Atlas update notification



So you give notice of the update and before anyone can transfer gold to pay upkeeps you shut it down, we were a day and a half out, if we loose those 3 islands youre going to restore them right


We’ll try to keep the downtime as short as possible. In the future, I think we should build a feature which allows us to defer any upkeep which comes due during a maintenance period. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Even just a heads up/reminder a little earlier would be helpful.


Yeah, that notification came in a bit close to the actual shutdown. I quite possibly lost the event points for 30k fire and wind shards that I spent on a gear upgrade RIGHT as Atlas went down in an attempt to fill up my forge before the down time :unamused:


You should have still gotten the points… just won’t know for sure until whenever this is over

Version 4.30 Release Notes

Awesome. I see that there’s a post specific to this concern now. But, the time between warning and taking it down was still a bit brief :grin:


Hello, so how will the team address this when a team loses the castles due to not having paid their Upkeep during the downtime period? I’m interested to know :slight_smile:


Agreed. I wasn’t online when they sent the mail and didn’t get a chance to claim the daily payout, bazaar card or finish up multis :pensive:


Last time we had to rebuild the infrastructure and im saying thats not fair because of the time between the notice and the shutdown


I would appreicate any help


I hope update is available before gold multipliers reset. I still have mine intact :triumph:


ETA on completion. Granted, NA is probably not the largest market, but for some of us this is our prime time.


extra words to fill space.


But will u restore ownership of islands if they lapse cause of upkeep being due during the downtime? :joy:


They didn’t for us when that happened recently.



Looks PG says plan ahead for this eventuality since they only gave us a very short notice and have taken it down in prime time for some of us, those of us in NA.

I thought PG was a NA based company. Typically NA based companies do their maintenance early morning hours NA time.


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