Atlas Update Information in Conflict with past changes

In PGAlgodon’s announcement of the changes to Atlas castle guard requirements, he posted this table. NEW MECHANICS

With the release of this feature, we are instituting a new castle guard threshold of 10% (or greater) of the maximum hireable castle guards in order to receive any and all bonuses provided by infrastructure on each player-owned castle. Furthermore, castles who are under their 10% threshold will not receive victory points during end of round calculations on every second Wednesday at 2:00pm PT.

Castle Tier Max Fort Level Max Castle Guards 10% Threshold
Tier 2 Level 3 2,000,000 200,000 or greater
Tier 3 Level 6 3,000,000 300,000 or greater
Tier 4 Level 9 4,000,000 400,000 or greater
Tier 5 Level 12 5,000,000 500,000 or greater
Tier 6 Level 12 5,000,000 500,000 or greater

These values are not consistent with the table of changes posted in July '21, which say

Here are the new values based on the most recent Atlas Castle Defense Update:

Fort Level New CG Max Old CG Max Diff
0 1M 1M unchanged
1 1.33M 1.33M unchanged
2 1.67M 1.67M unchanged
3 2M 2M unchanged
4 2.25M 2.33M -83k
5 2.5M 2.67M -167k
6 2.75M 3M -250k
7 3M 3.33M -333k
8 3.25M 3.67M -426k
9 3.5M 4M -500k
10 3.67M 4.33M -667k
11 3.83M 4.67M -833k
12 4M 5M -1M

The game appears to reflect the July '21 numbers. So, did PGAlgodon post an old table? If so, could someone at PG provide clarification that the castle guard table in the Feb 3 post is not correct? If the Feb 3 numbers are correct, then why are we not being allowed to hire more castle guards beyond the July '21 values?


Have already been pointed out.

The latter one is the correct value as far as I know, not the former one the announcement has on.

@DragonPunch could you ask @PGAlgodon to have it edited? Thanks.


It should be pretty obvious by now that he accidentally posted the wrong table, and the max guards have not changed.

It certainly isn’t worth starting a new thread on this :man_shrugging:

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It should not have been necessary to start a new thread, but a reply to the announcement did not receive any replies and as Aurik indicated, the announcement needs to be edited to correct the erroneous information that PG posted.

Welcome to war dragons where the game developers have no idea how their game works


And both the developers and the support team are incapable of admitting mistakes, even the blatant ones.


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