Atlas Updates and Game Changes Official Discussion Thread


:flushed: Can we choose?


Yes, get inners now or scrolls in a later event. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sorry. I’m so slow…

@Arelyna Can you fix this so that scrolls are available in all events, with decent drop?

@PGChocolate @PGRocket
Since both of you handle Event and Season, I hope you can chime in as well.


Please no. Put scrolls in the forge or have them drop from boats. They do not need to be in the bronze chests.


Because you have enough ??


A bit misunderstanding here. Last event, although it’s on the least usable items, the item drop rate does get affected.
What I (and I believe most if not all of us) want is having shards and scrolls included in drop rate while not affecting other items.

Winterjol Breeding

Springblossom Breeding

Winterjol Gauntlet


Springblossom Gauntlet

Got the difference?

In table

Common Drop (Breeding) Winterjol Springblossom
30 egg token 5/54 10/108
Heal Potion 5/54 10/108
Tower Attack 5/54 5/108
Tower HP 5/54 5/108
Dragon Attack 5/54 10/108
Dragon HP 5/54 10/108
1h 5/54 10/108
6x 15m 2/54 4/108
30m 2/54 4/108
Armor 5/54 10/108
Sword 5/54 10/108
Hammer 5/54 10/108
200 Crystal   8/108
10 Scroll   2/108
Common Drop (Gauntlet) Winterjol Springblossom
30 egg token 4/55 4/59
Heal Potion 5/55 5/59
1h 5/55 5/59
6x 15m 10/55 10/59
30m 10/55 10/59
Armor 7/55 7/59
Sword 7/55 7/59
Hammer 7/55 7/59
200 Crystal   4/59

PG’s solution in adding shards during PvP has reduced the rarity of each item in Common Drop by 6.8%.


Would be good to reduce Armor and Shield, like it was done for Tower Attack / HP before. Constantly using them in defence, still have thousands.


Actually I’m hoping that PG will tweak drop item slightly

Remove 10x 30 min drop and replace it with additional 5x 1h drop.
We get extra 5 slot, which can be used for 4x shards and 1x scrolls like previous event.

Nothing is changed, not like this event.

Sorry. Wrong number


I will wait with chest opening then till the end of event )))


You mean without Atlas ? Hmmm… a rare set maybe in a year lol


Because you already get them in rider lines which is really the only place a non atlas user is going to get enough rider shards to craft gear anyway unless you spend on packs. I opened 2800 bronze chests this event and got 27000 dark shards. That’s not even enough to craft an item yet and would only be enough for 9 attempts if you had the same number of another element. So the scrolls you get from a bronze chests arent even going to be that useful to you until you get rider shards.


I know, but going for the rider line means not getting a dragon.
And if you can’t complete the 30k, you are stuck with a handicapped dude flying around.

This change is really only helping atlas players who are short a specific element of shards.

I was looking forward to an other aspect of the game, but left disapointed.


Sometimes the best thing to do isn’t get a brand new dragon. I was fed up with always just getting 1 or 2 new dragons, I’d rather improve a dragon I have/use/really enjoy flying than get something new that I may not enjoy.


So you plan accordingly just like you would with a dragon line. Some simple math would be able to tell you if you should bother going for it or not. Most of the legendaries lately have been pretty lame and the riders end up being a better option anyway.


BTW, anyone know how to find the XP bases ?
You can’t mail them.


They are not currently in the game yet. We will announce via in game mail and the forums when they’ve been officially added in to the game.


Is it possible to use multiple teams for PvE XP base?
I mean, real bases such as XPFarmsLooseX1 members are limited with farms.
Perhaps, in addition to such base, we can have invader styled base (no farms, all old towers, 8 island long)


I definitely agree on this flak :facepunch:


Absolutely, but I didn’t find that to be the case until I was able to easily complete at least one line. If you are a lower level, you need to keep going for the discount dragon for a while. Last season my level 90ish non-Atlas alt made it to the Garnet egg. Hopefully can get to Emerald or higher this season. Bottom line, gear isn’t an option for me with the current system.