Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Your first thing when u get to play 1st season, should not go for a rider…Thats just some %, what you really want is elite gear to make you stronger.


Right…elite…I would categorize that as spending but some would only say E2P. Either way it is above and beyond the standard game to do what you are describing.


I used to do really well hunting at NML’s other than Aligane but the amount of players using them decreased since the revive update. I thought it was a lot more fun using tactics like luring someone in with my Trapper, successfully defending them, then Trapping them and moving my Sieger in to kill the leftovers.

I do fine at Aligane with the 3k troop hit and run but I really hate the lag there. It’s also annoying to hit a Primarch and get no Glory because someone else killed it while the game paused for me because I got defended. Or someone was faster because they hit two tiers lower for the Glory loss while I challenge myself hitting up. Or the rare occurrence of the game not registering the attack.

I would love to see NML’s limited to 10 Primarchs at a time to make people spread out. That would make Glory hunting more fun imo and would fix some of the lag issues.


In the announcement, we did state that we are working on adding other ways to add in crafting materials into the main game. Unfortunately, not everything we are working on was ready in time. This is just one way for people to obtain them


Re the difficulty of getting to Sapphire without Atlas, I gave one potential explanation for teams that might have made it above in my response to Moonswirl:

As to the teams that have made it to Sapphire without Atlas, I can offer you one possible answer - I’ve seen many teams race through Gold and Plat built with a core of disaffected former Diamond/Sapphire players with loads of 300+ players. However, for a team to grow organically, starting out with new, lower level players - and achieving Sapphire, without Atlas, I put to you is impossible, unless said players have open wallets.


I’m not attracted to the suggestion of limiting prims in NML, but my experience is similar. With fewer prims and troops there, Aligane is still super laggy and sometimes you just can’t get in. I came back after a month away and with stronger dragons, but my glory hunt feels significantly harder. Friendly glory swaps are an answer, but that’s less a game and more a grind you do to see numbers get bigger.

I wonder how much the weight of idlers in surrounding neutral zones is dragging down capacity, and whether anything can be done about them. What if prims (in neutral) that do nothing for N hours get unsummoned, like teamless prims but with a different N perhaps?


Well, many did exectly that… then the goalposts got moved.

Still wondering who these teams are in sapphire waiting for Atlas.


Huh? Wrong thread?


I just don’t see how adding things earned in Atlas to the main game will really improve the situation of balance since those with Atlas have access to the main game as well. The gap will remain constant overall, with it getting bigger in some instances and smaller in others and main game players without Atlas will actually lose options to stay relevant, meaning they will have to choose a Season Rider to get shards but give up a line with elemental embers which are needed to build their base.

The idea may have looked good on paper, but I just don’t see the reality as having a positive outcome. I certainly hope I am wrong however.


If there aren’t enough shards in the line to craft a complete set of epic gear than players are getting less than they would have if they left the gear in the rider lines…


Mech and I discussed this a little over here

Glad to see I’m not the only one thinking this.


Well, it gives non atlas teams the ability to craft gear which is huge in itself. The sooner you can start crafting the better. This has a far greater positive impact on non atlas teams unless I’m missing something :man_shrugging:


Okay, fine. Don’t take the shards from season lines and chests. Sit around without Atlas and without gear and complain about that too.


Well Noob you won’t feel the same if you were in a Plat team waited all this time to get Atlas. Personally I don’t care about the gear . For me It’s the extra timers and tokens that we’re really missing. Those are things that really makes the difference on SAME events BOTH Atlas and non atlas teams have to compete.

Every team has to be active to survive in platinum league but to compete and go above you need the Atlas boost.

Giving it to just sapphire+ teams is just bs. Coz the chance for a non atlas team getting there competing with teams that got Atlas already on the same league is a big zero.


No one says we ain’t grateful, just saying the wanted shorten the gap is unlikely unless they took it into effect, which they haven’t hinted they have yet.

Give items to both you yes give non ability, but now current is faster by the same amount, hence gap still the same until current atlas hits max legendary set, but then multiple sets are continuing currents lead, still no gapped closed.

Mechs offering possibilities has promise, but nothing from PG hints a gap closing ability.


Gap closing means that non Atlas can get approximately the same than an Atlas player?
That is not possible due to Elite gear. And, also, anything that is offered through main game will also be achievable to Atlas players… Unless they offer things differentiated? Is that what you mean?


No, not more so none is faster. Keep current at 100% and give none the ability to acquire a decent %, without making current above 100%.

I gave an option 2 above or on another thread I can’t remember. But some sort of differentiated could work also if it’s more preferable.


if they didnt give to both…
People in atlas could hoard chests.
Wait until they REALLLYYY have to open
Leave team, open chests, return to their atlas team.


Ok timers, sure I could see where that could help some people who don’t have atlas. But the egg tokens? Really? Those are easily made up for in token missions. I think you are seriously undervaluing gear. strength of dragons and bases are definitely what separates atlas teams from non.


The rate at which gear gets better is linear but the cost is not. It gets much more expensive. So to say that giving an additional flat amount across the board results in a net 0, is disingenuous. 800k shards to upgrade gear gives far less benefit than crafting a full set of legendary. The gap is closing.

Atlas and non atlas also compete in PvP and wars. Which are coincidentally the only activities that affect league rating. Which is coincidentally the reason why it’s hard to be in Plat without Atlas, as other teams have gear which makes bases anywhere from 2-4 times stronger than normal. The timers don’t fall from the sky. Nor do egg tokens. I’m not saying they’re inconsequential, but there’s likely a small chance of there being a meaningful impact at this point in Atlas. Btw the egg tokens are relatively inconsequential.

Not to say “you guys wouldn’t get it because you don’t have atlas,” as I think that’s a stupid argument, but there really is a lot about atlas; gear, timers, egg tokens, that is difficult to wrap your head around if you don’t have it.

You sure it isn’t 10-15k more egg tokens a month?