Atlas Update - February 2020 Official Discussion Thread

no one in your 5TA owns a L4 castle … and one member of your 5TA is notorious from stealing castles from low level plat teams and having RR come and help defend. How about you go pick up some of those L4s that are empty and then report back how much fun it is.

you do realize that they will be grabbed as you can pretty much fly into any land :roll_eyes:

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I really want to follow this logic. There are so many open level 4s right now because they are access and teams don’t want to or can’t hold more. Solution is to make it harder to own 4s anywhere and cut castle ownership down? This makes sense :joy:

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which is WHY no one less than D1/2 will want anything other than L2/3s with the new access rules

sniping easy glory off safe zone think about it but once allowed in there is no stopping

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All of D1/2 can only hold 1250 castles total. There will 100% be Sapphire teams holding 4’s after the reset. I promise you.

I highly doubt it … they won’t want the attention from the D1/2 teams who will just come and roll them over for easy glory.

if I were an L600 and I saw a L300 Sapphire player sitting on a access L4 … I’d eat them fro breakfast lunch and dinner every day.

no thank you.

llol just tell that sap team to use a taunter

lol … which will still bring 100% glory

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Right, well they already hit a lot of S1 teams on 3’s, so why not just take those hits on a 4 instead since they’ll have access to us anywhere?

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yes, they do … only to get behind them to a higher ranked team. just for the bubble. BUT now, they will actually BE the target, not just simply in the way.

Uh, no. They bubble to get to us lmao

its not just to get behind on saps lol some of them 100% to my team as some diamond teams less backwards ik lol

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well sure, if you got L500 players offering full glory on that castle, they will be a target. no image all 50 players down to your lowest L300 (or what ever it is) who has no chance to defend will be a target for full glory.

no thank you. and I know most Sapphire teams feel the same. they’ll stick to the L2/3s to prevent that.

nah they just dont want to move up

Again, no. We’re worth good team glory to many D teams. There’s a good chunk of S1 that aren’t safe from the glory ratio so you’re generalizations are poor at best.

Also, you don’t speak for or know most Sapphire teams, and your foresight likely isn’t as good as you think it is. I’m still taking bets on those 4’s if you wanna put your money where your mouth is.

pg ud are in d2 and are not 100%

how about S2/3 and P1 (who wants to move up) they’ll be left with these L4s

and @Prince I know lots of Sapphire teams who hold only L2s who have been climbing the APR ranks and league ranks just fine with out the L4 castles. quite a few actually.

They might be after the change to den* power.

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