Atlas Update - February 2020 Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss our latest update regarding Atlas here.

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Talk of bringing active teams in?
Or something like the PM I sent you?


Interesting changes. Need to think about some of them a bit more but there’s one I would like to highlight.

Solution: Take half of the glory scaling adjustment value, and apply that value to troops. Take the data in the following chart about current troop revive rates

I think this should also be mirrored to the defending party. So when an attacker hits down and gets 15% worse revives, the defender also gets 15% better revives.

This reduces the impact on the defender when attackers who don’t care about the revive rate (or don’t even realize they are getting a worse rate) crush low level players for fun.


shrine event sounds fun… can we have assault too :grin:


When is the disengage team removal supposed to happen? our team just got atlas and are moving everyone over tonight.



Will the glory and troop revive scaling apply to taunters as well? I cannot begin to express how many access teams I’ve seen with a single level 50 taunter and 100k troops. With this change to revive rates you’d be encouraging more teams to have alts with taunters to prevent attacks against their castles.

Furthermore, I’m currently on an atlas team that is trying to rebuild after all the players left and while we have 40ish active members, many of them are newer players. Why are we being punished as a result of these changes to atlas requirements, if no new teams are being brought into atlas that we could potentially join or merge with. Even if we can find a team to join we’ve been ‘hitlisted’ by dreadnaught alliance (which controls nearly 70% of atlas) and aren’t allowed to join any of these dreadnaught aligned teams.


Can some thought go into putting defence boosts (ie :hammer:) in atlas prizes? Defending castles requires a fair whack of them…and yes I know some players have 1000s and are rarely seen helping out…shame on you hammer hoarders :expressionless::laughing:


I can’t begin to express how bad the change to conquering rules are.

It will only encourage bully tactics by 600+ Level players who can bring in a S2 taunter that has been maxed, with 200k troops, and take pretty much any castle they want.

I think this rule will only benefit a couple of teams, who will abuse it mercilessly. These teams already have a dictatorship level control over the game, let’s not give them more, please.


How will the conquer mechanic work?

Where if there’s no guards and you have more troops than the defending 5TA. Do you need to clear other enemies too?

So let’s say the defending 5TA has 30k troops and no guards.
Attacking team 1 has 500k troops but doesn’t have more than 30k on a single primarch.
Attacking team 2 (me all alone) sends a single primarch with 70k troops.

Can I conquer or do I have to address the other attacking team first, similar to the current conquer requirements?


Instead of removing teams with less than 20 players, can we instead remove teams who havent held a castle for any period of time greater than 2 weeks? I say 2 weeks because holding an entry lvl 4 for the duration of a pvp shouldnt save you from losing atlas. This change will still surely remove teams with less than 20 players and either get rid of pirate teams or force them to play atlas the way it was meant to be played.


Only challenge with this, is how do newer teams to atlas get their start? Currently they need to build up troops and alliances in order to conquer and this takes time, or generous friends when it becomes about ‘who you know’. (Or who you pledge your next seasons worth of gold to in order to buy a castle). If they fix it so teams get a starting castle, with basic infra and a starting amount of gold - like you do at the set up of most games, then teams who lose their starting castle and go castleless are the ones to remove.


Sorry but this is such a stupid idea that it goes beyond words. This has been talked about over and over again in each of the pirate topics. What you’re suggesting is give mega alliances absolute power and control over who gets to keep atlas.


Where did the changes to the number of castles a team can own go? With the vastly increased ease of conquer what is to stop certain teams players from conquering and assigning even more castles to their friends. They will conquer just to win gold for the hell of it. And all I see is that more Platinum and Gold teams will end up owning Level 4’s because the Mafia of atlas will deem it so.

Look at the stats on level 4 ownership. Where a certain top team told me that as an S1 team (at the time) I had no business owning a level 4, now the same team allows P3 and G1 teams to own level 4s in protected areas.


Why does a team of 50 who openly admits to have no desire to own a castle and just go around attacking in atlas get to keep atlas over a team of 19 with no desire to ever own a castle?


This will be good… :joy::joy::joy:

What about fixing the glory for successful defences? If you knock an attacker down, the glory metrics should flip to be being based on the attackers losses to determine glory, not the defenders losses (which will be minimal if they are successful = current problem of minimal glory for successful defence)

I appreciate that the loss rates have been looked at, but it does not go far enough. Having a perma-loss of 30% when an unstoppable player hits you you may throw all the hammers at it that you own (which I frequently do, hence liking the other post on asking for more hammers) you get 5 flamed and lose 30%, reload and you lose 30% of that. The balance is always in favour of the bigger players with more troops, and the smaller players who start with less, continue to lose at a greater rate.


@Arelyna @PGMichael

What about those who want to own a castle without being tied down to a mega alliance? Fix the dread ruled atlas and then talk about taking atlas away from people.

It’s not right for those who are rebuilding an abandoned atlas team and have members who want to play, who want to use atlas, and have been for a full season just for it to be taken away because the previous owners left it.


No! Definitely no. I don’t wanna own a castle … stop trying to tie me down. Freedom!!!


I’m so excited for this. Hopefully it turns out right! Good job PG, improving it. Props to you. And I agree with most suggestions atm, especially the revive rate for defenders. Lots of snipers nowadays, there’s gotta be something or some kind of incentive to keep people defending.

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I agree castle ownership caps should be included in these changes.