Atlas Updates in War Dragons v3.90

General Updates

  • Added new colors to banners for Atlas-related attack and defend invites
    • Atlas Attack Invite Colors Should be Dark Royal Blue
    • Atlas Defense Banners Should be Light Blue
    • Personal Defense banners are still Red
    • All Atlas-based battles will have the “Map” icon in the banner

Navigation Updates

  • Added Region View
    • Tapping on a region brings up a menu showing details on the Castles within that region.
  • Added a Castle Bookmarking system to Atlas.
  • Entering Atlas will default the camera’s view to the same position where you left off previously, even after you relaunch the game.
  • Added icons to neutral territories.
  • Neutral regions should now always be grey
  • Improved Castle labels to be more readable

Rider Updates

  • Improvements to crafting and viewing Rider Gear
    • Added gear salvaging for a portion of the materials you used to craft the gear item.

Bug Fixes
Some of these were hotfixes that are already live

  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial where the target castle would be shielded
  • Fixed a bug where Level 0 Forts were able to raise Blockades
  • Fixed a number of graphical glitches
  • Fixed a spell collision issue with a bridge object in the Atlas battle map
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Thank you @PGEggToken, its working well.
One Observation RE details on Castles.
In the Safe Zone, it lists Friendly (teammates) which are in the Garrison, as Enemy Troops.
This is a similar issue to the previous, where the save zone only counts your troops on Primarch for your Total Troops. Teammate Troops in the garrison are not counted in this total.

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  1. I am loving the blue banners, a lot.
  2. I very much dislike the atlas view. It’s like I’m tripping when I’m completely sober.
  3. Who turned the lights off?

Atlas, Challenge Mode Take 2 - are you able to tap anything in there? Otherwise, try the toggle in that three dot menu, if it’s still there.

I tried the elipses toggle, didn’t work, force quit didn’t work, but delete reinstall did. I’m going to try and recreate the scenario before it blacked out though.

Is there a update to android already? Nothing here yet :frowning:

A few android teammates have updated :slight_smile:

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Lol oops that post was supposed to be on main update thread.
Anyways I’m not keen on the angled view. It really excabarates the issues with things not being visible because the distance at which they load is much closer than the distance at which they would be on the screen. The map-like view was better for planning cause you can see in all directions around a target area in the center rather than just one main direction

Also there’s some minor issues with the map scrolling instead when trying to scroll in the new region page


Not avaliable in my country so can’t just update it. But thanks :slight_smile:

be happy. its glitchy as hell on my Galaxy S8

Can the horizontal axis rotation be reverted back to before or make it an option for us to set? (pretty much what Shimo said) Some other people are calling it street view or drunk view :see_no_evil:

@PGDave @pgEcho

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We are looking into this, but are getting reports that uninstall/re-installing fixes. Does this work for you?

Currently if you tap on the compass in the top left it should lock/unlock horizontal camera rotation.

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This is going to be changed back to close to what it was before. The angle won’t view so far into the distance from low zoom levels.

Also will mention in our next update we will update region view so that when you tap on the screen when it is open, it will be default close the region view.


with this update towers are doing drastically more damage. especially Flak. Is this a mistake and if not why wasn’t it included in the above update description.

Yep! Quoting from my post:

The territory details popup is nice, but it makes it pretty annoying when it pops up while trying to tap on poachers/primarchs without zooming in far more than before, especially with the current skewed view. Is it possible to combine the detail with the radial menu? Territory details aren’t something that I need all the time, but if I’m tapping on an object within the territory (possibly limit it to continents?), then it’d be more useful. It does end up hiding it a bit more, though. Maybe the other solution is to make it so that it the territory details don’t pop you out of the current zoom.
@pgEcho @PGDave

Something like this:


That information dialog keeps popping up in our lands also when clicking on the mine. Very annoying as I have to click the mine many times or in a certain spot for the attack option to come up.


In our upcoming 3.91 release we have removed the zoom out functionality as you all have suggested. I also like the region view, and though I don’t have much trouble tapping the mine, the poachers are trickier. Maybe we can look into making them easier to tap; chatting about it with the team.