[Atlas] Two Monument-Related Suggestions

There are a total of 11 monuments in Atlas (12 if you like to count the mysterious figure in the bushes trees on island 3 as a monument). That’s greater than the 8 (+1 if you count the Shrine, +1 if you count the structure between the “Mount Dragon” and the Temple) in the main game. The final two monuments, as well as the furthermost boat, pose a few minor problems that should be easily solvable, and the following two suggestions touch on two of the greatest:

  1. Allow Auto-Battle to Recognize the Final Boat and Two Monuments in Atlas
  • AutoBattle currently does not recognize that final boat and the last two monuments in Atlas, giving up the potential for extra timers and chests to drop.
  1. Allow the Last Two Monuments to Drop Items in Atlas
  • Currently, the last two monuments don’t ever drop anything from them, which risks things such as chests and speedups.

I recognized that the drop of chests during pvp decreased a while ago when I do my daily Atlas gold flights. So getting these last targets might rise that up a bit lol

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Idk if it is me but gold actually went up during pvp events.I cannot talk for others but this is what I have been noticing.

Yeah, same happened to me. I wondered if it happened to other people. :face_with_monocle:

So you were stealing mine… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Lol, to funny. :rofl::rofl:

Were you even farming?hahahahaha

Before the family vacation, somewhat yes… BUT definitely NOT even close to your level of farming.

After the fam vacay started, most certainly not. :see_no_evil: Been on a vacay island for 2 weeks now.

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Oh nice.We went to the beach last month.First time my kids went out to play with other kids.Was very fun.Hope yours is too.
Take care

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