Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


My option doesn’t have this issue, but to keep more preferred differentiated what about split it at no atlas activity for 3 weeks? Or set a troop cap to have non atlas shards (I don’t know how troops work so this one is guess off my best understanding of how it works)?

That’s the same for every person crafting, current or none, so this is factored out of the equation as equal to both sides.


Or just realize as others have said many times upgrading is diminishing returns on resources spent. So yes it benefits atlas players but less so than those just now getting access to gear


That’s true for the first month (example not exact, it’s a period of time relatively short), what about after that when none is treading the same upgrading waters? Hence equal to both sides, therefore factored out.


It allows someone to get a jump on the gear and start to get on buffed play grounds.

This isn’t meant to get weaker teams and players on 100% equal footings for putting in no effort. It’s meant to assist players in building up maybe 1 or 2 gear sets to reasonable amounts to be competitive. All players really need is 1 defense set and 1 offense. If they can get 45/45 on both sets in a season that wouldn’t be terrible at all. IMO of course


You need to keep in mind the very considerable amount of time it takes to earn shards in atlas.

You don’t just magically get elite pieces or shards to level your gear.
You have to spend time/money to get troops (regular/vs atlas elite)… a lot of time.
Then you have to take those troops and go fight other players to earn glory so you can level your riders and primarchs which until these are leveled you are going to have a hard time getting efficient troop to glory exchanges.
Which lets be real take a lot of time. It’s almost like constantly fighting in a war as when you attack you’re defended against by 1-3 defenders. You are also very quickly being attacked every time you try to fight others.

People very active in atlas hunt glory to complete atlas lines they dont even need the elite pieces but do it for the shards to upgrade their other gear. Even then its not enough. (IE completing extra defense lines just to get the shards)

So the very fact its being put into the main game via bronze/silver chests AND season lines for actual useful things such riders on par with atlas riders? that you dont have to grind 280k glory for to level them? uhh yes please? you have no idea how much it sucks leveling new riders especially if your gear isnt amazing.

So the main game is getting access to gear, shards, riders all while not having to spend the time to farm gold, wait for hats to regen to build troops, the effort required to try and level your primarch (glory at crap conversion rates + more gold farming / diamond use)…etc…etc… the kicker? the main game gets all this with 0, yes 0 additional effort whatsoever.

relax, let the update drop, see what is actually what before crying wolf.
Straight up no matter what comes out its essentially a freebie blessing to everyone without atlas since you’ll get it with 0 extra work required.


Personally, my experience as Atlas newb, I can get 2 set legendary gear, just by normal (not aggressive) participation (almost one season).
If for one season, we can’t get enough gear for at least 1 set of Legendary gear, it’s not that Atlas player will be hindered, but non Atlas player will suffer more. Furthermore, giving different rate for Atlas and non Atlas player is prone to abuse, as mentioned above.


Assuming players without atlas aren’t starting in the sequence where they go almost 100 crafts without a legendary, adding some legendary gears will be a huge boost as opposed to what it would mean to add a level or so to a gear an atlas player has (speaking generally).


Err no. 800k crafting shards would get me like 10-15% att/health buffs best case scenario. It only gets worse from there. For someone with no gear they get pretty close to 40/40. That’s a minimum difference of 25%.

The tentative update is not perfectly equal and balanced on both sides. You can’t just right it off because “both get it.” That isn’t how this works. For example, 100 days worth of timers is way more valuable for a level 30 than it is for a level 300 because they can get more relative benefit from it. This is the same concept.

I’ll even tell you my situation because why not. My defensive gear + rider is about 82/84. I’m kind of a noob tho. Non atlas has 0/0. 800k shards would bump me up to 87/89. 800k shards would give non atlas about 40/40. Which situation has the bigger gap?


If only I finished my planner today haha


This is why an average Atlas shard income would be helpful. Orca has

This is how much shards used, ie legendary don’t drop 100%?

Never said anything against it, only that the intention of it unless thought about is probably lost.

That’s an assumption on your part as we have no idea the amounts they giving so until we know it could be outrageous effort to acquire any relevant gear being non atlas.

More numbers here , but non can have 12.8/12.8 currently, going to 33.2/35.9 is 20.4/23.1 initially. Now 800k again nets none only 6.4/9.8 (now two seasons, 6 months, 39.6/45.7), next 800k and each following is 3.2/4.9 (9 months is 42.8/50.6, 1 yr later none is at 46/55.5).

One year to get one set an increase of 33.2/42.7.

This is the 3.2/4.9 current atlas gets on top of their current as it’s equal for both. All this hoping PG gives 800k to none so it’s a legendary set amount each season, doubt this happens so none is most likely slower than above calc.

So current atlas goes up how much each 3 month season? Add the 3.2/4.9 from none atlas and how does the gap get helped besides that initial first season? It would be the same thing if they just gave legendary gear in the branches since that first set is the only jump it gives none vs current.


The bold above.

Try to simplify this, current situation current atlas gets 100% of shards, none gets 0%. Add any number to both sides and the difference is still 100. I suspect the intention to help none compete with atlas should have the difference less than 100.


