Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


If it becomes too large you get inflation, everyone gets max gear, higher levels/more active/bigger spenders don’t try anymore or spend anymore to get the biggest and the best since everyone has it already and they need to put in way less effort/money to obtain it.

There needs to be a differential drive between top and bottom, a reason for people to put in the effort/be on a high level team, spend $$ for better items.

It’s all economy driven.


Which is one of the reasons that I am not in favour of this plan to add them out of Atlas rather than changing the ecosystem inside Atlas.

Legendary gear that could not be upgraded would have been a better fit rather than bringing shards and crafting outside of Atlas.


Wouldn’t one assume that this was discussed as an initial option?
Or even previously when they gave Epic craftable gear last season?


Of course… not saying it wasn’t discussed and this was the obviously preferred option. I just see it as complicating a system that’s balance is already questionable as it is.


I think that more shards were needed as a whole.

I also think that shards need to be skewed towards team/team effort/team raids rather than personal spending habits and personal event gains.

Possibly it’s some discussion that needs to happen.


Add shards payouts to attacks that happen on castles if that’s the case.


To max one full elite set it takes about 16 to 18 months, so what time would be fair getting those shards of chests?


Theoretically we get shards from hitting beasts/poachers. And we theoretically also have to wait for them to enter our territory to hit them. What about letting us take the fight to them? Enter the belly of the beast, as it were. Obviously make it team based. Or even group based. Like a group of players within the team band together to go do… something? PG would have to dedicate some time and resources to develop the content for it though.


I’d just like to say thank you to PG for removing the crafting scrolls from the bronze chests. I didnt notice before I opened nearly 3k bronze chests so I was expecting to get a ton and was very happy to see I didnt get any. Whoohoo.

@Arelyna Are crafting scrolls not going to be in bronze chests only during pvp or for good? Not that it matters for me very much since I only open them during pvp anyway


What’s the highest level of gear you can craft w/o atlas?

Atlas Updates and Game Changes
Springblossom Stream Preview Notes

80/80. Lv 10 Legendary set

(ignoring the fact that you need “cheating level” amount of Bronze Chest and a lot of patience)

p.s. I meant, so many that it’s impossible to hoard in one season.


@Ziljn Yes.
Having legendary gear is not enough. We need more shards to upgrade it to lv 10 each gear.


So you if you can craft a legendary item does it need to be leveled further? Not sure how it works and how it maxes out.

Springblossom Stream Preview Notes

Yep. For exact amount, please check Mech vault. Sources of most data treasure…


Ok, just to clarify…so you can craft a legedary piece and then level it to max, without atlas?




Got it!



Not in any reasonable amount of time at current drop rates…


You can but it’s very very very very very very very very unlikely to ever happen unless you are spending money on those horrible shard packs. To level just 1 item you need several million shards which is way more than what is in the normal rider lines. Just getting the legendary gear should be your primary goal. worry about leveling it later down the road


So, 3 weeks into gear being available, I still don’t get to craft my first piece.
Even worse, non-atlas players now have to chose to get scrolls or inner fires from their bronze chests.

Back to needing 2 divines + ember to beat a base my level.
Nice way of closing the gap.