Atlas war event

Hi all,
I have an idea for a new kind of atlas event or activity.
Once a month a 1 day event where a new atlas island can be conquered with a castle that can be owen this new castle will get the team extra boost on each atlas buffs like gold xp eggs payout. The team that managed to conquer and keep that castle after that 24h will be theirs for a month.
Now ofcourse it won’t be fair for d1 team to take all those castle so I think ratings system should put into work for example
1-10 top atlas ratings compete for 1 castle after that ratings 11-30 and so on. At the lower ranking probably should be 1000-900.
Other prizes might be implemented to like timers and gold to team bank the choices are limitless
Hope you all like that idea especially pg

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If anyone has other ideas on how to build on my idea I’ll be happy to hear

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