Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Okay let’s say it is inflation. Now what? Why is it bad?


Not BAD bad just yet. What are the % change?


See, while I completely agree recruiting is really bad, I don’t think atlas is why. Sure it makes it a little worse, but as far back as I can remember recruiting always sucked in platinum and even more so in gold. (In gold you didn’t have to care about the quality of the player though)

The reason recruiting sucks is probably due supply and demand of quality players. That combined with many players shooting for the moon. And supppy and demand is possibly due to churn of players at the top being greater than quality new players starting the game. And the toolset for recruiting is basically worthless for a competitive team, combined with a mechanic making full teams one of the most important things in the game.

Of corse I may be wrong but I have been recruiting in platinum for an alt team and I also remember how it was back in the day. It’s always been terrible as far back as I can remember.

There is a great number of players who see atlas as something they must avoid. (Aka not having atlas can help you get some players if you market it right and to the right crowd)

But again I think the issue is that there are so many openings. I still get mails from players under 50 who want to be on my sapphire team. The only reason they don’t get my team is because I have plenty of better candidates available to me. If I didn’t, you bet I’d be taking them and depriving a platinum team vs having missing players.

Players will always want more than they deserve. And higher teams will by definition have stuff you can’t peovide. Not just atlas. But again I think it’s more of a supply and demand issue.

Well I don’t use the lft posts because I find it to be a useless recruiting method at my level. But yes I always see someone asking for unrealistic stuff. Those players aren’t likely to get what they are asking for. A little level 80 demanding 1200+ tokens from atlas is unlikely to be accepted by any team that can provide it unless they have some magical dragon piloting skills. Most teams advertise their tokens by combining their atlas tokens and main game tokens and word it like they are talking about atlas tokens… it’s all negotiating. Almost everyone overshoots their position to start with. Lots of shadiness.

That being said I can almost assure you if you find the right recruiting medium you can get players. It may be lesser levels/quality than you are looking for, but if you put the work in, it’s doable. (Albeit a giant chore)

I think a great player happiness or qol would be to automate or lessen the burden of recruiting and management. I can attest that recruiting used to take up almost all of leaderships time on my team back when I was in platinum.


Ask Liz, she’s most passionate about the topic.


Sounds very familiar to me :joy:




Almost all your observations about recruiting being difficult and why are good, but have you recruited for a non-Atlas team when there are other Atlas teams at your same level? I assure you it is more than “a little worse”. Harder to recruit, and harder to retain. We do fine filling our teams, but the more active/competitive players will always choose Atlas over non-Atlas. That ultimately means we are less competitive when it comes to events.


So is increasing earnability the same thing as “giving things out?” There’s a big difference between adding a stone, increasing prices on season lines, leaving earnability static, and increasing the price on season lines but giving more rewards. You’re conflating inflation with more to achieve. Once again you can’t back up your own points and defer to other people by misquoting them.



Hope the event starts sooooon!!


No inflation is giving more to all, its doing exactly that, not for free as a hand out, but more to all nonetheless.

Inflation, same as above example, how do we help the homeless? Let’s give everyone $10 :-1:

Also same reason I said above also, giving to both keeps the pace of the race the exact same difference.


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Yes I have a few times somewhat recently, we just accepted smaller players and it worked fine. Player retention has always been bad in platinum. I don’t think you can blame that on atlas.

Have you recruited for an atlas team in platinum? You might find it’s harder than you think.

I know a lot of players give the reason of that’s why they didn’t pick you, but it’s extremely hard recruiting in an atlas team too. But you know how players are, convienient excuses that won’t be questioned are quick to leave their lips or keyboard. (And if they had specific atlas requirements like tokens expected its not like they are going to bother getting into that when they can just say no due to not having atlas)

And again, I’m not saying that there isn’t some advantage, certainly there is. But I think it’s not as great as you believe. Recruiting in platinum sucks no matter who you are. Maybe the only exception is If you are a feeder team.

