Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a lengendary on your first go? I know one of the wind armor items that I crafted turned out legendary on first try…


Might works if PG gives some “Legendary ticket” or so for non Atlas, replacing unfinished gear with the legendary one.


Maybe you could replace the “weakening” rune / glyph from the individual prizes for more shards?

It’s really just incendiary to put such a useless rune / glyph for clearly useless towers (sorry bambam) in prizes. It’s like PG tries to piss people off at times. I will never understand the thinking behind some of the things you guys do.


We also need more legendary Archer and Cannon Runes PG! Hell no, cant be that hard to remove 4 year old crap, no one needs or want! What we need is not quantity, what we need is quality Runes/Glyphes for Flaks! Flak and Storm Runes only, send all the rest to hell pretty please and fast🤷‍♂️


Along with

With the current bronze chests you’ll need to open about 22,665 bronze to make up the difference of 838,400 total shards minus the 600,000 given in a rider branch. :scream:


don’t forget the secondary shard requirement


838,400 is just a total shard count, has both main and secondary. This is for just getting a lv1 set of legendary, not maxing, sorry. Was pulling the chests needed from your post not the max part.

Edit: it takes another 1,674,860 to max one piece after getting so around 159,207 bronze to max one piece, you were close @MurderBNumbers.


1,848,700 shards

200 shards per drop
5.26% chance
200 x 0.0526 = 10.52 shards/chest

1,848,799/10.52 = 175,741 chests
If you really wanted the number…

I was avoiding doing the actual math since i just super fast rounded it all in my head originally hence the “~” symbol. Also being off by ~25,000 chests is kind of irrelevant if you have any clue how long it would actually take to farm the ~175k chests anyway…

So… you were close but you maxed a legendary instead of an elite so now when you get atlas you have to start all over if you want that elite bonus. enjoy


Legendary vs Elite
You never said Elite so the logical assumption was still keeping with legendary since that’s all none atlas can get.

So for legendary 98.42 days gameplay time, elite is 108.64 days.


Well, at least they got that right.
However, I’m feeling bad for the non Atlas folks as this was billed as a solution for them and in typical PG fashion, it really doesn’t help them at all.

I refuse to use Bambam math, but it looks like an upgrade is going to take years…


Upgrading a legendary from level 1 >> 2

45,000 primary, 36,000 secondary = 7,700 bronze
Still a considerable amount of time…

Yea I was talking about 1 piece to max previously…let alone a whole set lol


You might not, but others can. Fastest to one set of max legendary would be 6 months about.

4 max riders and 10,768 bronze chests.

But then you got 1 set of max, for none atlas, gear and 3 ungeared riders.


Just noticing that after 300 bronze chests, only ice shards and scrolls were yielded… are the element types revolving? Was hoping for a little more variety :grimacing: @Arelyna




Thank you!


Bambam, you dont need nuke every forum thread and repeat the same things day in and out. We buy elite, and u know how long it takes to max 1 complete set? The bronze drops need to be much low, u cant get same stuff in same ammount of time for free.


Fair enough, but it also means the current addition of crafting to the main game does nothing to help address the imbalance between the Atlas haves and have nots. Great, my alt on a non-Atlas team can craft now. Not. Scroll and shard totals remains 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0. There needs to be a mechanism for non-Atlas players to earn crafting materials, if the imbalance is to be addressed meaningfully.


Yes and no.
It needs to be lower than what someone paying for Atlas Elite and spending time in Atlas can earn.
But it also needs to be somewhat meaningful.

Somewhere between 5-10x wouldn’t be bad. 1000 shards a drop (at a 5% drop rate) would cut down the bronze chests required to upgrade legendary gear by a significant amount.
Alternately giving 200 of EACH shard type in the drop (create a rainbow shard drop so you get all types) would yield the same shards given out but in even quantities. Wouldn’t be as good for going full bore on a single set, you’d run out of certain shards. But would be even for all events.


Why does it have to be lower? Atlas players have access to main game and bronze chest too… I’m not sure why the comparison… unless it needs to be lower to drive economy in Atlas.


I see two easy reasons, one you mentioned as to give reason to push for atlas. Second one you hinted at as well, atlas has bronze chests too, so giving high amounts creates an influx within atlas.


Is key
Just as long as whatever is done keeps the two things above still, which I think your two examples might break #2 Mech.