Atlas Updates and Game Changes


In July and October 2018, the majority of Platinum teams were added to Atlas. We’ve received a lot of feedback from players who wanted specific Atlas features but whose teams did not yet meet the qualifications for admission to Atlas, and we’ve decided to start rolling some of these features out into the core game. Read on to find out what’s to come!


Gear Crafting

One of the biggest issues we’ve heard about not having Atlas access is the lack of accessibility to better quality Dragon Rider Gear and the ability to level up gear that they have received in Seasons. To give everyone an opportunity to have access to this higher-level gear, we will be making the following changes:

  • All players level 40 and above will have access to Rider Gear crafting within the Forge starting Thursday, Feb. 28th (tomorrow)!
  • Players will be able to craft up to Legendary gear in the Forge while Elite gear will remain obtainable via Atlas seasons only.
  • All players will have access to the Atlas Crafting Value Packs. Everyone will now be able to access the Apprentice, Blacksmith, and Forgemaster Packs.
    • The Apprentice Pack contains 12,300 Crafting Shards of each element and 820 Crafting Scrolls.
    • The Blacksmith Pack contains 35,000 Crafting Shards of each element and 2300 Crafting Scrolls.
    • The Forgemaster Pack contains 75,000 Crafting Shards of each element and 5000 Crafting Scrolls.
  • Crafting Shards and Crafting Scrolls will be available in Dragon Rider lines during the upcoming main game Spring Season. This will also be noted in the season’s announcement blog post.
  • Additionally, players will be able to find Shards and Scrolls in Bronze Chests starting next event.

We are working on more ways to add Crafting Shards and Scrolls into the main game to help those without Atlas. We will provide more information as these are ready to release.


XP Bases

With the help of the XPFarmsLooseX1 team in-game, we are working to bring official XP bases to the main game for everyone to have the same type of access to XP as those in Atlas. These new XP bases will be PvE bases that are a carbon copy of the optimum XP placements of all bases on the XPFarmsLooseX1 team. As these new bases are PvE, players will be unable to steal resources from them and will only receive XP from runs. These bases will be able to be bookmarked and will not change in structure once they’re live to everyone.

If you usually use the XPFarmsLooseX1 team bases to farm chests, complete Team Quests, etc., don’t worry! The XPFarmsLooseX1 team will be going back to their regular placements in the next week so you can continue flying against these bases to earn other rewards. We truly appreciate all the help that XPFarmsLooseX1 has done to assist us with creating the most optimal bases for everyone to use!


Available XP Bases

NOTE: These bases and names may be subject to change before release. If any changes do occur, we will update the Community.

In-Game Name Base Level Suggested Player Level
XP-XPxGhost 51 0-50
XP-Dutchy 79 50-100
XP-USAHD2 84 50-100
XP-NotxAxFarm 99 50-100
XP-HaloXP 100 50-100
XP-SugarFree 134 100-150
XP-FLAKSFIREnICE 142 100-150
XP-WhoDisBe 150 100-150
XP-MadAsAManiacXP 156 100-150
XP-sloppydragons 190 150-200
XP-RUBYxROJOxFARM 195 150-200
XP-BombaColombianDoctor 203 150-200
XP-VipersFlakAcademy 207 150-200
XP-Jorros 207 150-200
XP-Shael 216 150-200
XP-AngelFarm 220 200-250
XP-Chiehsheshuai 276 250-300
XP-JLWolf 286 200-250
XP-EmberxChestxBase 304 250-300
XP-SorryImNoob 306 250-300
XP-Omen 315 250-300
XP-Alleviates 323 300-350
XP-oXPEternityPXo 362 300-350
XP-Beannie 363 350-400
XP-ADORED 377 400-450
XP-Empress 386 350-400


Atlas Rollout


Moving forward, all teams in Sapphire League or above will be eligible to be added to Atlas; however, eligible teams will have to confirm that they want to receive access through communications with Pocket Gems. Any teams outside of Sapphire, regardless of League, that currently have Atlas access will maintain their access to Atlas.


Rollouts will occur prior to the beginning of every Atlas Season, and a Spring Season rollout will occur in the next few weeks for all eligible Sapphire teams. After some time, we will reevaluate whether additional teams need/want to be added to Atlas.


If you are part of a Sapphire League (or above) team that wants to request access to Atlas, we will be reaching out to your team leaders regarding your team gaining access. We are also evaluating ways to automate the process and provide an easy option for eligible teams to request access.


Release Dates

You can expect the changes above to be available in War Dragons on the following dates:

  • Gear Crafting: Thursday, Feb. 28th
    • This will be an automatic update, so no need to download anything from the App / Google Play Store!
  • XP Bases: Mid-Late March 2019
  • Sapphire Rollout: Ongoing
    • The Spring Season rollout will occur to Sapphire+ Teams in the next few weeks. Atlas access will then be permitted on an ongoing basis per each eligible team’s request.

Please discuss these updates/changes in the Official Discussion Thread.

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The XP Bases are available now for everyone to use! These bases can be found by searching the team “OfficialXpFarm” in the team hall. The bases can be bookmarked as any other base can.

Happy XP Hunting!



We understand that there has been some confusion around how and when a team will get access to Atlas once they hit Sapphire. Support is correct that ideally we would like teams to continue to maintain their Sapphire ranking once they hit that particular league, but we understand that sometimes real life can dictate drops and shuffles.

Writing into Support and letting them know that you hit Sapphire and would like Atlas access is correct. We are tracking and verifying that teams that have requested access have in fact made it to Sapphire and remain there for at least 3 weeks. That being said, teams who gain Sapphire Ranking once a season has already started will not be added until the following season.