Atlas Update - February 2020 Official Discussion Thread

Until we figure out a way to discourage it and implement them in ways that can’t be exploited.

It’s easy to say “you can’t fix it” if you never try.

I’m still waiting for you to suggest some “Hard Mechanics” to do this. You keep saying you can but refuse to step up and say how you would do it. It is mathematically impossible to prove a negative so you need to give a proof on how it can be done.


… I cannot smack my face hard enough.

Someone (ignoring who) stated it would last “weeks”… HaHaHaHa. No, it won’t last weeks.

As for the experience of something on this magnitude (resetting all of atlas)? Linger over Aligane for a moment. If you do not see the glitches and lag; you are blessed. Spread these gliches and lag over the entire map. That is the proposal here, for the servers.

Not to mention that same said servers are suddenly expected to be housing Every Infrastructure in Atlas, safely.

  • edited as a reminder- Automatic Upkeep Payments work great, right? Haha
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Are we sure L4 towers are still going to be automatic 100% glory?

Or will all castles be subject to tier tranche glory reduction

I propose the land reset only for highest tier castle. High risk high gain right? :smirk:
Reseting tier 2-3 castle is just plainly ridiculous for small platinum players, the tiny team just want a bit of peace and quiet. Let the high bosses fight up there and we just keep doing or day to day business… get it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:rofl: reset one reset all

Oh, please. That’s a ridiculous logic. People pointing out a land reset might be good is quite different from advocating for seasonal resets. If PG wants to do it, it’s their own decision.

Conquer the areas every season ?? What’s the nonsense? There is nothing else to do at the beginning of the season and the areas / castles are already gone, as the start for the European time zone is at 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. So that’s definitely not the way.

Like rune dust like changing events like many other things suggested they look to where it turns profit

@Arelyna During land reset, what will happen with existing castle guards? Thrown away (unlikely) or converted to team glory (1:1, so if now team have, let’s say, 1M guards, team will have amount of glory enough to hire that 1M)?

Heavy ATK/Def (akin to Enfeeble) penalties for all other teams that land after of the first enemy 5TA over X amount of troops. This ability will effect all other teams until the first enemy team/5TA has been entirely cleared from the castle. At this point, the first team (and their 5TA) to have landed after the first enemy 5TA, escapes the penalty box.

This will have 2 outcomes. The first is when the next team - or teams (as each team that lands is essentially locking in a spot for their entire 5TA) - land immediately after the first attacking 5TA are members of your mega alliance. This is going to lead to a back to back assault from 2 or more 5TA’s. But, at least you only have to deal with them one at a time instead of all at once. This will allow mega alliances to remain intact but it becomes far less of a swarm and more of a survivor series :joy:

The 2nd scenario is when the next 5TA in line to have the penalty removed is a member of your own mega alliance. In this case you have 2 5TA’s essentially smacking down armies of enfeebled and worthless primarchs that inflict unsustainable losses even when they have perfect runs. Like losing more troops than they kill type of penalty, and giving the same defensive effect as each primarch being enfeebled type of penalty in one. So waiting your turn is encouraged. You also don’t have to meet the minimum troop threshold to inherit the “Attacking 5TA” position. So you as an individual might blow it for your 5TA’s chances to return to the castle if the intent was to dodge the time limit by fleeing before the previous attacking 5TA was cleared.

An enemy 5TA gets 24 consecutive hours to execute an assault/takeover so long as they have cleared the troop count requirement to activate the penalty box and are not entirely cleared from the castle under siege. If they’re cleared from the castle, they are unable to hit that specific castle again for another 1-7 days. We can debate the timeframe :man_shrugging: This applies to any 5TA that clears the penalty by remaining on the castle to take the spot of the initial enemy 5TA. If you leave the castle before the first enemy 5TA is cleared, you do not have to wait to return.

To prevent a team from covering your castle on defense for 24hr by meeting the threshold for an assault to begin and activate the penalty, the minimum troop threshold must be met at least once every 3 hours inside the 24 hour period or the penalty is activated.

The delay for landing on a castle is removed for any team designated as the attacking 5TA that has met the minimum troop threshold, and there are no delays for teams that arrive and are penalized.

So, if you get a bunch of teams attacking you and your 5TA relentlessly at a castle back to back because your defense was late or the attack was a surprise and well orchestrated - you might stand a chance to keep your castle, or you might not. If you get a quick response on defense and you end up with an ally that isn’t in your 5TA after you win your first round of defense, you catch a break.

How’s that?

Yes. And that’s on them. If they change one suggestion into something else in order to maximize short term profit, that’s on them, not us.

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Can y’all over there at PG actually think this through?

Please do, because this is an awful idea.

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:scream: reset all teams? Nooooo

I do think a 3 month season is way too short for the amount of effort needed to conquer 20-25 castles, and had also suggested earlier about staggering the reset Atlas Update - February 2020 Official Discussion Thread a thought that was echoed and extended by @ValkyrieFrea where she proposed by shard type.

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Really, how reset all castles can be good idea i don’t know. Reading around a lot of chat and the only thig that i read it’s “we will be pirate team”.
Go ahead with this way what’s the next? Reset all dragon tiers and restart to red for all levels?
It will be very good for give more incentive to play the game.
Use resources, time and sometimes money then… restart, simply​:joy::joy:
Seriously someone think that it’s good?
If you have resources for reconquer 25 castles, why you can’t conquer one now?
And every 3 month spend millions of troops for conquer and do what? Lose again?
It’s a bit masochistic isn’t it?
I don’t know how much time you need to build 1M troops, but i think normal people have to play hard like a 6-8 month, and 1M troops is nothing to reconquer 25 castles.
Give me 30k troops for daily bonus and we can cosider that change😂
When team need glory make a siege, guard swap, go in nml… why we have to lose all we have build with year of hard work?
It’s no sense, no fair… no way.


I agree that a total reset will be a mess, especially every season. Maybe a partial reset makes more sense? Maybe a reset of one particular zone that gets reset every season? Maybe maximum castle ownership is only 20 per team in zones without reset with the ability to take another 5 in the reset zone? Definitely needs some thought put into it

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I think there are others way to make atlas more active than now ( owever i don’t know why ppls say stagnant when there are fights 24-7)

  • Relase new territories opened only for teams that not have a castle can be a solution
  • split atlas world in 2 or more league for balance teams fights
  • open seasonal territory where conquer new castles then reset every season but leaving unchanged main atlas territory.

Only for example, but with a good discussion i’m sure that we can find a solution that can make all happy

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Are you talking about the same game? Otherwise clearly you don’t know.

I can show you my battle ledger and the only glory you will see there is trades and my alts. Nothing more. :joy:

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Sounds more like a case of the lazies…just saying

Well idk where you play, but i used lot of troops for defend my friends around the game, maybe not all time 100% glory, but every time lot of fun, with my main and my alts. This season i’ve make a stop for growing in troops count, but every day there is a chace to hit someone if you want…

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