[Atlas] Update On Atlas Lag Work And Future Changes

Hey Dragon Lords,

It’s a new year and we wanted to give you some updates on what we’re planning for Atlas to address some concerns and issues that have been brought up by the community.

Atlas Lag

We have been working on reducing lag for several months now. Initially, we thought this work would roll out in small incremental improvements throughout January and February of 2021. Our investigations took us in a different direction, however, and we are currently mid-way through replacing a major back-end system. Unfortunately, that cannot be rolled out in increments and instead depends on one major release, which we now target for somewhere late in March or early in April. We can and will do a better job of communicating the timeline for this work.

Early Quitting

The next change we’ll be making to Atlas is focused on reducing early quitting. This is an issue that we’ve seen brought up by the community. Voluntarily early quitting in Atlas can lead to some exploitation of the Glory system. For the upcoming changes we’ll be aiming to adjust the scaling and breakpoints to disincentivize leaving the attack at less than 50% completion. We’ll have more information on this as we get closer to implementing the changes. You should be able to see this coming in some time next month.

Guard Access

We’ll be making some adjustments in the future also to help curb a strategy being used that puts castle attacks too strongly in favor of the defender at a high cost to the attackers. This will be done by making adjustments to the required conditions for a player to attack Castle Guards. This change will also be making its way to the game some time next month as well.

More information and specifics to these changes will be released as we get closer to implementing them. Please look forward to more news as it unfolds!



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