Atlas Whiners. WTH is going on around here?


I’m not talking about alliance :face_with_monocle:
I’m talking about helping teams in low leagues,only,because someone from my team have an alt there
Or be a hitman for gold or anything else


Oooh! Evil mind,haha)
Well…there is no way,that we gonna tell someone in alliance
“Hey,we gonna kick you or leave by ourselves,because someone have an alt down there :joy_cat:
Maybe I’m too old and lazy for those actions :joy_cat:


If a member wants to help out a friend, then I wouldn’t stand in their way of doing so unless there is an urgent reason not to do so. Wasting resources isn’t one of them. :woman_shrugging:

The best part of the game is the social aspect. Putting worthless stuff before the meaningful stuff leads towards discontent.


Ah but that’s the difference between the big leagues and the more casual play style. Up top you can’t just go flying off if it could mean you’d be unable to help your team (or be less useful) later on.


An ebb and flow of usefulness of a member is expected, that’s the point of being in a team right? When you are weak, they support you. When you are strong, you can support them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Atlas is a bit stagnant. They just need to boost prizing in a more tiered manner and remove a lot of the limiters like glory scaling. All the teams have the same general mechanics so just let them fight as equals. Problem solved :white_check_mark:


Yes,but they the not in my team😬
Not in alliance as well…
If someone will give me unlimited visa,I’ll be the most helpful person in WD
Literally,like a superhero😹


Thank you.


We all have the same instinct for loss aversion. The same drive to call in your buddy for a schoolyard fight is the one why World War 1 happened. If you can get help to defeat someone you ask for it. Then your opponent does and pretty soon everyones biggest friends are in the fray. Short of disabling attacks against teams more than a certain distance in rankings from you (e.g. 75-125% of max glory), atlas will continue to be an example of real world realpolitik, with three top alliances and a ton of minions who may fight skirmishes but cant actually do anything. This is basically poli sci 101 in game form…


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