[Atlas] Update On Atlas Lag Work And Future Changes - Official Discussion Thread

Hey Dragon Lords,

It’s a new year and we wanted to give you some updates on what we’re planning for Atlas to address some concerns and issues that have been brought up by the community.

Atlas Lag

We have been working on reducing lag for several months now. Initially, we thought this work would roll out in small incremental improvements throughout January and February of 2021. Our investigations took us in a different direction, however, and we are currently mid-way through replacing a major back-end system. Unfortunately, that cannot be rolled out in increments and instead depends on one major release, which we now target for somewhere late in March or early in April. We can and will do a better job of communicating the timeline for this work.

Early Quitting

The next change we’ll be making to Atlas is focused on reducing early quitting. This is an issue that we’ve seen brought up by the community. Voluntarily early quitting in Atlas can lead to some exploitation of the Glory system. For the upcoming changes we’ll be aiming to adjust the scaling and breakpoints to disincentivize leaving the attack at less than 50% completion. We’ll have more information on this as we get closer to implementing the changes. You should be able to see this coming in some time next month.

Guard Access

We’ll be making some adjustments in the future also to help curb a strategy being used that puts castle attacks too strongly in favor of the defender at a high cost to the attackers. This will be done by making adjustments to the required conditions for a player to attack Castle Guards. This change will also be making its way to the game some time next month as well.

More information and specifics to these changes will be released as we get closer to implementing them. Please look forward to more news as it unfolds!


Discuss information from the post found here below.

What are your thoughts on the update?
  • An update Atlas(t)! (Positive)
  • We’ll see when we get there (Neutral)
  • We’re a long ways out still (Negative)

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@RamenWithSoup thank you

What metric(s) are you using to measure lag? And how much affect do you expect this to have based on your own metrics(s)?

PLEASE elaborate on this at least one full Atlas PvP cycle before it is implemented.


So my take on this is…less positive than PG might like.

  1. Lag: Okay, improvements on the lag side are always good. And the promise to do better with communication will hopefully be followed through on.

  2. Early Quitting: I know others have brought this up as an issue for them, but at least from the perspective of the folks I’ve flown with, this is not a problem that needs much addressing. The instance in which early quitting really occurs most often is in countersniping, where teams are forced to quit early in order to have a chance of countering the low-troop-count primes harassing them. So focusing on eliminating this issue seems like at best, it causes as many problems as it remedies.

  3. Guard access: The problem with conquering castles is not usually guard access. Facilitating guard access even more just seems to be a way to make it easier for snipers and pirates to pick up easy, impossible-to-defend guard glory.


Agreed. If PG is going to make it harder on defenders they should leave the only current effective countermeasure to sniping.


Replacing a major backend system sounds really promising. I’m willing to wait for that, as the incremental attempts we’ve seen so far have not gotten that far or lasted long. Obviously I hope you have a good testing plan. :pray:

Early quitting is a real problem but penalizing failing an attack can be the same thing as encouraging people to do safer, faster attacks on smaller players, which is miserable for small players and not really challenging. Can you distinguish between the things to prevent this effect, or do you not see that as a pitfall?

Everything depends on the implementation specifics for early quitting and guards but both are decent sounding in principle.

Thank you for the update; it’s really helpful to hear this kind of info.


Early Quitting and Easier Guard Access adjustments with no additional adjustments in parallel will just further reward sandbagging and hitting down. :woman_facepalming:


Thanks for the roadmap but where does it lead ?

We’re doing A B and C
So basically your saying we’re shooting for 50% on the no quit issue but nothing definite yet on that and we’re changing direction on our approach to tackling lag but can’t say anything about that yet other than we’re removing a backend feature so no details there!
We’re making some changes to how guard hits are made and again no real solid details on what’s to come other than we’re looking at making the full time job of protecting your guards more difficult but nothing definite because we’re waiting until players have no time to react or comment or voice concerns!
Much less plan or offer any alternative suggestions or even real feedback on what’s to come.

While I appreciate the insight to what you guys are currently working on this is update doesn’t give players any information to be able to contribute feedback prior to the changes you plan on making!

What I see is a announcement for future damage control :fire:


Probably when even more players leave, then pg will listen to the fact that the PROBLEM IS IN MEGA ALLIANCES AND SANDBAGS, DELAYS, and not what you are going to change. I personally stopped buying an atlas of elite for several weeks now. I have been playing for many years now, this is my second account. Atlas in its current state is unplayable and uninteresting. And even I’m on the brink, how long have we had a boycott? it seems the last big one was over a year ago, kingdreadiv was the initiator


I’m not understanding this guard access statement. Are you saying that us the castle owner which would be the defender is now to our advantage ? And it’s harder on the attackers? I think that’s backwards. Snipers have the advantage cuz before you can get a counter attack in they are done.


@RamenWithSoup if this is a strategy some teams are using and others are not - why hurt all castle owners by making it easier for them to lose guards?


Nice changes :slight_smile: hopefully it breaks the stagnation and ppl start losing more castles :smiley:


It’s been mentioned already and I’d like to emphasise it again; reducing glory for based on a low % of completion seems like a risky action to undertake and potentially not very fair.

To help us understand this, are you able elaborate on a few points please?

  1. Are you safely/reliably able to discern between early quits and genuine failed flights? If not, this seems like an unnecessary penalty for people who failed a flight due to good defense.

  2. Why focus on completion rate as a metric? Did you explore others ways to address this like incentivising defending attacks by alleviating the glory limits based on defenders present?


I would suggest that there are a number of other potential changes that go around these main ones that Ramen mentioned above that will make the overall impact much better. These include:

  • tightening glory bands
  • adjusting the relative impact of team rank and player level in determining glory %
  • adjusting guard glory payouts and relatedly, revive rates when hitting guards

Let’s see if some of these also get done.


Or simply they’ll figure out their really not listening too the players voice.

Edit: Not force🤣

What’s early quitting about? From defender or attackers? So they loose all troops with no reward, right?

Fort buffs and primarch options give a castle’s defenders a significant stat advantage if they counter-attack their snipers, enough that they don’t care nearly as much about completion % and flames as the sniper. Especially on high level castles.

It gets a lot harder to land an attack when you have to complete 100% and the opponent has to complete 70% or even less of your base for an equivalent result. Especially if you’re trying to hit up at someone who has more islands of maxed towers than you.

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Siegers on siegers could go as low as 20% and still get decent glory sometimes.


I think everyone will be happy about less lag, which is a small start but…

Atlas is boring. Here’s the issue with guards… Guard swaps. Guards are immensely easy to get because everyone just swaps. This led to no one really attacking for castles and castles just being bought. No playing is happening at all. It’s just be oh no , you hit me to I’ll go tap you. The art of war is DEAD.

Those are easy changes. Make it so you just kill prims and troops before guards are accessAble. 2. Stop castle sales. Must be conquered.

Watch the game change. :wink:
A war strategy game should not be cozy. It should be intense and very unpredictable. THAT’S what makes it fun! :metal:t2:
People got very cozy with their places and routine. The routine needs to be broken.

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Those wouldn’t fix anything tbh.

Re: Make it so you just kill prims and troops before guard are accessible - people can just have no prims on the castle, and directly attack guards.

Re: Must be conquered - it’s not tough to have people clear your guards and then conquer the castle as part of a sale. If it’s an internal castle, it’s unlikely to be interrupted, if it’s access, people can time it with pvp bubbles going up to avoid the entire ‘sitting through cooldown’ thing.