Atlas weird timing issues all the time

So I’m getting very frustrated with Atlas. It seems that there’s no messaging when people are not available to attack and all kinds of strange, buggy issues that seem to be related to how things sync up. I’m just going to list all of the things that happen, are these bugs, features etc?

Often I attack and get nothing at all, lose no troops, it’s just a huge waste.

Other times I get no glory or troop loss message but I actually get glory and my primacy just disappears soon after, or the troops and glory update , seems to lag

Sometimes I attack with one primarch but I lose a different one.

Sometimes the attack button just doesn’t work, no error, it just doesn’t work on random people. If you spam it, eventually it attacks , sometimes it doesn’t, then sometimes these attacks give no glory.

Sometimes I get a button to defend myself when I have no primarch after it recently died.

These are all intermittent but there’s almost always something happening strange on a large percent of atlas attacks, over 50%.

Is this my connection or something?

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Welcome to Atlas!


Either the primarch you attacked is no longer alive by the time your attack finished, or your primarch is no longer alive by the time your attack finished.

This is a lag issue I believe. happens to me too; move off a castle and then poof, minutes later my primarch is dead. If someone initiated an attack on you before you moved/loaded/whatever, and the attack is in progress, your primarch is still going to suffer those consequences (assuming the attacker is successful in clearing your defense).

As you’re panning around in atlas, make sure in the upper left hand corner that the primarch icon is the one you want to use. Most likely, user error is what you’re experiencing. Also make sure if you’re in the attack window that shows up when you click on a primarch from the main atlas map, that the primarch on the left is the one you are intending to use.

This can be many things - your primarch died/enemy primarch died or is not present at castle anymore, but the game hasn’t refreshed that yet, can be a lag issue (like at Aligane, due to the amount of people there). For the no glory thing, see above.

If they initated the attack before the primarch officially died, then the banner will still pop up. Ignore it - they’ll lose nothing even if you successfully defend.

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All of this has been happening to me also. Frustrating as shit… I too was going to ask about this “new feature”:expressionless: where NML attacks won’t register. It’s the attack button sometimes and other times, when the attack button does work, Ill complete my run, 0 glory… Time wasted… Before I can move about 5 incoming attacks all do in fact register… why theirs but not mine.
My targets are usually still just chilling there when I’m done… or by that time, they see me and are incoming…
It’s made my fiancé stop bothering with glory almost completely.
What do you folks do to avoid this? I had tried scoping out in advance and even coordination but with the OPs stated points… it’s useless.

get a glory swap partner, they’re much less likely to run away or attack you back >:)

his primarch has to be alive as he said he didn’t lose any troop.

Such is the current state of Atlas my friend!
Go to Aligane and you’ll see much worse.
Get on support and you will learn/see the outright denial of how incompetetive and lousy the management system itself.

If your attack ended and in the screen that comes up after your dragon celebrates victory, it shows no troops lost/no glory gained, then it is due to one of the situations I described. If after he leaves that screen his primarch is alive and has no troops lost, then it is because of the first situation I described, which is “the primarch you attacked is no longer alive by the time your attack finished.” So, my answer remains the same, as “no troops lost” doesnt mean your primarch is alive; it can mean you lost those troops/primarch is freed before you finished your attack, and you just don’t know it yet.

the way OP said it from that specific sentence, it sounded like he was already looking at the atlas attack/defense history.

and from the history pg perspective, your primarch is alive if you didnt lose any troop there.

i assumed he was already looking at the result, hence, my response to your reply… as he never said anything about looking at the post-battle screen. -u didn’t either in ur first reply. :man_shrugging:t2:

or maybe i just don’t give too much faq about post-battle result as like OP said, it lags often. -i gtfo right away from that as check the actual result in the history pg instead… or just relaunch the attack as i expect my primarch to stay alive as i get 2 defenders most of the time. :grin:

anyways, back to topic…

the issue most likely isn’t your connection as you’ll get the same lag even when you have the top isp service. pg just isnt paying enough $ for their server.

That’s the problem here…you made an assumption, based on a vague sentence. I didn’t…I gave probable scenarios that explained the situation he experienced of losing no troops after an attack, without an assumption to the status of his primarch. If you attack and lose no troops, it is EITHER because your primarch died before your attack finished (therefore you lost the troops already), OR that primarch died before the attack finished (can’t lose troops if there are none to kill). I guess if you really want to get technical, then the third possible reason why an attack killed no troops is the castle was bubbled before the attack finished.

So in response to your statement:

No. That is not true. If he said that his primarch remained, the defending primarch remained, AND he didn’t lose troops, then your assumption would have been correct.

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