Right now atlas gets infinitely more shards than non, that changes with this update.


Crafting is the easy part. Crafting is cheap, leveling is expensive. Each craft is about 5k shards (maybe 5500), 3k of primary element and 2k of secondary and takes 3hrs. Legendary drop at 5%, and eight pieces make a full set.

8 pcs / set * 20 tries avg / legendary ÷ 8 tries / day = 20 days / legendary set.

160 crafts * 5k shards / craft = 800k shards / set avg

(3 * 25 scroll pieces + 150 scroll ring + 2 * 300 scroll pcs + 2 * 50 scrolls ) * 20 tries = 19500 scrolls per attempt average

Of course you won’t see the averages until a long time out. You can have as long as maybe two weeks with no legendaries or a whole bunch in quick succession. It’s especially meaningless for the scrolls as scroll cost really depends on which pieces you get lucky with.

But yeah, craft eight pieces a day and it’ll take you 20 days to get a full set of legendaries.

Mech has tables of leveling costs, it gets expensive quickly. He also has tables of base and infra-improved drops from beasts, and I’m sure mbn gave info about shards in atlas seasonal lines here above. There are also low shard drops in atlas chests.


In the beginning, the limitation for Atlas noobs is scrolls. No way I got a full set of legendaries in 20 days (actually still don’t have one - have 3 sets missing 1 or two pieces). For non-Atlas crafters I’m sure their scroll availability will be much worse without the Atlas events.


Change you speak of is
Infinitely compared to none
Infinitely plus any number compared to same any number
Changes is only 0 to something, not to balance none vs atlas some.
100 vs 0 is the same as 101 vs 1 or 200 vs 100

All your math has already been done. Then the beasts, atlas seasons lines, and atlas chests is nothing of an average amount, you’re talking to someone that has never seen atlas I have no idea what’s capable with moderate play with these items.

If the craft is the only thing this is supposed to benefit none atlas with then why not just put the legendary in the season lines? If they want to give crafting to none then give crafting where it makes a change.

Change is not the reply to Cheeky above. Change is lessening the 100% more crafting materials current atlas gets over none, by any means that can be thought of by anyone.


Ok, you’re right. They just should of kept it as before and not given crafting to the whole game, as it is no different than before.


And in that time, my gear would get 20/20 at best. Clearly the folk without Atlas are benefiting more from this than I am? Is 33.2/42.7 bigger than 20/20? I think so.

Except for the part where gear gets increasingly more expensive to level up. Upgrading my gear to level 9 or 10 costs 4x more than from 1 to 2. You’re getting 3-4 upgrades for the same price I get 1. You are catching up.

But the relative and absolute benefit is skewed heavily in favor of those with nothing… You’re not getting it.


That’s fair and we are trying to tell you that non atlas benefits a lot more from this than atlas does but you are refusing to listen.


No one here knows the amounts given so all is speculation so neither you nore I is correct or wrong. From the info we have I think it could be done better just from the structure alone so giving that word of caution to maybe be looked at now rather than later. But to call either right or wrong as you’re trying to is impossible.

Thats from atlas alone? Add 12.8/19.6 from 800k from main game. This is what I’m talking about that worries me.
Like said all is speculation as to how they giving it but the point above of if given to both without anything else the difference in crafting materials is still 100, period.

I’m thinking future here, what is economy going to be like when none is looking to lvl gear up? Or is this not supposed to happen in your scenario? Is none just supposed to create multiple sets to keep getting a new 33.2/35.9 over and over and have that big difference compared to atlas members lvling theirs 3.2/4.9 per upgrade?


Amount of Sigils needed to Complete Rider Branches: 30,000 (previously 25,000)

Prize Previous Season Amount Springblossom Season Amount
Silver Chests 3 3 (Unchanged)
Gold Chests 110 150
Ice Shards 2700 0
Fire Shards 500 0
Elemental Embers 8,200 12,000
Breeding Tokens 8,850 15,000
Mystic Fragments 33 0
12H Timers 75 150
Rune Dust 300,000 0
24H 2x Wood 1 0
24H 2x Food 3 0
Rider Shards 399 399 (Unchanged)
Crafting Shards 0 600,000
Crafting Scrolls 0 10,000
Epic Gear (in pieces) 8 0

That’s from 800k shards. For my higher level gear, it’s actually a 5/5 buff. So while 800k shards would give someone like you close to 40/40 buffs, I get 5/5. I don’t know why this worries you. It’s hard to say the rate at which Atlas gives shards because it depends on a lot of things but no matter what, shards give more benefit if you have little to no gear. It’s nonnegotiable.

It’s. Not. Accurate. That isn’t how gear works. It’s not like if I have 50/50 gear and main game now generates the same number of shards as Atlas, I can now get 100/100 gear. I can probably get 65/65 while non-atlas can get 50/50. A difference of 50 vs 15. This is just an example, not gospel but you aren’t listening to anything people are telling you.


You are looking at this the wrong way. You are just looking at the simple fact that everyone gets it, and not the impact it has on each group given the changes. Crafting is better than not being able to craft, period.