Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Please discuss the Atlas Updates and Game Changes coming in the next few weeks!

Atlas Updates and Game Changes

Can we expect any other changes to the contents of the bronze chests, or just the addition of the shards and scrolls?


Gear is awesome, the xp bases part is unnecessary unless you’re giving more XP for your PvE bases like Atlas gets?


Wrong there are gold teams plus some plats no access


I hope they don’t cut back on “good stuff” to make room for shards. Guess “good stuff” is subjective, which is why I didn’t list it. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing less tower boosts but can see others wouldn’t, nor would I want to run out of them (hence “less”).


I’m also wondering if anything will be taken from bronze chests and seasonal lines to make room for these, or just add to them.

In the case of seasonal lines, if it’s just an addition it’ll mean even more sigils to complete a line…but maybe they’ll be on the rider’s second page.


Can’t just have the rollout for Plat+ with the same mechanic of if the team wants atlas or not.
I don’t like to wait so you decide that more teams need to be added :joy::joy::joy:


Maybe they’ll do prize points where you can choose between, say, scrolls and pearls or atlas shards and turret shards like they did for Astrid…!


So teams in Plat without Atlas are SOL, then?


Thats the impression I got. Its almost like Platinum players complained that Atlas was too hard and now they don’t want more Platinum teams inbound.


Any new land going to be added?


They’ll still be at a huge disadvantage to Plat teams with Atlas. Unless they are willing to buy all those shard packs …


safe bet: no.


True even if they’re in bronze chests + season lines it’s never gonna be enough :unamused:


Shards will be available in regular season lines and bronze chests too, so that will be nice.


Bet they’re going to be like 100 shards as rare drop and 10 scrolls rare


I’m guessing all future non-atlas riders will be converted to the same leveling system atlas riders use. So maybe they’ll just replace the gear normally found in the season lines with shards. Should be a win/win. More flexibility for the players, more uniformity in processes for PG.


Maybe we will get rid of the gear on the second pages since it’s really not so hot and they will replace the gear with the resources to forge / upgrade gear?

That would be ideal IMO


They said no new land will be rolled out in the Atlas interview thread with the PG employee.


That is an excellent idea!