Atlas weekly claim has been glitchy since UI upgrade

Hey guys about a month back the Atlas weekly quest UI was updated to a much prettier and more user friendly interface but for me it seems to glitch out quite often on both my ipad and my Droid phone.

I basically get this screen with nothing to click on.

On my ipad I have to force close the game and on my phone I can hit back, click on a castle and try again.

It seems to work more reliably if I click on the “book” part of the button rather than the “weekly quests” part of the button but still seems to be hit and miss.

And it seems to work the second time I click on it from my droid phone but never on my ipad.

Strangely sometimes it says claim letting me claim the items from atlas map and sometimes it says weekly quests even though I have quests that I can claim and I need to manually go into the UI to claim them.

Clicking on the claim text if available does reliably work.

Not really sure what causes this inconsistency.

Appreciate if the team can look into it and fix it, cheers :slight_smile:


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