Atlas Update - February 2020 Official Discussion Thread

yes, they do … only to get behind them to a higher ranked team. just for the bubble. BUT now, they will actually BE the target, not just simply in the way.

Uh, no. They bubble to get to us lmao

its not just to get behind on saps lol some of them 100% to my team as some diamond teams less backwards ik lol

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well sure, if you got L500 players offering full glory on that castle, they will be a target. no image all 50 players down to your lowest L300 (or what ever it is) who has no chance to defend will be a target for full glory.

no thank you. and I know most Sapphire teams feel the same. they’ll stick to the L2/3s to prevent that.

nah they just dont want to move up

Again, no. We’re worth good team glory to many D teams. There’s a good chunk of S1 that aren’t safe from the glory ratio so you’re generalizations are poor at best.

Also, you don’t speak for or know most Sapphire teams, and your foresight likely isn’t as good as you think it is. I’m still taking bets on those 4’s if you wanna put your money where your mouth is.

pg ud are in d2 and are not 100%

how about S2/3 and P1 (who wants to move up) they’ll be left with these L4s

and @Prince I know lots of Sapphire teams who hold only L2s who have been climbing the APR ranks and league ranks just fine with out the L4 castles. quite a few actually.

They might be after the change to den* power.

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will be

and gives more teams to hit lol because more then half of diamonds aligned anyways

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They’ll be left with the L4’s? I don’t understand what you mean.

attack power rank

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Yeah, brain is slowing down. It’s like 3am lol

because D1/2 will take al the 5s, so sapphire will either play it safe and get all L2/3s or suffer with the 100% glory of L4s … they’ll be left with he L4s because plat and gold teams will all get the L2/3s

APR = atlas/attack power rank

Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s not really how it’s going to shake out at all lol

D teams will hold both 4’s and 5’s but likely won’t cap them all, leaving some available for strong S1’s, the rest of Sapphire and some P1-2 will mostly fight over 3’s (what’s wrong with that?) and then yeah, the rest will likely be held by lower rank teams and some will fall into the hands of D/S/P teams.

It doesn’t feel like you’re really thinking about how glory changes, perimeter access, and land grabs are going to change things in conjunction with one another.

Land grabs are going to bleed so many troops and leave people overexposed, perimeter changes will see turnovers going strong deep into the season, and glory changes mean that we’ll see more teams fighting teams of similar strength hopefully (I’m sure they’ll need fo keep tweaking this one)

I just don’t see it the way you do. :man_shrugging:

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Until we figure out a way to discourage it and implement them in ways that can’t be exploited.

It’s easy to say “you can’t fix it” if you never try.

I’m still waiting for you to suggest some “Hard Mechanics” to do this. You keep saying you can but refuse to step up and say how you would do it. It is mathematically impossible to prove a negative so you need to give a proof on how it can be done.


… I cannot smack my face hard enough.

Someone (ignoring who) stated it would last “weeks”… HaHaHaHa. No, it won’t last weeks.

As for the experience of something on this magnitude (resetting all of atlas)? Linger over Aligane for a moment. If you do not see the glitches and lag; you are blessed. Spread these gliches and lag over the entire map. That is the proposal here, for the servers.

Not to mention that same said servers are suddenly expected to be housing Every Infrastructure in Atlas, safely.

  • edited as a reminder- Automatic Upkeep Payments work great, right? Haha
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Are we sure L4 towers are still going to be automatic 100% glory?

Or will all castles be subject to tier tranche glory reduction

I propose the land reset only for highest tier castle. High risk high gain right? :smirk:
Reseting tier 2-3 castle is just plainly ridiculous for small platinum players, the tiny team just want a bit of peace and quiet. Let the high bosses fight up there and we just keep doing or day to day business… get it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:rofl: reset one reset all