Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Wow. Just wow.

So much for bronze chests helping people without Atlas, much less those WITH Atlas.


My team has been discussing the ice only issue. Maybe it will be a different type each event?


Ice only? o.O what of other elements?


I would assume they would just do one different element per event. But thats just speculation.


Still, that amount is insulting though…


I hope you are wrong this time. HARD. :scream::sob:


From the way I read it the riders ain’t bad? 1.2M getting both riders is more than your 800k hopes.

No one can say I’m changing positions cause I’m still gonna say giving any amount to both ain’t the best way to go about it.


I said 800k for ONE legendary set, and you count it for TWO riders :angry:


They took it out of +30% tower boosts. Halved them to give the crafting scrolls and shards


Rider Gear Crafting in the Forge - Available Today!

I can’t, cos they can’t get to a castle without atlas can they? :man_shrugging::rofl:






Ah, see where you’re going, get a rider get shards to gear it. I was just going for a set of gear period would be nice to have. Guess bronze is supposed to make up the difference of 200k, :joy: who said that they were giving things to none atlas without work? :rofl:


Shards in bronze chests…

  1. only 1 element SUCKS even if it changes per event.
  2. the quantity Sucks, but hey its free so…i guess whatever…

you’d need what… ~200,000 bronze chests to max 1 piece of gear?
assuming it changes element types and you are ok opening them during ANY event not just in important ones.

edit:: just so PG is aware… that is in excess of 3,600 hours of chest farming


That’s great news. Thx for figuring that out.


Crafting Shard Elements will rotate in bronze chests every event.

Rider Gear Crafting in the Forge - Available Today!
A lot of craft scholl, let it change to another
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Still, isn’t the amount not enough for helping non Atlas?
Say, compare it with weekly gears shards Atlas player got just from events…


If you max Atlas events its ~90k shards of each type. (albeit it’s very difficult to max every single event, takes $ or elite plus lots of work)

200 is nothing.



Waiting for the amounts to be increased, by a factor of 10.

200 isn’t enough to craft one time.


Y’all call me crazy, but I called this in post 63.