Atlas Very Buggy

Severe lag, inability to move even after restarting, castle prim lists not reflecting reality. Why is Atlas so F’ed up at the moment. Some of my team mates can’t even access it.


Also had an instance of enemy prims on 5ta castle not giving 100% glory.

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I noticed that too, and dismissed it as “I musta been seeing wrong”.


I can’t even claim an atlas event prize without crashing.
And don’t even get me started on Aligane so laggy :nauseated_face:


In the last few weeks the lag has become worse. My entire atlas screen in supper laggy if there is ANY activity going on. Screen freezes, not responding, prims not moving, attacks lag…
Any action results in long load then “action failed” error try again blah blah…

I don’t know what they did but it got significantly worse lately. To the point I can’t do any raids or aligane…


Android 11


Atlas since update is Exceedingly bad, flying dragons becoming non responsive, backers getting kicked from run ans then having to wait 30 seconds, unable to move to castle. Not just android but Apple devices are also affected.

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What’s interesting is that my newer and more high powered S20 has heaps of issues but by S8 works fine.

Feels like some sort of compatability issue with some droid graphics chips not being fully supported on the visual side.

But also seen quite a bit of lag. Non responsive movements “mini freezes”, side bar and bottom bar vanishing etc.

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