Have you tried going for lower levels? Again the fact that people choose atlas teams is more to do with there being availability on atlas teams. One would think if atlas was so amazing there would never be an opening and players would take non-atlas teams until an opening happens. Since you are saying you have difficulty getting players at all, it seems to suggest this is more just player churn and crap flows downhill. Otherwise you should have a stead upflow of players who grew out of gold… (there has been a lot of churn at the top)

It’s just my opinion but I think we are all
Programmed to justify difficulties with simplified tangible things when really it might be more complex and a bit of a scapegoat. I can pretty much promise you if you had atlas magically now your recruiting isn’t going to get anywhere near an acceptable level. Maybe a little better and maybe that’s enough to make it worth fighting for.

My main team was one of the earliest (post release) sapphire teams to get atlas and and I even tried to use it for a recruiting tool for a while. It made all of no difference. Plenty of players wanted to join, see what it’s like and leave. Anyone who knew what atlas was expected more tokens than zero castles provided (what we had for months)… and again it definitely did help some teams recruit some, but it also caused severe harm. When I first got atlas somewhere around a third of my team had devices that couldn’t run atlas. Of the ones who could many got stuck in the tutorial for days. Wars were lost because of it. At least 5 players quit because of it. To this day I still have players I have to talk them into joining due to having a bad experience with atlas teams in the past who had overly regimented requirements. Now most of the big issues I think (Hope) have been fixed. Atlas still runs terribly for some of our android users. (And it’s not without issues universally either).

I totally agree it’s a critical step to take as a team to become a competent atlas team, but I don’t think the path to get there must start on promotion to platinum and I don’t think recruiting in atlas vs non atlas teams is hugely different but more that it was very bad without atlas being a factor. (The reasons they held off seem completely justified even if it does suck for a small number of teams)

IF atlas really becomes a difference maker in lower platinum leagues you should see that something like P4 has all of the non atlas teams with a few shining stars who manage to make it into P3 or P2, and by simply distinguishing yourself there, it should lead to further progression that will get your team atlas given time.

And lastly let’s not forget that the number of platinum teams without (promoted since last release) is still very small relatively. Of the 900 teams I’d be surprised if there was even 90 teams in this perdiciment

EDIT: missed this on the first pass

So if you have no trouble fillling a team it’s not atlas that is your problem.

Better players will always be drawn to higher leagues. It’s got nothing specifically to do with atlas. When a player has enough to offer to enter the next tier they often leave except when held by long term loyalty and obligation.

This isn’t atlas vs non atlas. This is better teams steal better players. Sad truth of recruiting. This is specifically why I slowly replaced players with ones who were more loyal and enjoyed more of a family feeling…

We all went through the same right of passage. I’d still like to see something done about it because most managers I’ve worked for and with didn’t have the management skills to deal with managing recruiting on a platinum team. It should be less about recruiting and more about intended game mechanics like flying and base design etc.


Yes, for years. Still going. We started our second, non-Atlas team to help groom players to fill holes as they appear, and it has helped, but now we can no longer say our second team will be getting Atlas anytime soon. One of our founding members on the main team wouldn’t even bring her alt to the second team because it didn’t have Atlas. We’ve had plenty of applicants ask if we have Atlas (from those under level 50, no less). We’re not losing these players to better teams, as in “better teams steal better players”, we’re losing them to equivalently built/structured teams, in some cases even weaker teams, just because they have Atlas. Yes, it is impossible to quantify the impact, but I put it to you - if you were looking for a team, at any level, and saw two roughly equivalent teams, one with Atlas, one without, which would you choose?


@mechengg help for math please…




About Shards. I’ve updated mine (in short, 8/108 Ice shard (200), and 2/108 Scrolls (10), common drop)


Ah gotcha, jumping into drive right now to edit bronze chest drop #s


Wait, that’s all that’s in Bronze chests? Just Ice crafting shards?