Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


You mean without Atlas ? Hmmm… a rare set maybe in a year lol


Because you already get them in rider lines which is really the only place a non atlas user is going to get enough rider shards to craft gear anyway unless you spend on packs. I opened 2800 bronze chests this event and got 27000 dark shards. That’s not even enough to craft an item yet and would only be enough for 9 attempts if you had the same number of another element. So the scrolls you get from a bronze chests arent even going to be that useful to you until you get rider shards.


I know, but going for the rider line means not getting a dragon.
And if you can’t complete the 30k, you are stuck with a handicapped dude flying around.

This change is really only helping atlas players who are short a specific element of shards.

I was looking forward to an other aspect of the game, but left disapointed.

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Sometimes the best thing to do isn’t get a brand new dragon. I was fed up with always just getting 1 or 2 new dragons, I’d rather improve a dragon I have/use/really enjoy flying than get something new that I may not enjoy.


So you plan accordingly just like you would with a dragon line. Some simple math would be able to tell you if you should bother going for it or not. Most of the legendaries lately have been pretty lame and the riders end up being a better option anyway.

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BTW, anyone know how to find the XP bases ?
You can’t mail them.


They are not currently in the game yet. We will announce via in game mail and the forums when they’ve been officially added in to the game.

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Is it possible to use multiple teams for PvE XP base?
I mean, real bases such as XPFarmsLooseX1 members are limited with farms.
Perhaps, in addition to such base, we can have invader styled base (no farms, all old towers, 8 island long)


I definitely agree on this flak :facepunch:

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Absolutely, but I didn’t find that to be the case until I was able to easily complete at least one line. If you are a lower level, you need to keep going for the discount dragon for a while. Last season my level 90ish non-Atlas alt made it to the Garnet egg. Hopefully can get to Emerald or higher this season. Bottom line, gear isn’t an option for me with the current system.


It was announced that these bases would be added mid-late March. It is in that time frame now, but no bases yet. Those of us who do not have atlas are having the current xp bases drop like flies. And anyone 300+ is completely screwed right now with Andyk123 gone again.


Did you guys really thought that one trough? I don’t think so.
The Disadvantaged with that in the long term is quite high especially due to the no more rollouts, that kills quite some teams.
Sure the xp option you guys are making sounds nice, if that one is working someday, but the shards are not anywhere close to make it equal depending on what people can farm in atlas. I had one alt in an atlas team for a month he hasn’t got half from that with a lot of chests. Also atlas players still can get Elite gear which proably is way better so no chance for having an equal chance on being same strenght for non atlas players.

anf what you guys might oversaw you don’t need to actually play it with castles to get a big advantage due to the atlas events, even in nml just building troops, with an low level alt, gave a medium 3 digit hours amount of timers (in somewhat like 3 days) which effects non atlas teams as they have to deal with it during fortifiactions.

the “solution” is quite unfair for non atlas teams especially when they compete with some and if people don’t wanna switch just for atlas. New Teams that want to go all the way will have a lot of trouble due to that even in gold if they get in the same league with a few where people play it.

If you guys make it based on request on Sapphire why not on request for everyteam in platinum?
becasue there are too many? as far as i remember the plan once was that every team gets it someday.

Or maybe in an afford to make it an fair game a border that only platinum teams have it, if they get demoted to gold they get 1-2 weeks to get back up else they get it removed automatically that would atleast make it fair in the long term.
The way it is right now its not an fair game, of course people who spend more time or money always have an advantage and thats just fine, but everyone should atleast get the same chances to gain the stuff


I do agree with you. Teams that fall down to gold must have Atlas removed or spread it to all teams as requested not only to sapphire teams…its an unfair game by now in gold league at least

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There has been a slight delay on these bases. I will hopefully have an update soon!


@Arelyna could we get an updated list of upcoming updates like there as before, and an estimated time of them happening? I’m sure the wd community would appreciate it, rather than everyone just kinds being confused about the timeline, like currently.


Sorry, to be clear, are you asking for an updated Atlas timeline? Or just a refresh of the update calendar that PGMichael used to maintain?


Soon is all well and good, but you have a good chunk of higher lvl players that are screwed now. We’re going into feed this week and breed next week.

Can you guys at least reactivate Andyk123 please? At least until the PvE bases are released? It would help a lot.

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As in general calendar of upcoming updates in the general game


@Arelyna please mind explain what a big loss would it be to add a few more teams to Atlas in platinum like you could ask a team leader by the same way you’re going to do now. It just makes more sense to ask every plat + team if they want atlas, if no answer given in like 2 or 3 days suppise they don’t want it and everyone could be happy.


Whether or not we agree with them, it sounds like PG’s (official) reasoning is fairly straightforward. Namely, Plat teams tended to struggle with Atlas, so they decided not to give Atlas to Plat teams anymore.

Now, a wiser decision might have been to fix some of the issues with Atlas, particularly those affecting newer players. Since this would allow players to transition more smoothly to Atlas, and make it easier for them to learn and establish themselves there. But no, they decided not to go this route. :woman_shrugging: