have a group going. If you can’t find it or aren’t in it let me know and we can bring you in.

Anyone can invite once they are there👍🏻

Can you do a castle guard tutorial next

Definitely, I am starting the castle management series next week and that will be one of the topics covered over the next few videos :+1:t2:


Hey Everyone!

I have just uploaded today’s video.

Today’s Topic is the first of the Castle series:

Castle Tiers and Infrastructure Levels

Check it out and watch to the end to find out about a Creator’s Faction sponsored giveaway! Entries for the give away will be available until Thursday, June 4th, 2020 at 12pm EST.

Thank you all for supporting my channel and a special thank you to the Creator’s Faction for supporting this project!

War Dragons Atlas Tutorial #10: Castle Tiers and Infrastructure Levels