Atlas Updates in War Dragons v3.90


I’m just curious when that update is supposed to be released?


3.91 is a small release with just a few key fixes and such. It’ll be going out before the Apple store closes for the holidays. Not too far off!


Hey @pgEcho,
The delete reinstall fixed the black screen (and a grey screen issue where you could see the land names, but the features of the land were all greyed out) and I was able to play in atlas just fine.
Until today where I got the black screen again after completing a mine run. I understand an initial delete reinstall for a new update, but having to do repeat delete and reinstalls does not make for an enjoyable experience. I know the 3.91 update is slated to go out over the weekend, but I wanted to make clear this isn’t a one time issue.


Hmm for the record the “overlay” mesh of the “region info” seems a bit large.

On one of our zones, on my Iphone7 9/10 taps on a mine would bring up the region info

On Ipad pro 12" its about 4/10 taps.

Other zones I can get the region info when trying for mine maybe 5/10 & 1/10 x


Neutral regions are not always grey. Some are whiteish, some yellowish.

If grey is to be the color for neutral zones (good idea), can we make the rest of the map not grey? Many land areas are colored many variations of grey (usually dark) with perhaps a very slight color tint.


Just adding this here:


Gox, could you please let me know what regions you’re trying on? Even with lazy effort I’ve never gotten close to accidentally having region view open that many times when trying to deliberately click on an object. Would like to see how differently some regions behave.


I can post a video? Its especially irritating on iphone 7 vs ipad.

One that does it quite frequently is Valeria zone (x51//y12)

If you zoom in a ton, its not that big an issue, but really irritating.


Going to work to draw an area around the mines and poachers so that none of that area registers a region view tap.



What i realized was, after i am able to use Atlas a bit at that backscreen situation, its going to be slower and slower…
And what really is a problem, is that the phone while being slower in that blackscreen situation is going to be amazing hot!!!

There is for sure a huge coding mistake, otherwise it shouldnt be that the cpu is going to be that hot or probably damaged with time… i have this on the iphone 8 and close the app then… So better not to play than to risk a critical situation.


Uninstalled reinstalled…that works , but I have did it once a day for play atlas … anyone is having sambe problem ? After that update play atlas is really suck hard play one day without do uninstall and reinstall


Yep. We have several members having that issue too. Reinstall, clean mails and nothing works. Still black screen


The zoom, and not starting over my own land is very annoying :unamused:


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