Atlas unplayable!

After most recent update atlas has been acting very laggy, frequently crashing the game, and now I can no longer select a primarch/castle/beast to do anything. When I tap on one the menu to attack or do more doesn’t show up, if I tap a second time the menu begins to pop up and immediately closes. Because of this Atlas is literally unplayable and my atlas elite is just being wasted since I can’t earn gold or build troops. I’ve already created a ticket that has had 3 different support members giving steps to try and resolve it with no luck so far. I am wondering if anyone else is having issues like these or knows a fix to this?

So atlas is not working in my iPhone XS Max or iPad Pro 11-inch devices. But it works on my older iPad Pro 10-inch device


Welcome to WD! :slightly_smiling_face: expect atlas to always be like that. We been complaining about it for awhile now, consider it an already beaten horse.

He’s had no issues until update and only on newer model devices. Maybe an incompatibility?

Im having same problem on s10

Yea idk why all of a sudden both my newer devices just can’t run atlas. Not to mention the regular game has started to become laggy. Wish updates just didn’t break the game :cry:

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I am not able to log into Atlas this is now a month since I was able to play

Oh my bad I forgot forums is for three year olds and bull**** is censored.

Haven’t been able to use atlas since Fort started . I have iphone8

Atlas crashes my Android client often.

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ipad pro & lots of Atlas problems right now… it’s continuously loading new content & I need to restart all the time! The whole system is pretty slow too…so not playable!
Plus my base is all the time shaking like when someone has been attacking you… :man_facepalming:

Number one answer will be…drum roll…device. It can’t possibly be the game…hahaha

Yeah. The servers would never time out exactly the same time I’m using line and firefox to post here. Right?

This happened just a min so so ago. About the time it took me to upload them from line…

Servers are down. PG probably forgot to pay the bill :slight_smile:
On the plus side, Atlas is equally playable for everyone for once!

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Having same issue started 2 updates ago so right around the time of your post., my older iPad seems fine tho admittedly I’m not as active on that account but my new one…omg grrrrrrrrrrrrr