Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


First off, I made that exact same comparison except with timers earlier in this thread but I guess you just didn’t want to listen to that.

Second, it’s not the same thing. This would be like your boss giving everyone a Christmas bonus but you’re complaining the people who make more money than you also got a bonus of equal value. Like what they don’t deserve a bonus because they have a higher salary? That’s such a flawed thought process.



Since people like car analogies this is more accurate.

2 cars are traveling from point A to point B at different speeds how long does it take them?
Distance from point A to B = 60 miles
Car 1 speed: 60 mph
Car 2 speed: 30 mph

Car 1: 1 hour
Car 2: 2 hours

Both cars drive back but they both drive 2x as fast how long does it take them?

Car 1: 120 mph
Car 2: 60 mph

Car 1: 30 minutes
Car 2: 1 hour

What was the time savings for each car?

Car 1: 30 minutes
Car 2: 1 hour

Which car saved the most time?

It’s diminishing returns. You get the most gains crafting the piece in the first place. Every upgrade after that is worth less and less per shard spent.

FFS its not rocket science. This is basic very basic math…

Or would you like to get into time dilation at velocities near light speed? Since… clearly it matters… (not)


This one?

You’re gonna use the same relationship you’re already putting with the crafting materials, not the same as the homeless example though.

I think it’s more in the realm of management get a Christmas bonus of $1000 while lower get $10. This change gives $200 to both. No they don’t need $1200, they already getting $1000. Main game is salary which is what has you’re example not working, atlas/gear is the bonus.

Speed doesn’t work as it’s a limit within itself. 5mph is 10 miles in 2hrs, 10mph is 10 miles in 1hr, a difference of 1hr. 60mph is 10 minutes, 65mph is 9.23 minutes. Both gain 5 mph but one is 1 hr while other is 0.77 minutes.
:skull:B#s guess you missed the part where diminishing returns happens to both atlas and none? Unless none are getting smooth upgrading capabilities?

We finally starting to see the picture here and getting on the right discussion, thank y’all.


Well it is diminishing returns and there is a hard +% cap. So. Yea it is more comparable to speed than every analogy you have tried to put forth so far.


Alright you’re beyond help. Have fun with the new season and shards. It’s evidently more than what you deserve because you refuse to see the immense boon that is being offered for far less risk and time.

I don’t know why you have to look for problems that don’t exist with every single update. You’re not bringing problems to light. You’re hijacking threads on a daily basis. Not a single person has confirmed what you are worried about. Many people have refuted your claims countless times with ample evidence. You would think that if several reputable sources are saying one thing, and you’re the only person saying something contrary, that just maybe, you’re wrong on this one? God forbid that be the case, of course.

No. We absolutely are not. And by we I mean you.

Your analogy doesn’t even make sense but that’s sort of a prereq for making a car analogy so it checks out for me.


If you have no atlas, you will need to be buying shard packs to see high lvl gear and the diminishing returns.

My response to that would be why are you not happy to have $10 when previously you had none? This is a big deal for teams without atlas and you’re more concerned about the average citizen not getting the same $10


All your doing is changing what I’m saying not refuting. I’ve gave plenty of examples explaining what I’m talking about and you just keep going back to one of two things, “it helps you” no durr it gives legendary or “you know nothing”.

Cheeky gave the best yet, not me.

I guess you aren’t then, ok.

So guess no one makes sense right now. I get the reference they making but distance and speed is not good comparison.

Or inhumanly patient :man_shrugging:, but I don’t disagree here it won’t be norm, why I said future sight of the problem this is to create.

I’ve said I like it, first thing I said actually on post 3. Just mentioning a way it could be done better to give the outcome I think they were more looking for when they decided to help the none atlas compete with atlas.

I’m concerned with I see a problem I fix it or at least mention it to someone that can do something about it. Prime example just happened earlier today the wife parked my grandmothers car way to close to the vehicle next to it in the driveway, to the point it was really difficult to get in the drivers door. I had to go inside the house, get the keys, move the car, then return the keys, all while my dinner was hot in my own car waiting.
I’m sorry to everyone if they can’t handle an issue being pointed out, thought that was the point of the forums and an Offical Discussion Thread.

Yes I quoted myself get over it, there’s my exact first words seeing this issue, I say not complaining.


I don’t know man this is a huge benefit for non atlas teams and you’re upset about it. I don’t understand. You point out where you previously said you like it then you argue against it. I’m sorry you are so unwilling to accept how big this is for non atlas players.


Well, if we want to give more advantage to non Atlas, halve all prizes (except diamonds) , and get Gear Crafting event out of Atlas, which gives comparable prize to the “halved” prizes…


Hush you :roll_eyes::joy:


I’ve said it before, taunting PG to take away benefits you already have is bad juju. Please stop before they take it seriously and follow though on “player feedback”.


There is alot of land go fight for it



Not against it, only bringing up ways to make the outcome closer to helping none atlas vs atlas.

Never said against the giving to none atlas, only the balance ratio of none vs current.

Your scenario works really well so I ask you a question. We have the problem of homelessness yes? The solution is give everyone $10, inflation ain’t it? You asked me a question in response to this the first time, then didn’t believe my answer as you still believe I’m saying I hate the change, I don’t. Inflation is the answer yes or no?

I heard you and tried to steer to any other option. Differentiate and lock none atlas rewards to players with no activity in atlas for a period of time or maybe troop count is the only option that’s came up. But this causes problems in what do atlas get in place of the materials if they locked out? No saying embers as that just breaks another part of the balance.


Okay people are engaging with BamBam so I’m not gonna read all that. There’s no point.

Now look, I’m gonna say this as plainly as I can:

This update isn’t a solution. It’s a step in the right direction to help level the playing field to a degree. If you want to bitch about fairness and equality with regards to Atlas, we can go all the way back to it’s inception where PG failed to isolate it from the core game. We can also look to the official rollout where beta participants weren’t reset and had a huge advantage over everyone else.

Regarding extra tokens: you don’t get them unless you have castles. Show me a platinum team without Atlas that can take a castle. Building up troops and prims takes time or money. If you don’t wanna spend you’re not gonna see benefits any time soon. If you don’t wanna wait you have to throw down the cash, in which case your money is still better spent on zeppelin missions!

Extra shards and timers from Atlas events are a valid point, but guys… this is a first step. Take it for what it is, get the most you can from it, and keep pushing PG to do more.

All of platinum in Atlas isn’t feasible right now. The benefits would be minimal and the frustrations both many and great.

Better timer payouts in core game that manages to even out the playing field. That’s your best path forward right now. Figure that out.




Just watch them remove tokens and timers from those with Atlas now :see_no_evil:


Doesn’t most of Platinum already have Atlas? Any idea what the percentages are?

Benefits are far from minimal. All the Plat teams I know have at least Level 2 castles, some even L3.


Well, now, some have argued that these benefits aren’t “significant”.



true, once you get to way up.

Tokens don’t really matter much as you’ll have enough for yet-to-be-released-tiers anyways.

Timers too, as you can’t really level up yourself unless you store one of your towers and build another… unless pg release red/blue/white mage flaks. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


These aren’t issues for the teams without Atlas in Platinum - to them the benefits would be significant.