Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Moving timers from Atlas prizing to core game prizing with no downsizing isn’t “nerfing” Atlas and anyone who says it is is an Atlas elitist. Let them quit. Atlas timers in core game prizing would benefit all players, and maybe they could fill that space in Atlas prizing with something else…

Much moreso with the completion of the sub-league prizing rollout (how did that not make the happiness or QoL lists?).


Atlas timers are based on time and money…you want to increase the cost of all the season lines?


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I think we were all implying ‘without increasing the cost’ here. :sweat_smile:



No, I want expedite equality because it affects the whole game, not just Atlas. They could replace timers with more/different prizing so your time/money equals out. Plus you still get those timers from time and money spent in core game events.


But there isnt equality even in atlas. I sware people have a bizarre impression of atlas.


Loosely related to the topic still, but I believe the way it was rolled out made sandbagging worse and nobody is mentioning it because it will make things worse if rolled out as it was in diamond.

While in theory better prizing would reduce sandbagging and make leagues more competitive, allowing for differences in atlas gear to be more easily compensated for, I’m not sure pushing for sub-league prizing will result in anything good. But it’s probably a great topic to discuss in a separate thread (if none are already open) or in the QoL thread


The sad thing is that I know of at least one P3 team with Atlas that is constantly starved for committed players who will war and participate in Atlas. I bet they would have room for as many as 15 star players and yet they struggle to keep the roster full. So the whole, just give our Gold team Atlas and things will be fixed argument is lost one me. Feels like a whole lot of folks who want Atlas could get it in a few mins of researching and sending an app or work on a team transfer or merge.


I have equal ability to complete an Atlas season line and earn 7,500 tokens and 71 12hr expedites as you. I also have equal ability to max this event and earn another 1,031 1hr expedites.

If you don’t have Atlas you don’t have the ability to participate in any of that. Put timers and tokens in core game and increase other Atlas-specific prizing in Atlas-only events.




AND MOAR! :star_struck:


Ah, but no longer Atlas-specific.

It’d be diamonds, gold, or troops (I’d like to see instant hat refills).


It’s incredibly miniscule so why not. Let’s do it


Just curious.

What are they doing to actively recruit for new players?

One of my alts are in a single-nationality plat team/plat-only-as-of-today alliance and they formed a new team for newbies of said nationality.

They take turns to train newbies from the new team, when the newbies seem to understand half of what they teach, they take in those newbies.

I found it surprising when I joined that team as I could fake my nationality. -I speak their language too. :smirk:

I’m not trying to say the P3 team you mentioned should do exactly the same as my example was done by a dedicated 5ta, making it easier to do so with 200+ people working on the same task

But I’m not so sure the P3 team you said are recruiting hard enough.


I’m pretty sure this needs to be flipped 180 degrees. Folks on the forums saying they can’t get Atlas are not looking hard enough.


If it is a person looking for an atlas team, all he/she needs to do is to be active and throw money at pg, pretty straightforward and simple.

If it is a team we’re talking about, it needs cooperation to achieve anything. This becomes much harder in lower league as you can’t expect all your teammates to pull the same weights you are pulling even if you’re a whale and especially if you’re a whale.

Exact reason most whales just move up and join teams that are already on top instead, unless they lose the will or taking a break.


The biggest competitive disadvantage of all is the hindrance to recruiting. If you are a player looking for a new team, all else being equal, you will take the team with Atlas. If you look at the LFT ads, I don’t think I’ve seen one where they say they don’t want Atlas, and the LFM ads all highlight Atlas if they have it, many going so far as to tell you how many daily tokens you will receive.


It helps other lower level platinum teams to know who is holding lots of castles so they can go take them. Bad move IMO :slight_smile:


Well now days if your not sapphire or diamond your not getting any recruits , feels like anything with a pulse demand sapphire league when I feel they are barely good enough for gold


Very false.

But if you add a word in between “any” and “recruits,” then it will become true.

Personally, what’s hard is to get is a power-spending lowbie. :sweat_smile:


So from this thread what about gear materials, still needs adjustments? More to all is or isn’t inflation?