Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


I can tell this is gonna be a 2 Valium kinda day… 1 for the forums and 1 for when the season is released and these vaunted ember boosts end up being the single dried shrimp found in a dry ramen noodle pack for “flavor”.


Which is pretty common… :man_facepalming:t2:

That’s true too. :wink:


This is exactly my point above that you didn’t read.

I like the change but mention a next/better step and it’s all of a sudden the end of the world.


It depends on what you compare.

For a player who get access to Atlas without owning any castles and without paying for Atlas Elite, they are very minimal. This relates to the new platinum teams who want access

For a player who gets access to Atlas but on a diamond team with many castles and pays $20 a month for Atlas Elite and works an extra 20 hours a week doing runs and building troops and attacking and defending, then yes they can be significant. This relates to high sapphire and diamond teams in the top 50 in Atlas


Or just throw more $.

I think most of my D league buds are doing that instead of spending 20 extra hours. :sweat_smile:

You have a BIG impact on this world.

It’s a good thing. :grin:


I’m in the middle of what you cite as examples - Platinum 3 team with 6 L2 castles. I would say the difference between what I achieve here, without Altas elite, is quite significant as compared to what I will be able to do with my alts on a team without Atlas. In just this crafting event alone, doing only 300 scroll crafts, no level ups yet, I’ve so far gained over 300 hours of speedups, 27k crafting shards of each element, and over 1000 scrolls. This is highly significant, to me.


I guess you are happy with your 1 shrimp and the 12% shrimp “chip” they added to the package.

Maybe I’m going to be floored here in a few hours but right now, nothing PG has done changes the amount of time and/or money I’ll have to spend to progress in any meaningful way.

What are your big plans for the 1 extra gold chest?


No? Isn’t that why everyone’s all pissed off about gear in the core game, because it’s not the rollout-atlas-to-all-of-platinum people were expecting?

  1. They were in sapphire and dropped down
  2. They rode coattails of bigger teams in alliances that gifted them those castles, for which they had to/still have to pay
  3. They got lucky in a land grab (without more land new teams are just gonna sit in the friend zone)

Re-read. I said the timers were significant, and that tokens were only significant if you owned castles.

Maybe let’s see how this goes first? We don’t even know how it looks yet.

You conquered those yourselves? How long did it take?

We’ve already established Atlas events are a significant factor and should probably be addressed next. Also, how much of what you can accomplish in events is because of benefits from owning six castles?


…I thought your alts were p2w too… :roll_eyes:

Oh… I actually meant the ramen noodles. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

But my plans were always about spending enough for the game I play, if p2w is possible… since you asked.

I like the change, but don’t get me wrong.

I expected more too. :sweat_smile:


p2w? My alts are f2p on a non Atlas team.


Any real solutions being discussed on how to fix the balance issues in Atlas? It is broken and uncompetitive. People are losing interest.

  • They conquered castles fighting, like it is supposed to be


Everyone? You have a way of exaggerating and making unsubstantiated statements that makes it difficult to have a meaningful discussion. I don’t know the percentages, but given that the last rollout went to all of Plat, I think “most” is reasonable. The complaints are from those without Atlas, who have moved to Plat in the hope of gaining it, and now the threshold has been moved to Sapphire, which is probably unattainable, at least in the near future. So they are stuck competing on an uneven playing field. I don’t know how many that is - do you?


Single solution to solve all can’t exist and even if it does, it’ll be too drastic.

At least PG did change a little and it doesn’t seem to be for the worse… at least in my eyes.

I mean… if you can think of a solution that isn’t drastic for whales to quit AND enough to fix all problems… pg’all ears. -except for the coders who will have to work their a$s off for the change.

I, too, am losing interest, but at least I’m seeing the change and am satisfied that pg is willing to do something about the problems. :wink: -this doesn’t mean that I am satisfied with the current state.


We know enough to say that giving more materials to both is just inflation. In the long run the gap of atlas vs not remains, doing it that way. Atlas already has multiple sets and working on lvling for the most part, giving them more only speeds this up. None couldn’t craft but now can, which is the great step, the issue is giving more to both.

Initially none will get legendary, above the rare accessible now, so that’s a substantial boost in gear. This is more a “hey look new shiny”, where it looks good but in reality it’s quite minimal in totality.


I forgot the last rollout went to all platinum. It’s been a while. I stand corrected.

“Everyone in this thread.”


No, but from my time in platinum, knowing how much things shift and change, I suspect it’s a lot.

Maybe, and more likely during a land expansion. I doubt that PG just decided on a whim that platinum teams with Atlas were struggling. They either have data or a stack of tickets.

Either way, adding more teams from platinum to Atlas, especially without another land expansion, isn’t going to change much in terms of leveling the playing field IMO.


How about the new xp bases being organized for non atlas give shards equivalent to hitting safe zone beasts in atlas (not sure which low level beast would be best). First 4 hits gives a bonus like in atlas. This might also be easier since you don’t need to try to segregate it to just non atlas, and can give it to everyone (as atlas players have no need to use it)


Also regarding timers: what if they actually did drop timers from Atlas event rewards and just upped the timers in core game to compensate? :man_shrugging:t3:


Option :+1:

Mentioned a similar thing for gear materials and it was hit hard with :rage: NERF Atlas and I quit.


I know this is the argument a lot seem to throw, but I’m not convinced it’s true.

Platinum consists of global ranks 276 to 1175, or 900 teams. (Each possibly consisting of up to 50 players, or 45,000 accounts)

Surely that allows for a huge amount of variance league to league of which can provide meanful competitive brackets if you War regularly and grow the team.

I’m not convinced that gear advantage is any better or worse on competition than sandbagging players, which is far worse right now and has been prevelant since I started playing the game.

Agree it has a lot of potential to raise a team, but I’ve got alts on platinum teams and one has 5 people at most that participate in atlas events. Crafting comes up and most of the team is 0’s. And that’s a p2 team.

I still think that single 400+ player is hampering ability to compete and advance far more than gear is.

I’m not saying improvements shouldn’t be made to make atlas and getting to atlas more calibrated to the game, but if we are being honest, gear isn’t even close to 50% of the problem.

This change seems to be a great compromise compared to the previous answer of no answer.