Atlas whats the point

I have been reading posts on atlas and I can truely say it appears there is no point even considering getting excited or playing it. Why would I say this? Well I get the impression from posts that most new teams from Platinum and Sapphire struggle to hold land and diamond pretty much destroy their troops for fun and have the place to pretty much to themselves and as land is unlocked they just expand and don’t even have to leave troops to keep ownership. Now don’t get me wrong I can’t say this is fact as I don’t have access yet (like thousands of others as we aren’t “privileged”) but that is definitely the impression I am getting. I couldn’t be less excited about a new game .

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I’m in a Platinum team and we acquired an area on this last expansion, worked with other teams around us to be friendly and also worked hard to join a bigger alliance in atlas. Does it take some work, oh yea! But it’s doable.


TBH I think that atlas was created to give the whales something to spend on since they had maxed out the regular game. Of course there are many non-whales playing in atlas, but that was collateral to the actual purpose. and besides the whales needed someone to be able to beat up on.

I am not looking forward to Atlas. I don’t have it yet and hope it stays that way a good long time. In fact I might just quit playing when it makes it down to Platinum teams, if it ever does.


Atlas is about strategy and patience. Unlike the main game, which is just week by week.

In Atlas you need to coordinate your team and the teams around you. You need to plan out moves, but not overreach. You need to face defeat and rebuild, stronger than before. You need to set team goals a month or more in advance, and your teammates need to contribute toward those goals. You need to line up the perfect opportunity, with everyone working as one, and win.

Atlas is awesome.

Whether or not Atlas is a success for you personally has a lot to do with how involved your ENTIRE team is. If nobody on your team is interested it will definitely suck. Here’s the thing…if you don’t like it, don’t use it. Participation is purely optional and has no real impact in the main game, except to provide added features and boosts.


Sounds like PG has no idea what to make of WD. Starts off as a base defense game. Now they are moving it toward a MMORPG.

What they should have done was create an entirely new game, maybe calling it War Dragons: Atlas. They are blending two games into one which one can hardly get excited for considering the problems PG has had with coding WD over the years.

Based on what I’n reading, I’m not excited about Atlas at all, neither are most of my teammates, and there is a greater than 50% likelihood I will be bailing on this game once Atlas is released game-wide.


I’m sorry you feel this way. We had a similar issue in our team, where players weren’t interested in Atlas. We came to an understanding that they should find a team more aligned with their interests (or lack thereof).

I assume there will always be players and teams who want to participate in Atlas, and players and teams which don’t. Even when Atlas comes to Gold teams, they won’t be forced to participate. If your team is moving toward Atlas, and you don’t like it, you can’t make them stop liking it, you just need to find a more compatable team.

What if i am in a team in Sapphire , take part in atlas, then i leave and join Platinum team
Does my Atlas progress gone too? Or saved till igot access again?

All progress is saved, but you should move all your troops to neutral if you’re planning on leaving an Atlas team so they don’t get killed while you’re gone.

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Thank you. I ll consider it

Not likely. From what I’m reading, Atlas will become the core aspect of the game. The base defense aspect will be secondary and minimal if at that. At some point, we will have no choice but to participate in Atlas as that will be the game. Won’t matter if you move to another team or not. Once its server wide, WD will be Atlas. Trying to avoid it will be nothing but misery and again, not worth playing.

I’ll give it a chance, but unless some drastic changes are implemented to balance things out once all leagues are swallowed up, it will be a miserable experience for platinum and lower leagues.


By the time gold teams can even participate there will be absolutely zero point as they will be crushed within seconds. Until atlas is partioned to cater for each league lower levels don’t stand a chance to even build a fort because they will never get gold.

I’ll be curious to see how long you get to hold onto it, Not long from what I have read.

I couldn’t agree more. Atlas has already and continues to increase the divide and reduce the balance. If you weren’t in this game from the beginning or have huge pockets this is a waste of time and effort.

Quitting is a little far, we have already given up on ever thinking our team will be competitive in sapphire or high platinum. As time goes by the divide just gets greater.

Just look how everyone’s flys divines now, why? Because they are so much more powerful than their standard counterparts, a new member on our team asked what’s is the point of training their dragons. The only answer I could give was to allow them to train their divines. How sad.


“[quote=“Lx460, post:5, topic:22323, full:true”]
except to provide added features and boosts.

Thats the point, some players (teams) even with participation will never unlock those features or boosts.

You get a permanent xp base that never gets deleted.


With the dreary outlook of breeding dragons, the outrageously long build times for towers, and needing to save leveling dragons for events, I find myself doing more in atlas than I do in the normal part of the game. At least there every 3 hours I can go collect some gold and build 399 troops. When I get bored of atlas I will probably end up quitting the game. The rest of it is just so slow there doesn’t seem to be a point in it.

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Pro of Atlas:

  • XP base with some xp boosts depending on how many lands/infrastructures your team has.
  • Give you extra boosts for your dragons and base (dragon riders and base rider… hint hint)
  • Give you something else to do while you are bored at the normal game.
  • Some events are absolutely free and give you some freebies (still some nerfing from PG, but free is still free).
  • Free daily tokens. Not much but help in the long run.


  • it’s a long term strategy game. So if you like instant win, or smashing button, it’s not for you (you can, but will cost tons of money obviously).
  • Will look discouraging for small teams at first because they cant do anything but build and build. But once the dust is settled, small teams can have a chance to grab land.

for now… :smiling_imp:

I think I’ll prefer to avoid the seal clubbing that this new “expansion” has really become.