Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Always agreed with this, never said against it.

Edited above post some.

I’m hearing the same thing from y’all over and over where no one has realized what I’m saying it seems. Not new this happening, my wording is different.

Yours thoughts on thinking of the future I edited into previous post?

Cheeky, the only change is none gets legendary gear, lv1 as no hope to lvl it reasonably.


According to you, this update is not a “change” because everybody is getting it.


And that is a much bigger gain for you than what those shards will do for us. Legendary gear even lvl 1 is huge. I’m sorry you are not understanding.


It helps a little, as in you can now get +35% … over a much longer time. But since the last rollout, I’m now at 65% with defense and attack, so non Atlas folk are still at a disadvantage. Basically it is as if they are not allowed to use +30% boosts on their bases or dragons. Would you go into war or PVP without boosting your base or dragons?


I do get that, “gear is awesome” was my first post in response to the improvements.

Do you also understand that none will have to compete with 100/100, not immediately but not far off, with only having 50/50. Very similar to now competing with 70/70 having 12.8/12.8. Yes?

Cheeky agree atlas is advantage and should stay that way. All I’ve ever said is lesson the gap to help the situation some, never said equal.


Of course non atlas is at a disadvantage I’m not saying they’re not :roll_eyes: I’m talking about this specific update.

Edit: look if you guys are expecting non atlas players and atlas players to be on completely equal footing it’s not happening, otherwise what is the point of being in atlas? Obviously not having atlas is a disadvantage. I have never argued that it wasn’t.


Level it up in following seasons. I’ve had Atlas for like 9 months and I have 5 sets of legendary gear. Only 2 sets have been leveled a moderate amount. The other 3 are still level 1. Shards don’t exactly fall out of the sky in Atlas. Non-Atlas really should not be able to obtain gear as easily as Atlas. I don’t get enough shards from Atlas to do what I want and this update won’t make a huge dent in that either.

I already said it. You’re making a big deal about nothing. You’re sitting here complaining that atlas people get shards from this and then complain that Atlas people get shards from Atlas and that things aren’t fair or equal. If you do not want shards or gear then send a ticket to PG profusely expressing how terrible it is that they’re giving you access to Atlas content and you would rather it go back to being 12% seasonal gear buffs. If you don’t want to listen to people who know more about Atlas than you, that’s fine. You don’t have to. But at the same time, nobody has to take your concerns or criticism seriously if you’re going to be impossible to talk to.

Bro the cost to go from 9-10 on gear is the same or more as it does to go from 1-4. Each level gives the same absolute benefit. The fuck are you talking about saying it won’t be long until people have 100/100 gear? If you’re below max gear, you’re always catching up. The finish line doesn’t move. What you quoted is exactly what I said ISN’T true. Please don’t be dense. If I get 1 level on my gear from a season but you theoretically get 3, and you’re the one complaining then I don’t know what to tell you. I honestly don’t.




He wants something for non-Atlas players that Atlas players can’t get. He’s not willing to concede to the diminishing returns argument.

Tbh I wouldn’t even care if they did it that way. I dont really want to see my bronze chest drops diluted.


If the dragon consumables and base boosts were diluted I’d be down to clown. I succ and I have enough base boosts to last me like 2 years.


Not necessarily, my first option before any discussion with others was not differentiating, I can’t remember who brought that up. I suggested come up with any way to shorten the gap. But to have this discussion others have to get the point that giving both sides same thing cancels it out.

Example numbers only.
Lvl 1-10 gear set is the comparison of atlas and none atlas I’m trying to point out, think larger than 9-10 vs 1-4 y’all.


To have this discussion, others have to get the point that giving both sides same thing does not cancel out when very diminishing returns are a thing.

Getting a full set to level 10 is a challenge for those with Atlas. You can’t use it as a baseline. You honestly do not get it and are not in a great position to be having this conversation.


Does none atlas suffer from this the same way? Or is there something I’m missing here saying none atlas can upgrade evenly?


So you want Non-Atlas players to get shards and scrolls that aren’t accessible to Atlas players. For the record, I would be fine with that.

Dude, just say what it is you want. Right now it looks like you are arguing just to argue.


That’s an option.

Another is a dreaded not actual “nerf” to atlas so increase in main game offsets the “nerf”.

Any other possibility would be fine too IMO. There is always multiple ways to solve something. The problem I layed out is what you quoted, so how can it be corrected?

Edit: forgot to say what I wanted, I want options on the table, any that solve this, from anyone.
The debate is not of this at all.


Ok, but also be aware it takes a lot of time and effort to obtain gear and upgrade it via Atlas. So any shards/scrolls obtained in the main game should take an equal (or slightly less to be forgiving) amount of time and effort.


They do in the same way spenders and none spenders have gear disparity in Atlas. Should we nerf spending too? My point is that while it’s feasible for non-Atlas players to get a gear set up to like like 4 or 5 after a few months with the update, which is a more than good baseline especially for those who don’t have Atlas, you can’t ascertain that people with Atlas are only allowed to have enough to get gear an extra level higher in the same amount of time. Level 4 and 5 gear is more than enough to maintain competition between Atlas and non-Atlas teams. Technically, I’d argue level 1 legendary is more than enough because a lot of Platlas has garbage gear.

I mean. It’s already painfully slow at times. And Atlas has risks, main game does not. You have to balance the risk with the reward such that it’s beneficial. If having Atlas is only ever-so-slightly, marginally better than not having it, then what’s the point?

Instead of just spouting words and numbers saying things are or aren’t 100% or balanced, how about you say exactly what you think should be the case? It’s really easy to just say no to everything and never think of something yourself.


Agreed with atlas risk vs reward from Obfirmo already.

I listed an option first a long time ago with option 1 (what’s most likely going to happen where atlas gets same as none keeping current difference) and option 2 was “nerf” atlas but have regular game counter it so it wasn’t a nerf.

I’m not part of PG to come up with answers of how the game should look like, how you should play your game, or what you should do with your life. Stop asking for this. I brought to light the problem above so discussion can be had about it, but everyone just wants to argue that it doesn’t help atlas, when it does by same amount as none atlas.


Again, you are looking at this totally wrong. I don’t know what you’re not understanding. Does $10 help your average every day citizen? I guess so yeah, it’s money, but would it help a homeless man more? Absolutely, even though they are both getting the same $10.

You need to look at what the impact of this update is, not just black and white numbers. You are completely missing the point.


That gives pretty good explanation thanks, so why is it bad to say don’t give $10 to average person too? (Isn’t that inflation?) Or take $10 from average and give to homeless (edit: bad example, take then give average $10 is better)? Or any other option like that?