Atlas Update - February 2020 Official Discussion Thread

I would rather see safe castles scattered throughout Atlas and not joined to each other. Certain areas within Atlas do not have safe zones now.

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This is definitely not a good idea with seasonal resets, and penalizes people who have literally built up millions and millions of troops. No reason for this.


Fair enough


You can do this any time.

The only reason I suggested this was to combat end of season stagnation

Exactly how it should be

I don’t think we should mess up with players troops. Since this will give them the abilities to get back by conquering every reset.

Fair enough :grin:

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I really don’t think 3 months is enough time for things to get stagnant. Especially right at the beginning or end of a season because you’re either working to secure good land placement or your bonuses for next season.

6 months sounds best if they must do a constant reset

There are a lot of good ideas here for make game more interesting, but my idea about total wipe remain the same.
Owever if really can’t avoid it, we have to discuss on lot of things like infra cost (timers and gold), cost of troops building (gold and time), max conquer in 24h (for avoid that big teams conquer all map in one day).
Game will be good for all not for less


I finally found a good reason to stop this game after years of playing. Thx PG to cure my addiction ! :joy:
Reset land, best idea ever … x) :expressionless:

Access through any bubbled castles + new conquest mechanic is enough to redynamism the game. But no, now you killed all the strategy part of the game… Do you know how many time it took to build an atlas empire ? How many night passed without sleeping to protect our castles ?
The funny part of Atlas is take time to build an empire by doing strategical choice, with this idea you kill all strategy, because why take hours to plan for castles we ll only have for 3 months ?!



All Castle ownership will be reset - which means all the effort teams have made to conquer can secure castles goes down the vain. Can’t you think of any better ideas.

Teams are not able to kill / conquer castles from strong teams cause others cannot fight and you penalise the teams holding them.

We have spend real money to get where we are and you speak of taking it all away - why not reset everything. Make everyone start at level 1 with no towers on base and start breeding dragons right from Red tier as players have gotten very strong and new players cannot compete them.

Have you lost it PG ? Total land reset is not a good idea also you have to think over the perimeter castle thing.


I’ve wrote the same thing​:joy::+1:


Clearly this is your fault not the games. You choose to not hit other players and be lazy. I can show you my battle ledgers on 2 separate accounts and teams teams loaded with enemy kills and defenses. Atlas is not stagnant if people play the game.


While I do see benefits from Castle Resets, I believe that EVERY Season seems a bit much. For once a castle is gained people generally like to hold onto them. A Seasonal Reset will push people/teams who are not very Atlas focused to either not upgrade the castle and or quit Atlas (of the whole game) altogether.

My proposal is maybe have a reset every 2 seasons at least, being on a rotation of at least every other season.

The first season will prioritize on conquering new land and castles, while the second will largely be on maintaining and building those up. In a sense the second season will function like the Atlas we currently have and then afterwards the cycle repeats itself all over again.

Yes! This very much!


Take from my team anything we have worked for for years and i will be finished with this game and its bait and switch tactics. I also notice that no mention of restting the huge unbalance of the troop advantage of the few that are catered to. Your Coar Players are dropping out of this game daily and i will be joining them if this is done.All about the few keep yours due to grandfathering keep the years of troop building advatage game gets more stupid by the day the devines are proving it more and more. Otragous cost for crap dragons. We will snatch what you spent years working at. I see this being end of the crap for me.i also know about the grammer mistakes done fighting with the non funtioning keyboard as well. You want new players fix the game and stop messing it up even more last 10 updates made game more laggy and more crap that doesnt functions correctly. Make people happy and actually fix something and leave it alone until you can.

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Also with perimeter travel what about castles that only have 2-3 access points, ones backed into corners?
Does it matter if all sides are not connected to 5ta or just as long as all possible surrounding castles are connected to 5ta?
I’m guessing the later but never can be sure lol

:thinking::thinking: where does gold go? The big banks, if theres reset, where does it all go.